The market for trade-able expansion items

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  1. Saer-tse-tao Journeyman

    Hello everyone,

    I was hoping to get a thread/discussion going on the market value for the ToV FnF package items.

    I am on the Firiona Vie server and super happy they are fixing the issue with our ability to trade those items. So I am curious what people are selling/buying the mounts, herioc upgrade, standard edition ToV and gnome crate for. Please respond with your server (Dont have to include name) and what you have seen, would pay (in plat and or krono) or are asking for on:
    • Wolf Saddle Mount
    • Griffon Mount
    • Herioc toon
    • ToV Std edition
    • Gnome Crate
    I think I left a couple items out please feel free to add them. Also CAN the GNOME crate be opened and STILL be traded? For example if I liked one of the familiers could I open just that aspect, but still sell the rest? Can the items be sold individually or only as one bulk crate?
    I have seen the wolf mounts for sale as high as 35m down to 4m (I bought one for an alt at 5m).
    Griffon was for sale at 10m and thats all I have seen so far...
    -Saerza, Enchantress of FV
    "I can turn mages into godlings, wizards into dieties, but I cannot do my own DPS!"
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  2. Riou EQResource

    FV is pretty inflated, but on standard servers the price should be the real life price / 9 = # of krono

    so like the Expansion should be minimum 4, maximum 5 krono worth
    heroics even on 30% off sale would be like 3 krono worth (if i am remembering their base price right)

    The one mount has the newest mount buff doesn't it so its value will prob be a bit higher then the other
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  3. Saer-tse-tao Journeyman

    Just wanted to keep this going as I have not seen any solid info yet for the last two items.
    So far:
    1. Std Expan - Seen offers of 18 - 20m
    2. Wolf Saddle - 4 - 8m
    3. Herioc Char - 3 Krono (Worth about 3m on FV atm)
    4. Griffon - ???
    5. Gnome Bundle - ???
    Anyone have information or ideas for target pricing on #4 or #5??
    Just trying to find a reasonable response for people looking to buy them. I am not a fan of doing a "WTB" over gen chat then when asked how much or even given an offer not being able to respond.... Many thanks and good hunting!!
    -Saerza, Enchantress of FV
  4. Borm_of_fv Apprentice

    On FV I sold 2 expansion tickets for 30 mil each and one griffon for 10mil. I’m not aggressively pushing things and mostly respond to people asking for sales anymore. I also sold a wolf mount for 7mil so I’m at close to 80mil with two FnF packs with a number of things left to sell. I’m happy with my outcome right now.
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  5. Saer-tse-tao Journeyman

    Thank you for the response Borm! Thats about what I have seen as well. Except the expansion tickets getting 30m each, thats awesome! The most I was offered for that item was 18m, which I didnt take, but feel its respectable.

    I actually bought a wolf mount gift for 4m =)

    I do have one sad thing to report on this subject.... Someone has been offering to sell the gnome bundle for 3m. I personally do not believe they have it for sale for a couple reasons. 1) He never responds to my tells 2) Its been for sale everyday for weeks now. So I think he is just trying to drive the price into the basement. Im not saying its worth a fortune, but come on, its chalk full of nice stuff that you could have purchased untold amounts of heritage crates to acquire or only from this expan pack.

    Please keep the thread alive with thoughts, experiences and dealings! Many thanks!!

    Saerza, Enchantress of FV
  6. Schadenfreude Augur

    Not had any problems getting expansions for between 15m and 18m. Seen the other items as low as 3m.
  7. Ganicus New Member

    For lack of a better place to put this, I have a griffin mount that I would trade for any of the following (on Povar)
    Ice encrusted Katar
    Ice Encrusted Battle Rod
    Ice Encrusted Dagger
    Ice Encrusted Short Spear
    Ice Encrusted Sword
    Ice Encrusted Hammer
    Summoner’s Ice Encrusted Earing

    Hit me up if interested.