The nerfing of old world items

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tutankamen, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Tutankamen Elder

    Honestly once the patches go out I rarely take the time to get back onto the forums, but in this case I had to make an exception.

    I often hear Devs say they don't get enough time to do all the things that they need to do- actions on positive ideas and suggestions from the community, recommendations, or simply added content like more side quests, illusions, or ornaments. Or heck even add more than 1 item per class to use for each expansion.

    How is it that a decision was made to spend time nerfing/ reducing/ changing old school powerleveling items *such as the Baton of Flame, Equifinus, the Diamond tipped war javelin, Coral Hilted Tulwar, etc. Why? There was a tangible, overwhelming negative reaction to this on my server, FV. Is that what you want? Why on Earth are you trying to make the game less fun? These items are staples for low level exping for a decade or more. I asked this months ago when it was decided to remove the illusion/ door trick that had become a part of the game, with no answer.

    Please reconsider making changes like this that really do nothing but upset people who have played this game for years for nostalgic reasons. Consider if you want to really make resoundingly negative changes to the game, and instead maybe decide to make them in newer quests, areas that make sense, or areas that the population will have a positive experience with.
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  2. sauron3030 Lorekeeper

    It's the new vision
  3. smash Augur

    Because it was an exploit.
  4. Vdidar Augur

  5. Fanra Augur

    I think FD pulling was an "exploit" that the Devs decided to leave in the game because we wanted it. I don't see the doors as different. Again, I can agree with fixing the doors, but only if there is a way to get the key that everyone can do (it can be difficult and time consuming but must be possible for everyone).
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  6. Ruggar Lorekeeper

    What it comes down to is the TLP servers are what makes EQ profitable and the TLP community wants a vanilla experience as some of these tricks were discovered after there time on live. I primarily play on TLP myself but I normally look at things and go it been this way for 15+ years why change it now...

    I say if they are going to keep nerfings, they need to make Naggy, Vox, Tark leash so they can't come out of there rooms so you can use walls to LOS things like AOEs.
  7. WorriedinNorrath Elder

    Three letters

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  8. smash Augur

    As Vdidar says: TLP servers.

    They wanted people to do the things like it was in the childhood of EQ. In those days, people did not have mounts, illusions, so could not do the door trick. And people then were less likely to do it, because then they were more likely to be busted, and banned, more fear for it.
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  9. Ghostinthemachine Elder

    I bet enough whining little brats mail spammed complaining about not being able to get a kill for coveted items and this is their way of fixing it....What ever happened to the trivial loot thing was that real?
  10. birisu New Member

    Except these items are only level 1 usable on FV (and I suppose Brekt) because of the free trade ruleset. Changing the procs on these doesn't affect TLPs at all. Unless they're planning for a free trade TLP next year
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  11. Oggrah New Member

    What are the items they have nerfed so far?
    I have put in alot of time to make twinks with some of the items i fear they have nerfed- if so, all that time will be wasted. Does daybreak think that will incentive me to play this game?

    Why on earth would daybreak nerf these items, that to us on FV server, and elsewhere, that likes lo lvl twinking? Why not nerf all good items that are usable on low lvls, that has been around for 20 year and clearly made this game fun to the people that has used them.

    Leveling is slow as it i, and one can just powerlvl with druid or buy heroic if one want. These items are in this regard, not overpowered on for example FV or other servers- but, a big but, THEY do infact make this game more fun for us that want to level abit faster than in the old time, and using something better than a cracked staff.
  12. DeseanJackson Augur

    I believe they are standardizing TLPs and Live servers whenever possibly to avoid multiple databases wherever possible. The Mangler set up for items / focuses is probably the new norm, and said changes have ripple effects across servers. I could also just be wrong.
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  13. Oggrah New Member

    Are there somewhere i can see what items they have changed? I cant find them on lucy.
  14. IblisTheMage Augur

    Sounds right.
  15. Ghostinthemachine Elder

    Look for any damage proc weapons from Temple of Veeshan the plane of water weapons
  16. Ruggar Lorekeeper

    This is 100 percent the reason basically they want to consolidate changes so the servers are easier to manage. Basically they know if they spin up a new classic TLP that every is all set with minimal effort. Sadly live is going to suffer from these changes as they streamline things
  17. Sokki Augur

    I snagged a Vyzh'dra's Render of Souls for a lvl 1 twink I had made, 75 HP lifetap proc that use to work at lvl 1, now it has a Required lvl 45 to proc. I spent many months camping that as the cursed cycle was quite stingy on the drop.
  18. Alarya Lorekeeper

    It would be cool to have an "ancient" form of these that still work at level 1. Oh well, they were fun while they lasted!
  19. Sheex Augur


    What class twink out of curiosity? I have an obsession with lvl 1 twinking and can probably suggest better choices!
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  20. Fluid Augur

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Lots of old school stuff was not restricted to class, race, or level. A lot of people complained twinking was a problem, developers agreed.

    There is a rule when it comes to a good thing: Shut up! For some reason people share the good stuff info on web sites and next thing you know, everybody is doing it. Now with all those people doing it, there are lots of petitions 'he KS!' or 'stealth looted' or 'he is exploiting' or 'he leveled faster and that ain't fair' et al. Makes the game less profitable for the developers with all the CS and less fun for people with real problems like stuck in art work. You never know what a developer will consider a detriment to the game. I have been guilty of this myself, promoting quests that eventually got gutted for experience.

    The thing is, I still have tricks and items from 20 years ago that I haven't talked about. I still find new stuff that slipped through the cracks. If you found out about twink items from a website, that doesn't entitle you to use them forever. Indeed these items can be put on a hit list by the powers that be at any time. If you do find something useful, shut up, I will understand. While it won't guarantee you can use it forever, it will keep it from becoming a problem and thus keep it off the developers' radar for a longer time. There is a saying "The nail that sticks his head up gets pounded back down." Keep your head down, it's good for you.
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