The Dead Halfling Society 3.0 - Lockjaw Progression Server

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Miawolf, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Leinenkugels New Member

    Bumping! because I can't log in :(
  2. Gremin Augur

    Vulak dead in era...still have open recruiting.
  3. Brulia Lorekeeper

    Great guild. Supportive, Organized and loads of Fun! EQ is always more fun to play with quality people. Wish I would have found this guild a long time ago!
  4. Gremin Augur

    Our recruitment doors are open still. If interested please visit our website at or contact Gremin, Leinenkugels, Miia, Ardanien, Fudude, Aorthaf or Cerevent for any information you may seek.
  5. Gremin Augur

    Looking for more raiders.
  6. jeskola Augur

    this guild is the cat's pajamas.
  7. Gremin Augur

    We are seeking people who enjoy raiding 3 days a week (Mon Wed Thurs pst schedule).
  8. Gremin Augur

    We are still progressing through Luclin content with the recent addition of Lord Seru. We seek players any level who are looking to have fun without the bat phone and long hours of raiding.
  9. Leinenkugels New Member

  10. jeskola Augur

    This guild is the cat's meow.
  11. jeskola Augur

    still killing lots of cool stuff several times per week!
  12. Gremin Augur

    Employees killed in Era of Luclin. Be in VT soon. Still seeking people who want to raid and enjoy it.
  13. Troutfest Elder

    Have to ask, was Employees supposed to be Emperor, or is this a new take on dead end jobs?
  14. Gremin Augur

    Lol its a joke because of my auto correct on my phone. Yes, it's meant to be emperor.
  15. Gremin Augur

    Emperor is now dead x2 and we are stepping into VT tonight for the first time. We are actively seeking 1 BST, 1 Ench, and will take anyone who enjoys raiding.
  16. Silinius Augur

    60 Warrior, limited gear and knowledge of the game.. Looking for Guild to take over... err I mean join PST :)
  17. jeskola Augur

    Aten Ha Ra down in era
  18. jeskola Augur

  19. jeskola Augur

    Hit em with the Hein
  20. jeskola Augur

    Doctor, are these bumps something‚Äč I should be concerned about?

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