The game has a new bug with ultra-widescreen resolutions (21:9)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Thexder, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Thexder Journeyman

    I have had this bug for at least a few months but it has taken me a long time to narrow down what was causing it and find the solution.

    When click the Play button to start the game, the screen goes black and it locks up. I have to force it to close and try again, and after several attempts, it will eventually let me log in. I narrowed it down to the eqclient.ini file, when I delete the file and use the new one that is created (like a fresh install), I don't have the bug. But as soon as I change my settings, it happens again.

    I worked out that it is the resolution section causing the problem:


    Playing with those ^ settings and I can login every time, but there is a big gap on the right of my screen. If I change it to my correct resolution (2560x1080), then it has the crash on starting bug. I have only been playing real EQ for several months and I can't remember when this started, but it has been at least a few months. Previously I was playing an EQ which uses the same client (ROF2) and I was playing that for years with this resolution and never had a crash. So I think this is something that has been added to real EQ semi recently. (Like this year). But it may have been around longer, I really can't remember.
  2. Thexder Journeyman

    Doh it still happened, but I changed refreshrate to 59 and now it is working well again. Maybe it is that...
  3. Ekadzati Lorekeeper

    Consistently see the game failing to start in full screen mode (regardless it being selected). Always going to window and always manages to require manual resetting.

    I just figured this was our world now... will check to see if this helps me, too... thanks for posting it. (On curved, wide screen monitor running 3440x1440).
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  4. Thexder Journeyman

    It all went wrong for me :/ Logged in fine for a while but the error came back. Now I have discovered the problem is windowed mode. If I play with windowed mode, it fails to login 90% of the time. I keep having to retry. If I play in fullscreen mode, it logs but I can only single box :( If I try to multi box the game crashes. I am tempted to find a copy of my Underfoot client or something.
  5. Brohan07 Journeyman

    My resolution has always been 2560x1600 windowed.
    Here are some of my settings in eqclient.ini if it helps. Never had an issue:

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  6. Thexder Journeyman

    Thanks, I transposed that into my ini file and it still fails :/ First client loaded fine, second client, black screen. It is so weird!

    When I delete the eqclient.ini and start with a fresh one, it works great. But as soon as I change some settings, it gives me the black screen logging in.

    p.s. I notice as I end task on the failed login clients, they always have the exact same amount of memory usage, The client always stops on the about same amount of memory usage which is 48,696K. Or 48,720K.