The Dead Halfling Society 3.0 - Lockjaw Progression Server

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Miawolf, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. jeskola Augur

  2. jeskola Augur

    Grummus, TT, AD, MB down

    always looking to recruit more
  3. jeskola Augur

  4. jeskola Augur

  5. jeskola Augur

    Grummus, tt, ad, mb, carpin, bertoxx, vz, tz down. I probably missed stuff. We have a symbiotic relationship with the top guild much like when Spiderman gets the awesome black suit!
  6. jeskola Augur

  7. Gremin Augur

    DHS has moved into the elementals. If you love to raid but have a limited schedule we raid on Mon/Wed/Thu 6 to 9pm pacific. If that fits your schedule, then feel free to apply. We do take level 1s and up.
  8. jeskola Augur

    Looking for a place to play eq progression where your guild's achievements still mean something? Looking for a place you can play more than 1 character per computer? Lockjaw is the place for you! Please see
  9. jeskola Augur

    Fennin Ro and The Rathe Council down. Plane of Time coming soon.
  10. Gremin Augur

    DHS is now in the Plane of Time. We are currently seeking high raid attendance players mainly in the cleric, knight, wizard classes.
  11. Gremin Augur

    Recruiting 2 main clerics with ability to raid Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 6pm pacific to 9pm pacific. If new to Lock jaw will help level.
  12. jeskola Augur

  13. Grebhiker New Member

    Still looking for a few good men and women!

    Join in the fun. Also running lots of pick up raids on off days!
  14. jeskola Augur

    farming quarm and ldon raids. come join in the fun!


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