The lack of communication on Aradune stability

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Nozraku, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Nozraku Lorekeeper

    Guys, this is ridiculous. Half a week of an unplayable game at prime time and you don't even post a "we're aware and working on it"?

    This is fast becoming unforgiveable.
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  2. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

    I'm thinking they left the building...
  3. darkin New Member

    they sent a tell but chat lag has delayed the message
  4. Gheed Is not reading your response

  5. Thrawnseg Augur

    They told you a week ago - play from 3am to 10am EST and the server is fine. Your choice to play at a packed time. /s
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  6. Billwar New Member

    This is my first time playing a TLP, been wanting to try it for a while now with some friends, and the experience has been pretty bad. Definitely understand that games are complex and sometimes issues take some time to resolve, but I'm pretty surprised at the lack of information shared about Aradune stability. Would love to see a bit more communication.
  7. DryalRmog Augur

    This is a new monster also, I played on most of the TLPs

    None have been this bad

    I saw over 10 min zone times and clearly 1 min chat lag

    Very bad.

    No question it will result in losing customers, which a game this oldreally can’t afford ;(

    I don’t know the solution, maybe they set up another serve saying they will merge it in 6 months down road with free sever xfrs


    Lack of effort and response will just cause people to vote with wallets/feet

    The one thing I would like all the darkpaw games people to do is make a toon and try and run from Freeport to 5 zones away during peak time

    It’s going to take you 30 min-2 hours to zone 5 times

    Lot of people have 2-4 hours to play in a night, that makes game unplayable IMO
  8. Cohhfarmage Journeyman

    They're probably just waiting for people to quit.
  9. Machen New Member

    Not to be a pessimist, but they've lost customers on every TLP launch since Ragefire, and yet here we are still and EQ still exists for now. Clearly they think they CAN afford to lose some customers.
  10. dirgenoobforreal New Member

    EQ2 has the same issue. Started after a database migration for "us" after they became Darkpaw games.

    I am pretty sure they are moving more and more stuff into a cloud and its hurting most of their titles performance wise, but on a spreadsheet budget I am sure it looks great.