The EQ Deadly 60

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  1. Brogett Augur

    Just a bit of fun, but trawling a year of logs (both grouping and raids, but let's face it raids involve most deaths for me):

    $ egrep '\] ([^ ]+) has been slain by' eqlog_Brogett_antonius.txt Backup/eqlog_Brogett_antonius_2013* | sed
    's/.* slain by //' |awk '{a[$0]++} END {for (i in a) {print a[i],i}}'|sort -n > c
    $ tail -60 c
    34 a virulent pest!
    35 Marnek Jaull!
    35 a barrel of dynamite!
    36 Cazic the Inchoate!
    36 an engorged bloodsipper!
    37 Zlexak!
    38 an embodiment!
    41 Nightmare Devourer!
    41 a kromrif guard!
    46 The crowd!
    49 Actinic Fire!
    49 Bone Crusher!
    49 Lord Kreizenn!
    49 a hobblefooted fungus!
    50 a flamenerve goblin!
    54 Aspect of Earth!
    54 a stalwart minotaur!
    54 a sweltering carcass!
    60 a glimmer of light!
    61 a weakminded goblin!
    63 Nest Protector!
    63 a frightened slave!
    65 a voracious ghoul!
    69 Xulous Prime!
    74 a mirrorshell crawler!
    75 Lord Yelinak!
    76 Danela Icewind!
    77 an aggressive ant!
    78 King Xorbb!
    81 Dain Frostreaver IV!
    83 Animated Corpse!
    83 High Priest Syltetzalvek!
    84 Yymp the Abyssal!
    88 a phantasmic crystal!
    89 !
    90 Xaric!
    95 Zalikor, Devourer of Dragons!
    97 Findlewill!
    100 a bixie battlemaster!
    101 Velishan, The Deceitful!
    102 a tiger!
    103 a coldain warrior!
    104 Warchanter Neezzee!
    109 Zeixshi-Kar!
    116 Slave Driver Sedros!
    117 a spiderling!
    122 Pelzia the Crazed!
    131 Darkness!
    135 Luclin!
    139 Vulak`Aerr!
    148 Lord Vyemm!
    175 a fireball!
    178 a phantasmal fragment!
    188 a lingering spectre!
    219 Aaryonar!
    223 Kilsev the Brute!
    338 Vyzh`dra the Godslayer!
    363 Mordaur!
    373 A Rotting Corpse!
    385 Shadow of Luclin!
    AE Ramp wins the day, followed by DH failure mechanic (impressive given it's such a short portion of the year) and powered up Xorbb raid boss :). Shaming how high some of those failure mechanics are, like "a fireball!". Oops.

    How does it look for your guild?

    PS. I'm using MSYS/MinGW development environment for my copies of grep, sed, awk, but they can be obtained via cygwin too or use your own favourite data mining techniques.
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  2. Edrick Augur

    That's cool. I wish I could do that, but I don't have any coding knowledge.
  3. OllieT New Member

    He actually gives you the command you require at the top of the code section, obviously you'd need to change the path to the log file (+ your name etc.). All you need then are grep etc. which you can get via cygwin (google it!) as Brogett says.
  4. Bangzoom Lorekeeper

    Sympathies on getting killed by Marnek. The death most likely to get you hollered at in a raid.
  5. Brogett Augur

    What's not so clear is how many of these are mistakes mid raid and how many are mass wipe at the end. The former with death-mechanics are obviously a problem. The latter, well that's just life in a raiding guild while learning the events. :)
  6. Axxius Augur

    The deadliest mob in EQ is of course the dreaded "!" :D
    Expansions come and go, but getting killed by the "!" remains the players' worst nightmare.
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  7. Kiillz Augur

    Mr Furley scares me most.....killed by damn Three's Company cast member is disturbing ....just sayin
  8. Eaiana Augur

    "Pain and Suffering" is always a favorite too
  9. Kiillz Augur

    Eaiana......likes to kite mobs over me on raids.....just saying they scare me too :rolleyes:
  10. Izcurly Augur

    It's all pretty universal unix/linix command line tools, available under windows only if you've installed some extra tools. Most of you likely have no clue what they are:
    egrep = pattern search tool, used to find lines in the log file
    | = pipe, used to direct the output of one command to another command
    sed = stream editor, used to strip everything before the name from the result lines
    awk = pattern processing language, used here to count the number of duplicate results
    sort = sorts the results, in this case from lowest count to highest
    > = redirects output from the previous command to a file
    tail = lists the tail end of the file to copy here

    He didn't really explain exactly what his code did, so I will. He's just looking lines that includ "has been slain by" in the logfiles. This comes out to be any deaths his toon was close enough to observe (I'm assuming no log filters were turned on). It does NOT include his own deaths (need to search for "have been slain by" for that). It WOULD include deaths of NPC's by players or pets. It would also include NPC's killed by other NPC's (lots of that happening in some Bixie heroic adventures, for instance).
  11. Mykaylla Augur

    I also like !'s other best friend (besides Pain and Suffering), RaidController.

