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  1. Dorigen Lorekeeper


    I am Dorigen, Leader of Wudan from Zek (PvP). I would like to propose the idea of bringing in a PvP server to the TLP Server Family. I have been apart of the EverQuest experience from the start, its an addiction. Us old-timers remember the days of turning in 1plat to the banker, or the shenanigans of blinding a player while hes running in a tunnel....the stories could go on all day.

    PvP has never been more balanced. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying and hasnt PvPd recently, the GM's pre-selling EQ to Daybreak were actively helping tweak the PvP. And honestly aside from the cleric...they got right!

    List of Classes and how they are useful in PvP battles...this is current 2015. Not asking for anything to be changed. Just showing what other classes can do.

    -Clerics; Not useful - If dmg shield procs went off while a cleric was DA this would make them super useful in PvP. And maybe a stun/nuke landing..

    Berserker - High DPS. Able to take a few hits. Can SNARE targets.
    Monk - HIGH DPS - Able to chain STUN targets. Also has ability to heal itself
    Rouge - SUPER MEGA HIGH DPS - Able to be SOS. Has ability to STUN
    Warriors - Able to withstand great hits in PvP and also "Harm Touch" ability to 1 round almost anyone.
    Druid - Ability to HEAL , Has ability to SNARE, Can also Track and Bind Sight and See-SoS to reveal rouges.
    Shaman - Ability to HEAL, HIGH DoT Dmg, DA Procs to survive, ability to slow/dispell/debuff.
    Enchanter - Ability to MEZ , Runes to help himself/team. Ability to STUN , slow/dispell/debuff
    Magician - HIGH DPS , Able to send pet and kite a player. Also can CoH players mid-battle.
    Necromancer - HIGH DoT DPS , Ability to DA in a pinch. Can Fade, Shadow Step and dispell/debuff.
    Wizard - HIGH DPS - Ability to Stun. Ability to evac group if PvP goes south.
    Bard - Amazing Run Speed. Ability to DA. Ability to dispell/debuff/slow/snare. Can track. Amazing solo or team pvper.
    Beastlord - HIGH DPS, Can share HP with pet to tank PC in PvP , Ability to HEAL, Can slow/stun targets.
    Paladins - Ability to HEAL, Can Stun others in PvP. Ability to DA.
    Ranger - HIGH DPS, Ability to HEAL, Can See-SoS, Ability to Bind Sight, Able to track.
    Shadow Knights - We all know the legendary Sk and Harm Touch.. also has ability to DA

    15 Years ago EverQuest came out with this Amazing server, it was called Rallos Zek. It was a huge hit. Such a hit over time 3 more servers would be made (Later to be merged into RZ). It was a different time. But as time changes so do people. Those who once feared PvP have now tried it on other games. They didnt know what PvP was so they didnt try it (Or honestly they were scared of it).
    This time around in 2015. We are smarter, and more educated on what our roles are in PvP. No longer should one worry about boxing or camp stealing...let us handle those problems ourself...with our Axe, Daggers and SPELLS!!

    Dorigen / Fishoor
    Leader of <Wudan> (Zek PvP)
  2. Jaime Lannister Augur

    RZ was my home for 6 years.
    Was the most fun I've had online. I want a pvp TLP server as much as the next guy, but it's not going to happen.

    They've done polling over the years, and every time they do so, it's pretty clear there is not enough interest.

    Alas the dream has died.

    Neat to see Wudan still kicking around after all these years tho.
  3. Hateseeker Augur

    I don't know where to find it now, but I think I saw the poll choices for one of those a while back. IIRC it was done by giving a choice of 4 different servers and you had to pick one. Not winning such a poll doesn't mean there's no interest; much like in the pre-TLP 3 poll, they asked about a Seasonal challenge server in the same question as whether you wanted faster or slower progression. Which means people are not giving up the opportunity to vote for TLP speed in order to vote for a server type that may or may not launch.

