The Developer Team 01/11/2000

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  1. Danille Augur

    I found this on an old hard drive!
    (Gah was GM's not developers, but i cant change the title of the thread.)

  2. Edrick Augur

    Awesome picture. Hi Hobart!
  3. boukk_sebilis Augur

    Golden age of EQ, long gone.
  4. McDougal Augur

    LOL @ Hobart .That looks like a Spear of Fate but seems a little early for that.
  5. Stickietoes Augur

    New models in 2000?... or am I just having another brain fart?
  6. Khoza Augur

    Yeah, Luclin models and buffs (that appears to be a wizards familiar buff, circa Luclin), and a Velious zone. (That's ToV.) Definitely not too early for 1.0s. Not sure what the year would have to be on that, though.
  7. Tharrg Augur

    I think if you show this to many others... all you will get is a what is a GM? I really think they need to bring back the GM's... not just the Guides.. but the true GM's.....
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  8. Fanra

    The Shadows of Luclin was released Dec. 4, 2001. So, if they are Luclin models it is either after that date or from Beta. Even so, there is no way it can be in 2000 if Luclin models.
  9. Falos Augur

    If i am not mistaken it looks like the "Ring of Vulak" is directly behind them, by my estimates that would mean that this screenshot was taken sometime between february 2002 and october 1 2002 (After the vulak ring event was implemented but before planes of power launched)

    That being said it doesnt really matter much if the date on the thread title is wrong, 2000, 2001, or 2002 it matters not, this is still a near old school screenshot of some old school devs / gm's and that was pretty much the prime of EQ.
  10. Bardan Masquerader Journeyman

    Awesome screenshot. Back when the game was riddled with random GM events and awesome artifacts and titles for doing them. Seeing something other than the few AA titles in front of a name made you "hail" that person and inquire about it! When the dreadlands was loaded with 60 people and the castle was surrounded with groups in all directions. Everyone knew not to go "afk" near the Karnors castle entrance or you'd be steamrolled by the semi-hourly train. Epics were hard, and the tales were long. Very reminiscent of good times, late nights, and excitement to see what dropped.

    A far cry of what we have today, with almost no motivation for creativity in the game from the current Devs. Just pump out the next expansion, copy and paste the gear and weapons with higher stats. But yeah but going back to McDougals comment, everyone pointed out the models and zone, but don't forget the obvious, Gallenite is holding the wizard 1.0! ;)
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  11. Axxius Augur

    Yes, it's is Ring of Vulak behind them. So the date is off by at least 2 years. This is somewhere during 2002, maybe even 2003.
  12. Danille Augur

    Ok I checked the properties of the screenshot and it says 02/11/2000.
    Interesting as Scare of Velious launched 12/2000.

  13. Axxius Augur

    Somebody had the date on their pc changed back 2 years? ;)
    Or just the date of the file, for some reason. Both are easily possible to do. Luclin models and Ring of Vulak in Feb 2000 is not even remotely possible.
  14. Filatal Augur

    Why is Raphhalfelf only level 59?
  15. McDougal Augur

    No P/L in the Jamey3Guild LOL
  16. Edrick Augur

    He was a really busy GM, too busy to even set his level to 60. Talk about dedication.