    One of my favourite raid deaths was in Sanctum Somnium, after the maze but before you get ported back to the main room (the spectre mini). The raid leader said "This is stupid waiting for the mob to path up here, so we're going to run down the hall and charge it."

    RaidController does not like you in his hallway.
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  12. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    My cleric (past 9 months):
    20 Turo`s Remains!
    21 a bixie enthraller!
    21 a cursed whelp!
    21 a nettling extractor!
    22 a Doomscale arcanist!
    22 an oozeling!
    26 an explosive barrel!
    27 a phantasmal evoker!
    27 an aggressive ant!
    28 an agressive vinemaw!
    28 Dain Frostreaver IV!
    28 Nest Protector!
    29 a lesser shadow!
    30 a fallen warden!
    30 Luclin!
    31 Zalikor, Devourer of Dragons!
    33 a scheming harbinger!
    33 a tentacle aberration!
    38 !
    38 a barrel of dynamite!
    40 a devoted fan!
    40 a wraith!
    43 a fragment of shadow!
    43 Shadow of Luclin!
    44 a glimmer of light!
    47 Turo!
    49 Lord Vyemm!
    52 an engorged bloodsipper!
    53 a sweltering carcass!
    53 an assassin!
    54 Cazic the Inchoate!
    60 Grelleth, her Majesty the Queen!
    63 a phantasmic crystal!
    70 a bixie battlemaster!
    70 Warchanter Neezzee!
    72 Vyzh`dra the Godslayer!
    73 an elite soldier!
    78 Darkness!
    80 Pelzia the Crazed!
    84 a skeleton!
    88 Aaryonar!
    90 a coldain warrior!
    93 Velishan, The Deceitful!
    98 Zeixshi-Kar!
    101 Vulak`Aerr!
    102 A Rotting Corpse!
    122 Danela Icewind!
    155 Animated Corpse!
    181 a spiderling!
    194 Marnek Jaull!
    195 a lingering spectre!
    227 Xaric!
    280 High Priest Syltetzalvek!
    333 a phantasmal fragment!

    16 Molar!
    17 a barrel of dynamite!
    17 Zlexak!
    18 Volx Xi Xakra!
    19 Lady Mirenilla!
    20 a phantasmal evoker!
    20 King Tormax!
    21 a Doomscale arcanist!
    23 a flamewing!
    23 an oozeling!
    23 Lelri!
    23 Lord Koi`Doken!
    24 a Doomscale deathbender!
    24 Kotul!
    25 a reanimated servant!
    25 Lelri`s Remains!
    25 Zurel`s Remains!
    29 Vulak`Aerr!
    30 an explosive barrel!
    31 a fallen warden!
    31 a kromrif guard!
    31 a palace guard!
    32 a cursed whelp!
    32 a wraith!
    32 an oashim swarmling!
    38 a devoted fan!
    41 Dagarn the Destroyer!
    42 Zurel!
    46 an agressive vinemaw!
    48 !
    56 Lord Vyemm!
    63 Lord Yelinak!
    64 Dain Frostreaver IV!
    66 Turo`s Remains!
    78 Zalikor, Devourer of Dragons!
    81 a skeleton!
    82 a sweltering carcass!
    94 an assassin!
    94 Turo!
    100 Aaryonar!
    102 an aggressive ant!
    113 a coldain warrior!
    124 an elite soldier!
    124 Danela Icewind!
    131 Grelleth, her Majesty the Queen!
    134 Nest Protector!
    174 Zeixshi-Kar!
    178 Animated Corpse!
    223 Marnek Jaull!
    256 a lingering spectre!
    386 High Priest Syltetzalvek!
    392 Velishan, The Deceitful!
    467 a phantasmal fragment!

    I had 1 kill from "a whole lot of garnish," I didn't remember what that was so I had to look it up. This guy:

    Very cool, thanks for sharing.
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  13. Gladare Augur

    How can you forget being killed by garnish?
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  14. Brogett Augur

    Correct that it wouldn't include me, but that was deliberate as I had a few deaths while moloing and grouping. Not a huge amount though compared to raiding.

    However it doesn't include most pets or warders as I specifically went for names without spaces. There will be a few named pets though and similarly a few single word mini/boss NPC names. I doubt the bias is that significant though and short of making it far more complicated by only searching for known guild mate names this was the quickest and easiest solution.
  15. Mykaylla Augur

    I now envision Rabid Parsley on a rampage being added somewhere. Heaven forbid if you take it near water- the dreaded Lemon Wedge and Paper Umbrella adds will start to spawn.

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