The one Console worth porting to.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Berkwin, May 18, 2021.

  1. Berkwin Elder

    Nintendo Switch. Forget PS5 and Xbox think Nintendo and go for portability. At least that is my way of looking at it.
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  2. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I don't have a console myself, but Im curious...

    What is the advantage of playing EQ1 on a console rather than a pc? Why do some people want a console port?
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  3. Tatanka Augur

    2 things:

    1 - controls. I can't imagine going from a full keyboard/mouse setup to a fraction as many keys/controls

    2 - I heard the new Switch, due later this year, ditches portability, so there goes that argument
  4. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Why would they ditch one of the best selling points of the Switch? Sure there are lots of rumors out there but I don't see them dropping the portability of the console especially when it would have a hard time going head to head with other consoles without the feature.
  5. Tatanka Augur

    No idea. Just what I've heard from my son, who's a Switch fanatic. It's supposed to be 4k, and maybe that has something to do with it.
  6. Hayzeus Augur

    Portable switch - I don't want my healer or tank to be distracted by the riff raff on the subway
    Stationary switch - I don't want the (already limited) development team to be distracted by trying to fix bugs on an additional platform. They already can't keep up with the volume of work on the PC.

    It's an intriguing idea (porting to any other platform). I just don't see how it expands the audience to the point that it's a profitable move. If it only migrates players from PC to Switch, there's no net increase in profits to justify the significant capital outlay and opex increases.
  7. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Champions of Norrath on the ps2 was fun for a little while but playing the full blown eq on a console isnt possible wityout a keyboard and mouse. An updated version of champions be cool though.

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  8. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    Did you ever consider how you're going to easily access 50+ hotkeys on a controller?
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  9. KrakenReality Augur

    Nah, if anything early era EQ needs to be ported to mobile or bring back EQOA for mobile.
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  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Portable switch may have a lot longer "shelf life" and they may have no plans to replace that with another portable machine soon.

    Also the portability may be a barrier to creating a more powerful home console if they plan to bring out something that is technologically a step ahead of the current competitor systems.

    So they could simply be planning to continue keeping & supporting the switch as their portable gaming platform & going back to a home console system - especially with things like Stadia not taking off as well as hoped.

    As for porting EQ to a console....I just don't see that happening. EQNext maybe had a chance of that being in its future, EQ 3 maybe could even start out as a console MMO.
  11. Tatanka Augur

    OK, I know I'm old, but I really don't get the desire for all kinds of apps like this on mobile devices. Are you never home? If I'm home, I want to be on a desktop, with big screens (plural), and plenty of room to operate keyboard/mouse/etc. If I'm out and on my phone, I don't want to be doing anything I can't stop doing at a split-second's notice.
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  12. KrakenReality Augur

    You answered your own question.
  13. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    It doesn't matter if we are old. If they want to make a mobile game using the Everquest IP, fine. If they want to port EQ to a console, that's a waste of time. Even with Discord there is too much typing you need to do, too many hotbars/hotkeys.

    The Switch is a great portable console, but it's still a console with controller input, and the one with the least input options. Not that any of them have enough input options to be workable for this game.

    Sometimes I think about picking up a Switch so I can play Rocket League from my couch, but then I think about playing against others on wifi with reduced resolution and frame-rate. Are those trade-offs worth it? Not to me. Playing an MMORPG on a console would be the same thing, there would be trade-offs, and most would be too annoying to make it worth it.

    You can play EQ on a PC that costs as little as this console, and that PC could be a laptop, so it's not much different in portability. There's just no need for this.
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  14. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    An "Oldschool EQ" game on mobile phones which would have to be a new game that was "evoking" what EQ was like back in the day could, I think, do serious money.
    However it could not be a port and if lessons are to be learned from the mobile Oldschool RuneScape the key one is "keep it simple, dummy" (especially regarding the UI).

    If they ever got round to finishing off the API they were once working on to replace the "EQ Players" service that would be a cool mobile app maybe, but Overseer is the obvious one that could use a Mobile App.
    Still, I would prefer if EQ was invested in as the priority - we can think about the other stuff after EQ has a 64 bit DX12 client, overhauled & streamlined UI, new character models and a 1000% better pathing engine.
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  15. Tatanka Augur

    Beautiful non-answer.

    Why do you want to play a game like EQ on a phone? I gave reasons why it's not a good idea. You just made an ad hominem attack.

    One of us looks stupid here, and it's not me ;)
  16. Tatanka Augur

  17. Bardy McFly Augur

    Not to steal the thread, but this needs to happen just because they were great games and easy mechanics to get new people to play. It's not EQ1, but it does make the EQ IP more accessible to today's dungeon crawler fanatics. Would be good timing with Diablo 4 on the horizon. It would also be a great candidate for a mobile port.
  18. KrakenReality Augur

    It wasn't a non-answer. You're asking a question from your own negative perception about, "Why do people like something that I don't like? You're better off googling your question.

    Younger gamers play on mobile devices and Mobile gaming dwarfs PC gaming. OSRS is super popular for mobile devices. People just enjoy playing games on their phones.
  19. Tatanka Augur

    You still aren't answering my question.

    I KNOW younger people like playing games on their phones. >I< like playing games on my phone, and I haven't been young in decades.

    The question is, who in their right mind would want to play >>EQ<< on their phones? I think that subset of people is very small.

    I gave examples of why I like playing EQ on a desktop. I still haven't heard from you why playing EQ on a phone is a nice experience. What are you going to do in EQ on a phone? Raid? Don't think so. Any kind of grouping which isn't super-repetitive (i.e requires lots of moving around, hard pulls, etc)? No.

    I mean really, what are you going to do, tradeskills? EQ is just not a mobile friendly game.

    I did like the post above suggesting an EQ Players app and Overseer as two good options for EQ apps.
  20. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    People game on mobile for exactly one reason, they can't game anywhere else at the time. Mobile games are mostly garbage. the interface just isn't sufficient for anything beyond a few types of input. Geometry Dash World might be really challenging, but it's one of the few games that can really use the interface in a challenging way. Turn based stuff could work there too, or slow paced RTS stuff.

    Eventually you get sick of tower games, or idle games, or whatever they come up with next. Touching a screen has limited options for innovation.

    Yes, I have a kid, yes he plays games on his phone... when he can't use his XBox or PC. Nobody would game on mobile if they didn't have to. It's just a convenience.
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