The "Patch"

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  1. kizant Augur

    What are you disagreeing with? I said that it couldn't compete with the 386 that was released a year later. It had it's 1 year or so being a good product worth considering and that's it. That one year seems to be an eternity to the old Amiga fanboys.
  2. Tatanka Augur

    "couldn't compete" to me means not as capable, which is what I disagreed with.

    Whatever, no big deal.
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  3. GoneFission Augur

    Along the lines of where this discussion has gone, as much as I despise Bill Gates and Microsoft for destroying as many software companies as they could, at least they largely unified the platforms. Remember looking at software and having to be sure it was a compatible port for your hardware and OS? We don’t have to do that anymore.
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  4. Nadisia Augur

    Yep GoneFission, you're absolutely right, I do have the exact same feelings, platform unification is great.

    But ... Microsoft Windows OS was probably one of the worst OS choice for this (if not THE worst choice).
    It's decent now, but still suffers from huge misconceptions and silly decisions.
  5. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    I remember way back in the day, the devs talking about the backend servers running Linux.
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  6. Magneress Elder

    I don't know if it's been said but look on the bright side, maybe all the putters got migrated to shiny new ones with new OS's and clean installs and should be more stable now, am'i'right?
  7. Jam_sandwich New Member

    All this talk about Windows gives me the mental vision of 2 DBG developers/sys ops watching a Windows copy dialog box showing Copying Server/Lockjaw/*.* <<to>> Server/Ragefire and they are both looking at the remaining "Microsoft minutes" left and shaking their heads.
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  8. Nadisia Augur

    Hehe Jam_sandwich (your name should be banned, now I'm hungry :p)

    This one never gets old :

    Woops ... moving right along :D
    That face.
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  9. Jennre Band Leader

    It more than likely was migrated to server scalesets in Azure, or AWS.
  10. Feochadan the Savior Lorekeeper

    I remember a pre-Windows 95 game. The name was The 7th Guest. It came with a CD for the game and a CD for the drivers. Windows saved us from that.
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  11. Deux Corpse Connoisseur

    Oh look the FV server!...that definitely explains why it takes 20 seconds for comments typed in #General to show up
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  12. Magneress Elder

    makes a lot of sense to do this with the way server hardware and oracle, or sql software is designed today, u could have one rack with 10 cpus and 80 cores.

    the original server code probably ran or launched on a pentium 4 or someting mmx haha

    wouldn't be surprised if each zone just spawns a new vm and launches a server to host it
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  13. Fandiien Lorekeeper

    Whoopie.. patch is now extended another 6 hours. Alright a 30 hour patch. Way to to dayBROKE. Est time now at 4 pm pacific. Guess they broke some more things which is to be expected with the current owner of the game.
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  14. Colt4954 New Member

    They just extended it 6 hours, this is just stupid now,
  15. Kittyzerk Lorekeeper

    You are surprised? This is normal for them. Just wait until servers unlock and we all get on. They will go down shortly after for "scheduled" patch. Then the 24 hour patch that extended 6 hours turns into something where we can play Evercra...err Everquest again on Monday =)
  16. feeltheburn Augur

    24 HOURS was not quite enough lol
  17. blogget New Member

    i'm always patient with DB with these patches, i realize sometimes things go wrong, but now i'm questioning whether i want to actually spend real money on a game that is so apparently unstable, because we all know that once this patch is finally done, extended downtime included, there will be more patches to fix problems from this one over the next several days
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  18. Kittyzerk Lorekeeper

    But they will be "scheduled"
  19. IcebergDX Lorekeeper

    Not suprised at all. More suprised that they think that 6 more hours will be enough. I am willing to bet around 1 or 2 PM (I am PDT) it will be extended at least another 6 hours. (Spaghetti code + bargain basement servers) X no QA^3 = broke game. Sorry about the math, but the numbers dont lie...
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  20. svann Augur

    Trying to find someplace that sells the 5 1/4" floppies.
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