The 'Guess next expansion & features' Game!

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  1. Lheo Augur

    no way in hell we will get an other level increase (after only 1 Year) ....we will get new AA, lvl 110 only armor and items, the reuse of older models and forms --i guess Velios or OOW 2.0 expansion
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  2. Coagagin Guild house cat

    Given past gifts for logging in the past have been the leading indicator it looks like we will be seeing monster Bazu and Girplans soon enough. How the plot line reveals itself will be another matter but should be interesting nonetheless.

    Most are still learning level 110 so there is no need there. While adding those tweener spells like EoK had and just a handful of spells at that will likely be the norm here. I foresee spells likely in the anti-expac bad guy types like "anti-bazu resistance" like the older lure line but more specific to the new expac line of mobs. Adding alliance IV-VI might be in the works but could possibly mess with overbalance again and frankly we have classes that are overbalanced again, indicating either a nerf (unlikely) or bringing other DPS classes up to par with the newest norms.

    I'll go hide now or risk cleaning tomatoes out of my hair later.

    - Coag
  3. Numiko Augur

    Seems like more AA's for mercs will be a thing,
  4. Daedly Augur

    Poor Mike. How you gonna do him like that for?
  5. Aurastrider Augur

    Anything that will recapture my love for the game. I still love the brand but my desire to continue to support the company is fading fast. With that said an expansion with actual Tiers that scale appropriately in terms of difficulty and rewards. Nothing that requires fighting in water and mostly outdoor zones and any indoor zones should feel open enough to not cause a person to feel claustrophobic. Keep building on trade skills and maybe add a new quest line like the artisans prize or maybe something not so intense but has a unique reward that will be usable for an extended period of time.
  6. Stephen51 Augur

    What I would like....

    An explosion on Luclin causes a meter shower over Norrath, the biggest piece hits the Commonlands hitting Sgt Slate head on (he's ok after a good night's sleep and one of those cool guy stitches just above the eye, like in the movies). Opening up caverns below, mutations abound from the luclin meteor, and awakening an evil below...…(fill in evil of choice)
    New zones under Norrath to explore. New zones on Luclin to investigate the causes of the blast.
    Return of Heroic Adventures! With experience gains to be had! (At the end prolly , to stop exploits).
    HA's available to 110's right down to level 75, though at that level you have no chance of beating it!
    No level increase
    More AA's. More Spells, More Discs!
    New Mercenaries AA's - new Mercenary gear (lvl 110)
    A Paper Doll for each mercenary slot you have - no need to swap over that gear when you need to swap from healer to Spell DPS!
    New Beards! (admittedly mainly on dwarven/coldain women, but....)
    Secondary Class - Work aa's and obtain spells and abilities of a second class! You want to be a cleric-wizard? No problem! Now rezzing yourself when you try to solo the entry zone is no longer a problem!
    New missions, that don't kill you after 30 seconds. With steps that can be completed as you progress through the mission (remember them). Maybe a pick up group can even do them? Good times!

    What we will probably get......
    No Level increase.
    1/2 of Velious (no guessing what the expansion after that will be...)
    1 or 2 New zones. 4 or 5 re-hashed zones, including massive zones to run across.
    New Giants. Big ugly, with lots of hit points-giants.
    Snowball ornament (can be placed in houses and guildhalls, and forgotten about).
    A new keyring, to put your fluff pieces in. Maybe a keyring for keyrings.
    No HA's.
    New missions - that will require DPS off the scale to complete with new improved raid mechanics. Challenging? Yes. Fun? No.
    A distinct absence of Ring Wars.
  7. Randragon Augur

    A spell that ports to Pantheon....The End!
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  8. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

  9. IblisTheMage Augur

    UI upgrades (bigger fonts, easier to align elements, simplification)
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  10. Wiff Elder

    I wish they'd make a new expansion that takes place entirely within a ghostly realm. Your body is semi-transparent, you can't take any of your current physical gear with you and your ghostly form starts at level 1. You'd fight "a ghostly orc pawn" and get a ghostly rusty sword.

    When your ghost form gets to level 50, you can join ghostly raids that somehow benefit your main character.

    ...I just woke up and thought of this. It will probably sound as dumb to me as it does to you, after a cup or two of coffee.
  11. Zepplinn Elder

    Lets be " REAL" for a min.....

    We ALL Know we just want them to leave the game alone and update the graphics and UI right ?????
    I mean Thats ALL we ever wanted from SOE / DB ... 20 frickin years later and im still looking at a unintelligible User Interface wtf is that ?
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  12. Zepplinn Elder

    I got a better one ... BRING BACK LoN I have like 2 grand tied up cards that they just took away ... STELLAR
  13. Toader New Member

    The things I would like to see are:

    Shared bank for all your characters on the account. This would include much more bank space, possibly with the ability to buy more space like Guild Wars 2 does

    More heirloom items instead of no-drop. Some sort of scaling and denigration until your other character kills the NPC that actually drops the item could be used to level the playing field a bit more

    Improved /follow command so the guys on follow stop running around in circles

    Improved hot key creation method, maybe with a drag and click option, making it easy for anyone to create a hotkey

    Improved multi-boxing, since so many players actually do this

    No level cap increase, but new AAs would be interesting.

    A true flying mount that allows you to fly anywhere in the game.

    Give everyone the Gate ability.

    Allow multiple campfires

    Add some epic raid level rare NPCs that cross zones and can attack cities.

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  14. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    No, we don't want updated graphics, we want content.
  15. Zepplinn Elder

    So 20 years later and you don't feel like poking your eyes out when you look at the UI ?
  16. smash Augur

    I want content as well, if you want updated graphic go play other game, content is what makes the game.
  17. Elskidor Augur

    Gotta say I actually love Everquest graphics. Do a full scale revamp to "improve" them and the game loses much of its charm for me.
  18. Zepplinn Elder

    Heres another rant... how many of you have nice pretty illusions , payed for on the market place, or even obtained from LoN Loot ... wait ... here it comes ..... ohhh thats right you cant ride a mount with that particular illusion ........ ohhhhhhhhhhhh soooo sorryyy yeaaaa I like having illusions that I can't use on a mount.... Niiiiiiiiiiiiicce !

    All i'm saying is before DB decides to make another expansion and take more money , shouldn't they address these small little fixes first ?????
  19. Mazzrim New Member

    Possible rehash of the same type of content we've had for 10 yrs, progression type setup, special currency to buy stuff, oh and new spells and AA's and then maybe and just maybe a flood on market place cosmetic items.
  20. svann Augur

    No. I wouldnt mind being able to easily scale the text - all text - but the graphics are just fine as is. I like the low tone graphics we have and absolutely hated the ultra-high-color content of a Rift.