The Long-Hidden Plane of War Beckons to You with Eternal Battle

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Riou Augur

  2. smash Augur

    Why is the period only 6 weeks instead of 10 weeks, which the newest anniv raid/mission(s) usually are ?
  3. Ratbo Peep Augur

    The Long-Hidden Plan of War beckons You with Eternal Camping
    Of an obscure item left over from PoP days to get access to a large part of the only new content they've managed to push out the door in months.
    This is exactly why your job is the hardest on the whole team.
    Good luck with it. :)
  4. Firrionafan Elder

    OK, this is one of the most stupid Anniversary Mission / Raid deals ever. 8 spawn points in the game for a Treant drop for a required item to get in the Zone? Just need the staff. Got all the other stuff even the Zerkian Diamond. And I swear peeps have to be cheating, target as fast as I can and 1.0 sec nuke....can't out shoot em on a tree. Of course, I am a cleric.../sigh, but I swear the nuke can blow the mob away but this guy using Macro Quest of something.
  5. Firrionafan Elder

  6. kriegfurhen New Member

    It's going to take forever for a guild force to get flagged for the raid. Many won't see it this year. Unless this is the intent I'd suggest opening up the tribute item (bow) required to other bows crafted from planes of power materials. Limiting one of the reagents to make the bow to 8 spawns in a soon with a 2% drop rate on a 16 minute timer is just insane.
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  7. Yinla Augur

    I'm hoping the progression quests are not needed for the raid or the missions.
  8. kriegfurhen New Member

    no idea why i'm even bothering when i could be playing Metro
  9. Cisco Elder

    The plat farmers are definitely winning again. Even at 5am there were people sitting on spawns.
  10. kriegfurhen New Member

    you know what, I don't have time to waste on this BS when I could be having fun playing another game instead. Boycotting this zone all together and encourage others to do the same. You should have at least let those who have completed planes of power progression have an automatic flag and let this waste of time be the backflag for new characters/players. Even still I think i might rather do the entire pop progression over again.
  11. Riou Augur

    Raid seems up in the air, but the Group mission, I believe phathoms post said something about it scaling for people 65+ to be able to participate, since you need 95 to zone in to PoWar, the group mission at least has to be in Tranq or PoK or something, or maybe even Tactics
  12. Yinla Augur

    If the raid needs this progression, it needs to be around a lot longer than 6 weeks.
  13. smash Augur

    So Roshen, there a lot of worry about the mission / raid.
    The worry is that, the progression in the zone is required for those 2 thing.
    Can you confirm that:
    YES you need the progression for them
    NO, you dont need the progression to do the mission/raid.
  14. blood & gufts Augur

    What is my main obstacle is that, the zone is not fun. Something annivesery part should be fairly fun, something you want to do

    The trash has way too much hps.

    The flagging is bad. Yes, I know it is "old time" flagging, but it really should be so the outer trash gives random 1-3 prog items, inner give random 4-8 prog items.

    Also the PoE thing, instead of that there the 12-15 mobs which have a rare chance of drop, they should always contain 1 item.
    And then those items should be made NO DROP.
    Atm there around 15 for sale in bazaar, prices go from 1 mil pp to 2.5 mil pp.
    Another possibility could be to add the drop to forage table, add to drop table in Rathe Chamber in SoD.

    It is so that there stand 1 person at each spawn points, guarding their spot.

    Then we come to the named in the inner part. They apparently so that they have way extreme hps, but you apprently can pull trash mobs to help you kill the named, so the trash does way more damage than you. Heard some 2 person box those named.
  15. gulbinator New Member

    When we get new content released, I would hope that the intent is to utilize characters that have been developed and are mostly end game geared in a challenging manner. Fighting plat farmers for an insanely rare drop while one shotting grey con mobs is NOT my idea of fun at all. This is mindless and stupid. Please fix this issue.
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  16. Yaldin Journeyman

    There are WAY too few spawn points for the trees, and then the bow staff is a rare drop at that. People have been sitting on single spawns for over a day. The bow staffs are going for 750k+ in plat. We're competing with both those that want to get flagged AND now plat farmers.

    If you're going to open a level 95+ zone, requiring this rare drop is NOT a good idea - the mobs in earth aren't even REMOTELY challenging to this level. It's a severe grind IF you can even find a single tree to camp - it seems like they are going to be camped for a LONG time until there are so few people that want to get flagged that the price drops....that doesn't look like it will happen though because the influx of staffs is not fast enough to remotely meet demand.

    Alternate flagging path PLEASE even if it needs to be way way more challenging - just don't let it be a lame bottleneck like this that is so easy to lock down and that competition for drops this rare from so few mobs increases prices.
  17. Yaldin Journeyman

    oh yes, and macro'ers can also lock down the spawns permanently and keep the price up
  18. Lerilon Lorekeeper

    I want to concur with those mentioning the Stonewood Compound Bow. This was not an easy bow to make before this release. You needed tinkering and fletching. You needed drops from multiple zones. And a decent skill level in both.

    Now if you had created an alternate recipe, or put the bow staves on every treant above level 80, or made the bow itself drop from PoP named in other zones.

    This bottleneck is costly and insane.
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  19. Roshen Brand Manager

    Currently the plan is to NOT have the Anniversary Mission and Raid gated behind anything in Plane of War.

    The Plane of War Mission is currently planned to start in Plane of Tranquility with a special Anniversary NPC, Commander Gorok. This will allow level 65 and up players to access the NPC to start this mission, and enjoy their own piece of the Plane of War. This mission will scale with the level of players.

    The Plane of War Raid will start with a special Anniversary NPC, Jorgar the Pacifist. We're tuning this raid for level 100 raid geared players, but there are no plans to require any keys or flagging to participate.

    The Plane of War mission and raid are planned to go live on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Like other EverQuest anniversary content, these will be available in game for a limited time. These will be available in game for approximately six weeks after they go live.
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  20. Lsneo New Member

    Thank you for releasing content that I can't play without making a gnome to tinker so I can flag my gold toons.

    2x Planar Steel Bow Cam (crafted via Tinkering, 282 Trivial)

    When do you plan on releasing content that I can play? It was stated that something new would be available each week to add value.

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