The Fear Is Gone...

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Nick687, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Nick687 New Member

    Hi All!
    I have come back to EQ after about 14 years. I have been playing on Agnarr for a little over a month having a blast and I have met some really great folks. I a pretty stoked to gear up for raids and bring down the content I missed out on back then. Over all I am satisfied with the quality of life changes and am slowly getting used to the way things work now.

    All that said, there has been some thing bugging me that I couldn't quite put my finger on until now. It clicked when I joined a group in UGuk and was running down to join the camp. At the time I was a bit lower level that I should have been and being a Dark Elf the mobs didn't like me. Thankfully, I had an invis but it was starting to wear off as I made my way down and I starting thinking 'Oh crap, oh crap...oh...yea no more corpse runs. There IS the XP penalty, but I'm here to grind anyway.'

    Back in the day there was a level of fear and sense of accomplishment you got from that simple mechanic that is just...gone now.

    I'm not posting this to say that they should bring back losing all your stuff when you die. I just want to share my thoughts and see if anyone else puts the nostalgia goggles on and thinks fondly of the fear that you got right before you were beat down by a mob of reds in a zone you shouldn't have been alone in.
  2. MaxTheLion Augur

    Yes, I agree. There used to be a more cautious attitude back in the day but there was also less knowledge. Venturing into a new/unfamiliar zone without maps meant the possibility of dying and losing your body if you were that unlucky. While I sometimes miss that nostalgia feeling that everybody tends to chase, I'm glad for the way the game has progressed. The game has matured with the playerbase and provides less stress for those with limited playing time.
  3. Montag Augur

    Ya it was wicked scary at times and brought a real intensity, but I wouldn't ask for it back.
  4. snailish Augur

    general player knowledge is now so high, which is a much greater impact on the amount of "Fear" in the world than the inconvenience of having to go find your corpse to not be naked. In my opinion.

    That and we are all much more powerful at any given level than we were, and thanks to player knowledge (and application of it) most of us are MUCH better geared.
  5. Semah Augur

    It's like being young and stupid and doing young and stupid things. I look back on the memories fondly, but no way would I do that stuff again.
  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    OP, I noticed the same exact thing!

    On agnarr, you take far more risks than you would even on p99. Both servers have no mysteries, but the threat of death and corpse runs is a very real threat that changes the way you play.

    In particular, when I'm finishing up a session I have little regard for trying something especially risky because, after all, I'm done anyways and the exp loss isn't that brutal when it comes so fast.
  7. Nick687 New Member

    This is about where I am at. I liked the game then and I like it now and would not ask them to change it back.
  8. AgentofChange Augur

    The fear is gone b/c you sucked way back when. Now you know what you're doing. Such is the case with just about everything in life.
  9. Jaxarale01 Augur

    This may actually be it... I know on my ranger yesterday I had run out of IVU pots so I just kinda walked from zone in to Hamlord to replace the tank with nothing... knowing where each mob is and that i could root my way to the camp if needed and camp out to clear aggro.

    No way in hell would I of even thought about doing this back in 2000.
  10. Accipiter Old Timer

    I would hate to go back to that sense of fear. Now I can attempt things with, "What's the worst that can happen?" attitude. On Sunday I broke Fear with my 5 box in group gear. I died about 15 times across all accounts but it was something challenging to do. (I finally got tired of it after dracholite aggroed from half a zone away.)
  11. Brovaar Elder

    I remember back in the day with my low level half-elf druid in Tox Forest. I was exploring the area and got too close to one of the buildings. A bunch of NPCs came out and started wailing on me. I even got charmed by one of them and escorted back into their building. Charm would break and they would all start wailing on me once more until I was charmed again. Eventually they killed me and when I went back to get my corpse the same thing happened again so now I had two corpses. I got frustrated and contacted a GM but they would not help because it was part of the game.

    I think what I did was create an alt (maybe that is how I got started being an alt-aholic) and dragged my corpse out just to get my crappy gear which was worth a lot to me. I didn't get any rez on those two corpses so that meant I had to work on getting my experience back to where it was. To this day I still look at those buildings in Tox with some degree of apprehension even though my toons are much more powerful today. Fond memories about learning to be cautious (hehe).
  12. Polekn Augur

    Why would you have fear? Worst case you die and get that experience back in 10 minutes. Nothing compared to hours long corpse run naked potentially losing all your gear.
  13. Yanster Augur

    Most player are now adults , and some with limited play time .

    I Play on ragefire and the little added quality of life we see is nice .
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  14. Healbro Elder

    Most of us have played this game so long that there's a near 0% chance any of us would ever lose our corpse beyond recovery. I would feel absolutely no fear whatsoever if they brought corpse runs back. What I would feel is slightly annoyed that I'd have to go get my corpse while naked. It's an antiquated mechanic and I'm personally glad it's gone. Exp loss is enough of a deterrent. Perhaps the amount of exp lost per death should be tweaked if people are carelessly dying and not caring about it? But naked CR's are nothing but a nuisance. Not hard not scary.
  15. Strawberry Augur

    Introducing these type of gameplay 'punishments' would first require a level playing field.

    You can't say to single account owners: "You need to spend 30 minutes recovering your gear because you lost invis"

    And say to multiboxers: "Just drag your corpse with your box who didn't lose his invis"

    People are not going to accept this mass power unbalance.
  16. Urshulgi Augur

    It's taken me several raids to get over my fear of Plane of Hate. Back before they redid it, it was a nightmare of a place to even zone into sometimes, let alone break the camps. The pathing was so terrible that it took an extremely knowledgeable pull team to not train the raid with every other pull.

    When I first came back and heard people xped in plane of Hate I thought they must be super talented or crazy. Then I did my first raid and saw that the layout was different and it was actually really easy to get 1-2 mobs per pull.
  17. HoodenShuklak Augur

    money is power! An extra 15 bucks a pop and you too can be god!
  18. xxar Journeyman

    What did you expect with 20 yr old content? The game mechanics have been simplified , there is no CR requirement , all the content has been farmed for the last 18 years , the zones are mapped , the raid mechanics are a click away for a strat.
  19. Montag Augur

  20. Accipiter Old Timer

    Hate is trivial. At level 50 I can 5 box it for gear easily (no Minis, of course). Sure, there are occasional deaths and even wipes but it's still pretty easy.

    Fear is a different thing altogether. It's not trivial in any way. The break is a for a single group at level 50. Once broken you still have to deal with CT roaming, the death touch minis, dracholite, the Ireblind Imp (stupid epic 2.0 mobs), the imps that shadowstep you, knockback/dispellers, etc.

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