    That said, though, with today's climate, a PvP server would be a miserable place unless it had boxing restrictions. Otherwise it would definitely become a "throw more accounts at the game" in ways that would dwarf what happens now.
  4. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    The most recent poll that was done before RF/LJ came out didn't have the option of PvP, I would of voted for it but it wasn't there.
  5. kythik Lorekeeper

    I never played on an eq pvp server but I would honestly give it a go.
  6. Mezrah Augur


    An EQ TLP server would never win a poll to determine what rule set a new TLP should have, but that does not mean it wouldn't be viable as an addition to the current set of TLP servers.
  7. Babytook New Member

    Been on Vallon Zek for some years...
    This was one of my best gaming experience.
    At that time tho, im not sure class were properly balanced, and it was possible to loose levels and keep the skills :)
    Was fun, really... i would probably give it another shot.
  8. Dorigen Lorekeeper

    Rumor has it that a vote may be taking place on the next TLP server rule set??
    -If true would be much appreciated to see PvP get a consideration/chance.
  9. Jugerrnaut Ancient Tank

    My first "Jugerrnaut" was created and raised on RZ back in 1999, <Covenant of the Wolves>

    Would love to see a TLP PvP server!
  10. Vern New Member

    Yes please
  11. Friday Augur

    I keep thinking about this. How about some more information? Are there "teams" or is it just pvp everyone vs. whoever (everyone cons red)? If teams, is there a language barrier, do they trade, are there every any truces called to make getting contested loots feasible? If teams, what happens if they become lopsided (i.e. 70% play light, only 30% play dark)? On a given account, can you only make toons from one team? If not, recon with spies would be 100% accurate.

    I think its possibly a good idea now that DB is open to more and varied TLPs. If there is enough interest, there is no reason everyone shouldn't be able to play with a rule set they enjoy most. Also, I suspect that if PvP DID become a TLP, it would stand the most chance of players who liked it staying a long long time, retention, etc. Finally, I would say that if they were to fire up PvP, they would HAVE to enforce boxing policy.
  12. iMugatu Elder

    A PvP/FV combo would be amazing.
  13. LilKurse New Member

    Would love to see a pvp progression server and think it would spark alot of intrest
  14. Okial Augur

    Just because there is "balance" currently on Zek, doesn't mean it wouldn't be completely different for a TLP.. Sorry, I'm good on getting nuked and instantly killed by an 18 boxing mage group.
  15. Wudanian New Member

    PvP would help end the 15-30 mage bot crews. A few rogs and some Sks with DA will eat a mage army in seconds. PvP is not something you box, it takes alot of focus and attention.

    Rallos Zek is/was a 4 level spread for PvP range...soo a level 50 can only attack a 46. Not a level 9 etc..

    From 1999 to server merge Rallos Zek had a server rotation that was respected and enforced by the majority. It wasnt until Zek merge that this rotation ended. If Zeks had never merged into Rallos; Rallos would likely have alot larger population than it does today.
    Players that didn't follow the rules or enjoyed genking exp groups usually never made it to the raid groups and would be chased off the server.

    The player made teams were...

    Anti-Player Killers (anti-pkers)
    Player Killers (pkers)
  16. Dorigen Lorekeeper

    Looks like we already have a few ; any other guilds interested in a TLP PVP Server...?!?!

    Give us the chance to relive 1999. p99 red was/is a hit. Let those of us loyal to the product here with Sony/DayBreak have the same 1999 throwback that those on Ragefire and Lockjaw are now having.
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  17. Protocol Augur

    I for one would love to opportunity to twelve box a naked Mage/Wizard/Necro team on a new PvP progression server.
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  18. Thegoat Elder

    You can't successfully box/bot in PVP. Sorry. It is just not viable against a half decent player.
  19. Nolrog Augur

    What an amazing idea. How come no one has ever thought of this before?
  20. Dupre_MIM Elder

    Magus Imperialis Magicus would support this as well.
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