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  1. Frenzic Augur

    I'm making this post as a bit of a public service informational read. There are a few threads on the topic, but they lack coherence and accurate information. One thing I do well, aside from farm plat, is gather insider information from multiple sources.

    This new server has the potential to be something that many fans have asked for over the years. There are a few rules and designs that will help make this a true paradise for the old time Everquest player and I will outline them here.

    Old school boxing-

    Each machine will have it's hardware scanned and only one account may be logged in per hardware ID. What does this mean? It means that no virtual software, no boxer utility software, no easy workaround to play more than one account per PC. Yes there will still be boxers, but you will not see the box armies that you've seen in recent years. At most you might see a 6 boxer playing his/her own group. I say this with extreme confidence and I will get into why shortly.

    Instancing raids-

    Pickzone was a nice way to alleviate the issue in the group game. For the most part I think Daybreak did a nice job here. The bigger issue came from the raid content when there are potentially thousands of players fighting for the same 100 mobs in the planes and even less bosses. Making raids instanced will be a huge win for the casual guilds and players. No longer will a player with more time than you, be able to dictate your play.

    Daybreak needs to come up with solid rules and lockouts for the instancing, but this shows extreme promise and everyone should be excited for this. The concern would be that hardcore players would have a lack of competition and thus not stay engaged on a server like this. I don't think that will be much of an issue. I'm a hardcore player and I welcome this change. I don't need to directly race or grief another player to get my competition. There will be a subset of hardcore players that find this change too drastic and will skip the server. To that I say, good riddance. Many more players will flourish with this ruleset and player retention will be much higher.

    That third party software that shall not be mentioned-

    This is perhaps the biggest thing and it's getting the least amount of coverage. I don't think the general population truly understand what this means. For years there has been an underground group of hackers that have penetrated the game and exploited packets to gain significant advantages over players that follow the rules. Most players are aware of SEQ and what it did back in the early days of EQ. From there arose a much more dangerous program that took cheating to a whole new level.

    For the first time cheaters could directly influence the game and not just gather information. This program, and the legion of hackers that follow it, have been relatively safe for years. Ban waves happen, but they only catch the ignorant and cocky. The true masterminds stay hidden in the shadows and continue their crafts at honest player's expense.

    For the first time since this program was created, there is a joint and united front to stop this legion of hackers. For the first time since original Kunark, this program will be stopped. Anyone that plays on this new "No Box" server will be free of cheaters and finally get the fair experience they deserve.

    Why am I so confident? Leaders in the community and members of the legion of hackers have united for the first time. Everyone agrees that this server shall be a paradise free from cheats and it will remain that way. In place are server specific stops that will shut down any attempt to run this software on this server. The stops run deep and are at the core of the program itself. There is no way around it and the legion of hackers will simply have to play by the rules or get lost.

    The impact this will have on the server and the community are substantial and I don't want them understated. This server is going to be the server that thousands of fans have asked for, years on end. Finally a server without third party software giving players significant advantages. Finally a server where any player or guild can see the content with their friends on their own pace.

    Thanks friends! I look forward to seeing you all there!
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  2. Eliseus Augur

    Thank you Frenzic for this post and your opinions. I do have to say however that competition may exist in another form. Instancing changed competition from screwing other people and being #1 poop socker to killing the fastest/most efficient way. I think there is a few people who will indeed be angry that they can no longer take claim to whatever they want and control the market and/or RMT efficiently, but the competition will still be there if these truly competitive people are what they claim.
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  3. Finley Augur

    This is more of an opinion piece than a compilation of info, the guy from Cascade has a pretty good write up on the Nobox server.
  4. Vaclav Augur

    Well said - and I'm happy that's your evaluation on the boxing restrictions as well.
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  5. Frenzic Augur

    What info is left out? All we know is that it's aimed at before the end of the year launch. The information I provided here is some inside info that few actually know.

