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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fading Illusion, May 1, 2020.

  1. Qbert Augur

    PoR, TBL, LoY, the end.
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  2. Szilent Augur

    Is this a game where we guess your least favorite? The criteria seem pretty far from universal. Your picks for "best" were ones with overlarge open zones, group content trending plain & repetetive, total dismissal of quest / story / raid content. So I'm'a guess Gates, TDS, TBM, TBL are near the bottom of your personal list
  3. eqgamer Augur

    For me - as a 21 year player - I'd have to say my least favorite was PoR. But ONLY because I don't remember much about it other than having to flag and I hate flagging as I am a multi boxer. Of the newer ones I'd have to say TBL.

    Great video btw. Seb is my all time favorite zone. Pretty sure I lived there for two years :)
  4. Fading Illusion Elder

    Well, I admitted at the start that the list would be some of my personal opinion. And the same will be true for the "Worst" list.

    But I welcome any input, or even better, tell us your OWN list! "Best" and "Worst" are always subjective.

    I *want* discussion and disagreement with me on the videos. THAT is what keeps the player base and viewer engaged and keeps the game alive.

    Once we're stop being passionate about the game, that's when we're in trouble. So if I can start a conversation, that's a good thing!

    TDS was actually in my Honorable mentions for Best. Just a fantastic expansion. TBM and TBL don't make either list for me, because of my limited experience with them.

    As for Gates.....I won't comment on WHERE on the list I put it, only that it is ON my list.

    I actually REALLY like that expansion, but I don't think anyone can argue that it was a complete debacle (I even have Holly on camera talking about it). Part of the upcoming episode spends a bit of time discussing just what happened.

    Thanks for responding and keep the WORST coming! =)
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  5. Benito Augur

    Daybreak should give you Guide status (junk account flagged for a small period of time) so you can view TBL and ToV. I am not sure if it would spoil it for you but may help with some of your content. (As a corollary, Planetside 2 is enabling third-person mode to select few content creators).

    /wave Dreamweaver or devs
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  6. Skuz Augur

    Gates is on the top of my favourites list, because it brought Berserkers to EverQuest, my favourite class & I really wish they one day bring out a TLP with them & Beastlords in from the start - that would be a very interesting TLP I think.

    After the broken parts got fixed & the retune was done I'd say Gates holds up as one of the best expansions for EverQuest - certainly on TLP it is great fun.

    Of the ones on my worst of list?

    Top of it is PoR the only expansion that I think aged badly - Deathknell felt like it was rushed, it had a very stupid time-gated mechanic on the final fight & that made it incredibly tedious & boring to play, the loot from it was meh. Auras were nice, but overall if they merge the release of it in with DoDH it would be better for the game on future TLP - that very long level 70 stretch was just too long even though Omens was brilliant & I really liked DoDH a lot, PoR just felt a lot like one very unnecessary expansion too many at that level.

    DoN is one of the worst too, it was a filler set of content that didn't really bring much new to the game aside from a few nice new abilities like Volley for Berserkers it was very forgettable, Vishimtar & Yar Lir were sort of okay though, people did it for the progression AA boost rather than liking the content in my experience, "creator" was great XP but after so many runs of it you hated it.

    Legacy of Ykesha - it came with the mapping system and a handful of interesting spells, but it was less of an expansion and more a content package for mid levels, I felt like it did not deserve to be considered an expansion really, I think at the time EQ was experimenting with the idea of smaller story style content delivery & LoY was EQ's attempt at that kind of thing & it mostly didn't go over very well. The pre-release event was interesting though I recall the top end guilds fought over it & none of the smaller guilds really got a look in on the event so it was bitter-sweet overall and left most players outside looking in.
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  7. Tolzol Augur

    GOD, Underfoot, and TBL were honestly my favorite expansions since i enjoy challenging content. Only expansion I’ve missed out on and never got to see while current was VoA since i took a year off during that time. I’d say LOY, POR and TOV are worst three in my opinion.
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  8. Nadisia Augur

    I'm also one of these weirdos who really loved GoD and OoW, the discordian expansions.
    It was brutal, nasty, the raids were awesome.

    And the BiC quest ... fond memories.

    I was already playing a tank (SK one day, SK for ever :D), and I still have very clear and stinging memories of our first attempts in Tipt/Vxed ... ouch :p.
    But I was also playing a chanter ... so my cute and lovely charmed pookas did the job haha.

    My least favorites ? (because I don't hate any EQ expansion) hmmm ... probably PoR,and VoA (not really fan of this one).

    Scars of Velious, Planes of Power and Shadows of Luclin definitely in my Top 5.

    And now, as a pure grouper and filthy casual, I really like ToV. /em puts her helmet on

    Almost all ... but TotFS.
    I don't like the ice skating/sliding Benny Hill mode on 1st floor, and the droprate of the 1st keys drives me nuts cuz I'm silly or stupid enough to do the earring quest on muliple characters. :confused:

    It's not perfect, but it's an ok catch-up expansion in my humble opinion.
    But I can see why raiders find it too easy.

    Nice video Fading, keep up the good work ;)
  9. ZenMaster Augur

    The Burning Lands (TBL) is an underrated expansion. It is, by far, my favorite.

    It received a lot of negative press due to difficulty. In terms of lore, artwork, mechanics, and content it may rank one of the better - if not, the best - contemporary EQ expansion(s). More players are warming up to it as they gain the ability to finish progression.

    TBL finally delved into the efreeti and djinn lore which had always been one of my hopes since my first encounters of the efreetis (Nagafen Lair and Plane of Sky) when I first played EQ.
  10. Szilent Augur

    They were reused in way lazy fashion narratively, in Jewel of Atiiki. No elemental affiliation at all, no background, no relevance to the environment of their expansion or its story.
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  11. ZenMaster Augur

    I agree. I think the lore explanation was that they were marooned efreeti in their Combine Empire bubble (like Gnome Mountain Memorial). I did enjoy the very unique tile puzzles - still worth doing for the spectre illusion today!
  12. Axxius Augur

    Gates of Discord, no contest. The game was never same after that. Lots of players left, whole guilds. The timing couldn't possibly be worse - pretty much forcing the players to check out WoW and don't come back.

    Other bad ones? Hmm... I suppose:
    • Seeds of Destruction: Tower, Tower, more Tower, and then HARD Tower - a terrible idea that destroyed a bunch of guilds. You can sit on the bench only so many times before you lose interest and quit.
    • Call of the Forsaken: staggered release easy mode raids, then Tower of Lag, then more easy mode raids. A dull story line imported from EQ2 that nobody cares about. Partially saved by the Plane of War, but it was anniversary content and not a part of that expansion.
  13. Szilent Augur

    This is what I meant before about perspective :p I bet CotF is near/at the top of popularity in recent expansions since its HAs (in particular "the Gribbles") were the second coming of LDoN adventures - mostly very easy & repetitive, open to six Ham Sandwiches as far as classes, with currency rewards.

    Whether Frontier Mountains ranks higher with EQ's 99% is more precision than I care to investigate.
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