The EverQuest Show - Episode 9 is up!

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fading Illusion, May 1, 2020.

  1. Fading Illusion Elder

    Hi everyone!

    It's here! Episode 9 of The EverQuest Show! And it's a BIG ONE! The top ten EQ expansion list, lots of dev interviews and "Say What?!?"

    I broke my back working REALLY hard on this episode, to pack it full of content, and get it out quickly after the previous episode. Give it a look (and share!) if you can!

    This episode, I have some great developer information regarding the making of NPCs and models in Torment of Velious.

    I also count down my picks for the top ten expansions in EverQuest. Are yours the same as mine? Be sure to comment on the video and let me know what you think.

    Thanks again everyone for the support, and to Darkpaw Games and the developers and staff for providing my with content, and their time.


    NOTE: Yes, I know. There are two typos in the video. Can you spot them? (Hey, after 100 hours of editing this video, and for nearly 20 minutes of video, I'm surprised my sleep deprivation only led to 2 typos).
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  2. Skuz Augur

    You really did pull out all the stops for this, way to go.
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  3. Crystilla Augur

    Congrats again Fading!!!
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  4. Benito Augur

    Game changer Fading! Thank you for your hard work!

    This should be a official promotion video for Rizlona and Aradune! Needs retweet on official EQ Twitter and a sticky to the forums for a bit. :)
  5. Nennius Augur

    Thank you! Very much appreciated.
  6. Axxius Augur

    Another great episode!

    Putting LDoN in the top 3 makes me cringe though :p
  7. Fading Illusion Elder

    That's the one I knew would be the most controversial! :) And I'm ok with people disagreeing with me (I WANT to have the conversation)....:p

    The main reason was for the fundamental change to the game. Instanced content, augs and especially the adventure system, which made quick, pickup groups easier for the more casual player, at a time when MMOs were getting away from poop-socking and players wanted smaller bites to consume.

    While it didn't have the most content, or quests, the fundamental change in the game up to that point was significant enough that it earned the spot.
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  8. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Another outstanding episode, Fading.

    I deeply appreciate all you do for the community. Thank you!
  9. Fading Illusion Elder

    Is your server down?

    Why not watch this latest episode?


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  10. ZenMaster Augur


    JChan: "I don't pronounce that. It's a bad word."

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  11. Zinth Augur

    I just learned something new :D I never drew the line on Toskirak to Crescent Reach... Naughty naughty me... and I like LDON too but I know many hate it
  12. Skuz Augur

    Toskirakk? I didn't think so when I watched the video, then I recalled doing some Quest where the name of the Ogre City was given:

    And it was Nokk:

    During the quest "Getting to know you" - For those Gone before you, you loot a book detailing the prior history of Crescent Reach.

    Lineage of the Nokk Ogres

    Near the end of the Elder Age,
    Rallos Zek, the Warlord,
    finally came to create his
    ogre children, many years
    after he created his giants.
    He made the ogres out of
    sturdy bone and resilient
    olive-colored flesh and placed
    them within the Serpent Spine
    Mountains on Tunaria -- the continent that later became
    known as Antonica. With the
    giants, goblins, and orcs
    created, the foundation for
    the Warlord's Rallosian Empire
    were in place.

    The Spine ogres built a great
    city carved into the stone of
    the Serpent's Toe cliffs and
    called it Nokk, named after
    the chief architect of the

    city. Years later, as they
    grew stronger and fiercer,
    laying waste to all the
    creatures and civilizations
    around them, they built the
    impenetrable Fortress of
    Krithgor to the north of Nokk
    that was more strategically
    viable for a great invasion
    that the world would never
    Rallos Zek gifted his ogres
    with a healthy intellect that
    allowed them a capacity for
    higher learning of magic arts
    and battle strategy. This
    coupled with their stature and
    brawn made them a feared foe
    among the mortal races. As
    ogre magi walked the lands,
    all would cower, or smarter
    yet, run for their lives.

    Chief Dronuk Rockjaw, ordained
    by Rallos Zek himself, was the
    fiercest ogre warrior ever to
    be created. It was promised
    that his bloodline shared with
    that of the most powerful
    magi, Hemska Thoots, would
    bring forth the chief's heirs.

    And so it went for a few
    hundred years. The lineage of
    the Spine ogres began with Dronuk and ended with Gekkdar.
    There were only two chiefs
    before Gekkdar and they were
    Reetuk and Pinput. It was not
    long before this new race was
    ruined by the very things that
    made them feared -- unequaled
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  13. Nniki Augur
  14. Fading Illusion Elder

    Did I confuse my ogre cities?
    I know Nokk was in there (the name of the ogre skeletons in CR) and that Toskiraak was an old ogre city, but I thought I remembered them being the same some how....
    I need to sort through this lore...
    But I swear they were the same.
    Thanks for the links and info!
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  15. Password1234 Augur

    smh at asking devs for their pronunciation of certain EQ nonsense words, but giving them softballs like "Luclin" and completely dropping the ball on "Doljonijiarnimorinar"
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  16. Fading Illusion Elder

    How do you know I didn't?
    I actually have several more of those Say What segments planned...themed around the topic of the episode =)

  17. Zinth Augur

    hmm can't really find any on the two being connected, Toskirakk is connected to the Plane of Earth (Rathe Council) but that is via. a portal, so it could be located anywhere.

    Crescent Reach though have quite a bit of ogre story/lore but if the two types of ogres is "related" other than being ogres is hard to say. Solusek created the spine mountaines because he disliked the prosperous elves, which changed the weather so the Elddar forest dried out and created the Deserts of Ro (Classic, LDoN, PoR expansions)

    well maybe time to probe some dev skulls?
  18. Skuz Augur

    Lord Bob - one of my favourite NPC

    Doljonijiarnimorinar - I learned how to spell it through saying the name out loud, what a prat I must have sounded like reciting that out loud over & over until it stuck.

    Doll-Johnny Jiar-Knee Mor-E-Narr - "soft" J's sound better than "hard" J's but either works well.

    Another name I learned the same way was for a weapon from Siren's Grotto I never got but camped for a lot: Vyledorinajirnak the Sea's Justice
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  19. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Thanks for making these
  20. Fading Illusion Elder

    Thank for the feedback everyone!

    While we're at it, the next episode is counting down the WORST expansions in EQ.

    Anyone want to chime in with what the WORST expansions were?
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