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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by demi, Jul 30, 2021.

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  1. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Daybreak's definition of unapproved software or mods:

    From former CM Roxxlyy in 2018:
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  2. demi Augur

    I was addressing Tappin's post .. where he states
    so the ol saying where a conversation between A+B and you can C your way out of it pls and ty ..
  3. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    So you agree that UIs and maps are approved mods but M Q is unapproved software?

    See Roxxlyy's definition above.
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  4. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    No you had it completely wrong and still do. No worries though everyone makes mistakes.
  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

  6. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Daybreak's definition is fairly strict and no-nonsense. It is important for clarity (a guide) in terms of the direction this thread is heading (i.e. equivocating benign mods with malicious software). I would expect EG7 to be more strict and not "loose" on 3rd party software.
  7. Rauven Augur

    What you think is approved or he thinks is or isn't is irrelevant. What matters is the opinion, perception, and interpretation of the GM that decides if one is banned or not. The arguments made in this thread to one way or another is ultimately a waste of time.

    You all will not benefit or be hindered by anyone finally agreeing or disagreeing in that context.
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  8. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    I agree. I just wanted the OP on record to renounce M Q.
  9. demi Augur

    I agree maps are approved, however custom UI's give a slight advantage over someone who is using the default UI .. and therefore is a cheat ..

    With my custom UI , I can have my actions window Customized to where i can see all my stats and have all my bag slots and my 4 main prim , secondary, range, and PS slots accessable without even opening up my (I) inventory window .. my Actions window has 6 tabs on it and with a click of the mouse i can access a bunch of info and clickies through that window .. now is that a cheat ? my player info window has the % percentages regarding my health, mana and endurance and the xp bar in % also so I know exactly what im getting per kill without have to open (I) all the time. is that a cheat ?
  10. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Heh... which was the same reason I added my comments to yours for clarity. But its all good.

    I am just super leery of folks expecting EG7 to treat cheating the same as EQ. We all know EQ allows stuff that would not be tolerated on many games and EQ7 seems to be more in line with the general game comnunity when it comes to cheating.

    BTW found this when I looked up Wow and I S B.

    DBG of course has no need to follow WoWs lead but food for thought.
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  11. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    If custom UIs and above are cheats, will you definitively renounce M Q? (You can now argue that custom UIs, I S Boxer, and M Q are cheats).
  12. demi Augur

    if you are wanting me to confirm that I s boxer and M q are cheats , i will say this if you are using said software to afk bot then i'll agree with you , however if your using said software to play the game while at the keyboard then no I dont see any problem with it .. even if DP has issues with it .. im a rebel and I prefer to go against the grain ..
  13. Triconix Augur

    I'm not condoning it, but if someone seriously wants to use ShowEQ they should choose the lesser of two evils (ShowEQ as a standalone rather than downloading the entirety of Pandora's box).
  14. Triconix Augur

    How can you honestly state UI modifications (which can be accomplished simply by editting txt/ini files) are cheats, but in the same breath state that a program that can automate most, if not all, of your gameplay, regardless if you're sitting at your desk or not, is ok? Are you just being purposely obtuse or truly believe that?

    I've made edits to the UI files manually to remove the extra title bars at the top of windows and whatnot. You're going to claim that gives an unfair advantage when literally anyone can perform these modifications? It's no different than creating/editting map files. Yes, that's definitely as bad as a program that can just warp your char to any zone at any location instantly with a single click of your keyboard. HOWEVER YOU'RE AT THE KEYBOARD! You know how tone deaf you sound?
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  15. Visitor Augur

    I do not see why folk think they need a cheat program, as I have run 12 accounts at the same time. The only problem is, that to be functional, after a short time 30 min to an hour, my fingers and wrist need a break. Mostly 3 with mercs, sometimes one or two extras.
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  16. Tappin Augur

    I see custom UIs as an accommodation, not as something that gives a meaningful advantage. Not commenting on the EULA part of it.
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  17. Khat_Nip Meow

    If you honestly think maps, UIs, parsers, and triggers are cheating then you've already lost the argument, and any integrity.
  18. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    Most of those can be done with the Default UI with out modding it. I have my entire Inventory and main weapon slots available without opening the inventory, that's really easy to setup with the default UI. I can also access tons of clickies with out ever opening a bag, again easy to do with default UI. Now the showing of stats and XP bar on Player Window is something you can't do with the default UI unless you modify the file or download a custom UI. I wouldn't consider either of those an advantage though, if I really want to see my stats or see how much XP I got per kill, I'll open inventory and look. It's more convenient having it displayed with out opening inventory but I wouldn't call it an advantage.
  19. Nennius Curmudgeon

    So does knowledge, experience, a better system, faster internet, and having friends. NOT! Your definition of a cheat is absurd in this case. Benito has already quoted a statement from a former CM that makes it fairly (and I wish it was a bit more specific) clear as to what, and what is not, a cheat. That statement stands until, and if, the powers that be choose to change it.

    Some folks cheated. They got caught. Some folks were suspended/perhaps banned ?? and then some folks chose to try and justify their foolishness by presenting arguments that even a child can refute. A straw man argument is still fallacious no matter how many times you dress it up and repeat it.
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  20. Metanis Bad Company

    I follow these kinds of threads with great interest because I've been an avid fan of I S B O X E R since the day that Joe released it.

    The amount of passion in threads like this indicate to me an opportunity for Darkpaw to monetize various aspects of the situation. At the very least just think if they'd pay a bounty to players who /petition botters and armies. Or create servers on both sides of the spectrum, wild west on one side and fully curated truebox on the other.

    After all these years they still can't handle graphics options and context switching as seamlessly as the program I mentioned above.

    And what if they charged you for the privilege of running an alternate character as a mercenary? If the cheat program can run armies of dozens of characters then the EQ designers should be able to figure out a way for me to at least partially automate my shaman. And charge me for the effort.

    I'm not commenting on the original thrust of this thread, I'm simply saying, 'thar's gold in dem dere hills!"
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