    I must have missed another post by this Cascade person. Can you linkie?
  6. Finley Augur

  7. Porygon Augur


    this is a joke...
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  8. Frenzic Augur

    You're joking right? That's the informative link that you felt needed to be addressed by interrupting my thread? How is that a pretty good writeup? It's tweet links and guild recruiting.

    Anyway... moving on.

    I think people will be very pleased with this server. The joint effort with that program that shall not be mentioned, is huge! Rejoice friends!
  9. Frenzic Augur


    Well I took all my monies I earned on the TLP servers and put it forth into a server cluster. I don't have individual boxes per se, just one giant one that runs seperate OS. I'd say realistically 30-40 boxes for new server.

    I'm kidding Radar! Don't ban me for joking! :cool:
  10. Porygon Augur

    Just because Devs over at a particular website decide that they will not allow the program to work on this server. Does not mean there are not other people who will not figure out a way to make it work.

    Not only that, but if one were to figure out a way to make it work, their would be a HUGE profit in it for them. Its nice to think about, a server where no one cheats, and no one has an upper hand. But in all reality it wont happen.

    The general rules of the server might deter the average boxer, the person who is only boxing now because of the ease of using the combination of programs at their disposal. But the hardcore boxers, the ones who have been doing it for years will still box.

    I even researcher myself on what software and hardware i would need to link 3 computers to the same mouse and keyboard in order to not have to deal with multiples... i havent decided if ill box, i like the thought of just playing a single character again... but i guess we will see.
  11. Frenzic Augur

    You're incorrect about the program that shall not be named. I know a great deal about it as I have some extremely close ties to the situation. I assure you, no one will be using it on this new server. If you'd like more details, please speak to me in private.
  12. Finley Augur

    Hopefully Daybreak takes action against accounts that circumvent the rules/spirit of the server. They don't do it now because no matter how disruptive some players are they aren't "breaking the rules".
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  13. Endtime Elder

    This server will not stop me from boxing, good luck to it.

    There are so many ways around it, seeing as i work in I.T i already have the setup to run a 6 box crew.
  14. Frenzic Augur

    No one said it was going to stop you from boxing. What is WILL stop is mass boxing due to a program allowing scripts and automation. If you can box 6 or more accounts by hand, power to you.
  15. sihpa Augur

    Umm BS?

    It's more like you and your "insider" connections have decided to disable them for the masses while keeping them going for you guys the.. how did you put it..
    I cant believe you just came here and admitted
    and try to pass it off like you're an altruist.

    At best the stuff you say about disabling is true at the moment but how can we have assurance you guys wont just flip the switch later on when its convenient for you? Thats right we cant. For the longest time you maintained you had nothing to do with hack programs. Did you forget already?

    Instancing is the key here. Dont try to propagandize that even without them everything will be all rainbows and unicorns.
  16. Machen New Member

    Is this a tacit confession after all your adamant denials about using it on Ragefire? Surely you've been boxing those 40 mages by hand with no scripts or automation, right?
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  17. Frenzic Augur

    I'm not a hacker, I'm just a friendly ogre. That said I do know people who are involved with daybreak and the program. I can say confidently that this server will not have the program on it. If you want details speak to me privately.
  18. Frenzic Augur

    Of course not. I use ixboxer which is legal to assist me. This new server will not have ixboxer though :)
  19. RandomStrategy Augur

    I haven't used either of the boxing software, but I remember reading that it was possible to issue commands to other boxes over a network (I don't know which program was capable of that, whether it was the endorsed one, or the Harry Potter Villain Program). Is that accurate? Will the DBG accepted program for boxing still be able to function on this, or is that part of the agreement to disable for this new server?
  20. Eliseus Augur

    Frenzic I have a question? Will TL be making a presence on the new server? I ended up not being able to really get into these recent servers and tbh, pretty glad I didn't. I ended up withdrawing from TL from the start and would like to possibly reapply to them if they plan on being there.