The EverQuest Show Ep 10 is "The Worst!"

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fading Illusion, May 12, 2020.

  1. Fading Illusion Elder

    Well, it's the countdown for the "worst" expansions in EQ history! And we've got frogloks!

    I LOVE everything EverQuest, so I had a hard time picking the "worst." And even my worst list has some of my favorites.

    What do you guys think of my list? Thanks for supporting the show!

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  2. Magickon Elder

    It is though. You scared me with that SPOILER


    SPOILER Damn, there's no spoiler tag!

    insert about froglok race before talking about the worst expansions, because it felt like ykesha was not going to be in the list since you had just talked about it.

    Thankfully it was included though, and my heart attack was just from paranoia.
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  3. CatsPaws Augur

    Love love love that intro!!! With the frogs keeping time. Perfect ! Got chills on my arms :D
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  4. Cadira Augur

    The dancing frogs to the music was amazing.

    Your idea that RoF was the third worst expansion was NOT. : )
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  5. Pawtato Augur

    Yo Tom Tobey, you probably don't read the forums but the OG Frog is best.
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  6. Pawtato Augur

    Also, great episode. There's so many expansions to even remember, but my Top 5 Worst:

    1) GoD
    2) PoRo
    3) TBS
    4) ToV
    5) TDS
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  7. Nennius Augur

    Hmmm, I always thought of frogloks, when I thought of them at all, as a back up food source for trolls. I may have to take a second look, err taste, at them.
  8. Skuz Augur

    Wasn't the story behind the names of some GoD zones that one of the devs had returned from a South-American holiday & a lot of the imagery was inspired by Mayan/Aztec archaeology?

    People will definitely say I am off base here with these but there is a logic to follow for them if you are remotely familiar with Mayan & Aztec names.

    I will mention something called a digraph, which is two letters paired that have a unique sound used in some languages for example the Welsh alphabet has 8 digraphs.

    The zone names definitely had a touch of that Mexicana flavor to them.

    Source of some of my pronounciations:

    X's sound like Sh,

    Xipe Totec pronounced as Shee-Pay Toe-Tech leads me to think Vxed would sound like Vuh-Shed.

    Q's were like Keh

    Quetzalcoatl is pronounced as Ket-zal-co-ah-tool, so Qvic would sound like Kvik

    Txevu - Shay-Voo or Sheh-Voo - the T is silent,

    Yxxta - Now this is a truly tricky one

    The Yx could be a digraph, two x together or even the xt could be.

    This digraph approach makes more sense than trying to pronounce two regular X together as ShSh which doesn't flow phonetically at all. Commonly digraphs use the sound of a vowel after the initial sound, Nahuatl (Aztec) transcribed to Latin script doesn't feature any digraphs & Maya has a very complex script which comprises some 800 pictographs read both vertically AND horizontally and doesn't really have a conventional alphabet as we would recognise it.

    So using that logic some possible ways to pronounce Yxxta though it's admittedly very open to interpretation.

    Yx - possible digraph pronounced as Ihk

    xx - possible digraph could be pronounced as many variations of sound that may or may not have any sounds like the X as Sh from Xipe (Shee-Pay) but I shall defer to keeping the first X as Sh for these possibilities.


    No, I am not a linguist but I have a bit of a fascination for ancient cultures.

    On - Topic I gave my worst 3 in the thread for episode 9 as:


    I would add:

    SoD - the group content was awful to try & level up with and the vast majority of the XP didn't happen at all until you made it to the very late zones so it was really a lop-sided expansion that was very much loaded for the late stages, this made progress feel pretty painful. The raids were far too easy and hard-mode seemed like a reaction to that.
    I;m not quite sure what the devs were going for there but it didn't work too well in my opinion.
    I was also pretty bitter at the lack of 2-handers I could use that dropped, we had just 2 Ber usable drop during the 12-weeks of SoD being the top expansion opened so maybe that colours my judgement.

    Underfoot - over-tuned though not as badly as GoD 1.0 was & certainly my experience of it was that it was brutal even as a raid geared melee to get through the group progression, no pinch-tanking if you lose the tank you wipe. This made it very fun for raid geared groups but boxing it when I had no other option was straight up nasty.
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  9. Nennius Augur

    QVIC = The OTHER home shopping network?
  10. code-zero Augur

    I'd always thought that those were Mezo-American inspired names. Look at the architecture too.
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  11. Skuz Augur

  12. Koryu Augur

    Always love to see more frogs. I have gone years without seeing another raiding frog that isn't just an illusion.
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  13. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I had fond memories of TBS. But! I then remembered the faction grind and went yup! Bottom 5 haha :)
  14. Nadisia Augur

    My bottom 3 , without any special order :
    • Dragons of Norrath
    • Depths of Darkhollow
    • Veil of Alaris.
    TBL was in the bottom group when current : great expansion for raiders, but a pita for groupers, even more for returning groupers.
    But now, with 5 more levels, it's a really cool expansion.

    Yes, I know, I loved GoD & OOW, I'm weird.
    And as a grouper, ToV is fine for me, I've always been a Velious fan. Far from perfect, but it's ok.
  15. code-zero Augur

    GoD had real problems at release but the expansion itself is really good now that those issues are dealt with.

    Underfoot was really awful though
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  16. Triconix Augur

    GoD was way better than most of the recent expansions. I would possibly rate it as top 10 from a raider standpoint. RoF was hands down better than the last 5-6 expansions that came out. I'd easily put it above all of VoA, CoTF, TDS, TBM, EoK, RoS, and TBL.
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  17. eqgamer Augur

    RoF cannot be on that list! Simply because it gave us the two greatest hat graphics ever. EVER I TELL YOU.
  18. Fading Illusion Elder

    Thanks everyone for the feedback.

    As always, I'm looking for new ideas for the show. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you have ideas, or wish to contribute in any way.

    I've still got a lot of fun stuff in the coming, art and more, but I could always use more content.

    Thanks again everyone!
  19. Pawtato Augur

    If you see that Tom Tobey guy again, make sure you correct him on his horrible opinion of the original Frogloks.

    Edit: As a suggestion, maybe do like a class feature series or interview one of these people that has Ph.D in EQ mathematics.
  20. Windchaser New Member

    Love the show. I've not played EQ since Luclin launch and the series is what got me back into the game again.
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