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  1. Gladdius Journeyman

    Hello, and thanks in advance for any feedback.

    Looking to run with a Box this time around. I have narrowed my box to three classes. Bard, Mage, Druid.

    Can you guys rank how willing you guys would be to allow these classes to sit 65% afk in a leveling group as a box? This is under the assumption my main is the group tank and played full tilt to the absolute best of my ability.

    Bard - I would likely only /Melodybot him. Positioning melee or twisting songs on a box is outside my car factor. I will have different melodies at least.

    Druid - would keep buffs up, heal in a pinch, and evac macro, and rarely when feeling frisky dot something.

    Mage - would summon crap as requested. Keep up DS, and 90% of the time assist and send pet. Again random dps when bored.
  2. Gormgeous Elder

    No one really cares about a box taking up a spot unless it is keeping a main from joining usually right?

    If you're tanking full time, all 3 are good options. I'd say Druid>Bard>Mage

    If you plan on 2 boxing any content and your main is a tank, I'd take the druid.

    If you plan on always being in a group and will not always have a spot, I'd pick druid for out of group casting. Pocket druids are great, especially if they're a halfling.

    If you want laziest by far, pick bard.
  3. Fhiele Augur

    The afk mage is almost as effective as a real mage. Tell me you'll at least nuke once around 50% or so, or drop a rain if its a single? I would generally welcome mage boxes who can do that.

    The bard should be pulling, and I know you can't pull and tank on boxes unless you're a boxing superstar. I'd welcome this char as an afk melody box only until we fill the spot. So if someone has to leave and we can't get a rep, you could join until we do, then drop after.

    The druid is a waste of space if not active. Even dropping your second best dot on each mob right after mob engage is meaningful. You'd need to be snaring too. And depending on how the new body type changes work, you might be expected to charm full time too.

    So the short answer my friend is go mage. You can also use it as ghetto cc on pulls by sending pet on a different mob to keep it occupied until the chanter gets stuff mezzed, then retarget. Mage > Bard > Druid for semi-afk boxing.
  4. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Are they making more mobs animal tagged ?
  5. Gormgeous Elder

  6. Haldi Elder

    Best lazy box is Monk as main, and Shaman,Bard as box or you could switch monk out for SK if you want to access named targets.
  7. error Augur

    I mean, if there are boxes that are basically just afk leeching I'd probably just go find another group. Not hard to play a single box somewhat proactively regardless of what your main is. If the choices are a mage that's doing 15% of its potential dps 90% of the time, a druid that might throw out an erratic heal now and then, and a melodybot that probably got interrupted 30 minutes ago and nobody noticed, I guess the melodybot would contribute the most assuming you don't have an enchanter in the group?