The Darkened Sea Expansion SOE Live 2014 Keynote

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  1. Roshen Brand Manager

    We've debuted what’s in the 21st EverQuest Expansion – The Darkened Sea! Watch the SOE Live Keynote presentation and learn about the new updates including...
    • Level Cap Increase to 105!
    • New Spells, AAs, and Items!
    • New feature: The Mount Key Ring!
    • Eight Zones on Launch Day!
    • And more...
  2. Slasher Augur

    when can we pre order ?
  3. Onhanis Stonescale Elder

    When is Darkened Sea's launch day?
  4. Crystilla Augur

  5. Mardy Augur

    Would like to pre-order soon so I can gain access to the current expansion content please.

    By the way, great job on the new looting features. Looting in EQ has always been a headache, I'm glad the devs listened and programmers found a way to improve it. Kudos.
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  6. Crystilla Augur

    Unless I'm mistaken Mardy, preorders won't give you access to RoF/CoF until the release actually comes out for TDS (the darkened sea).
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  7. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Any news on how many raids?
  8. Graystone Journeyman

    What are the 10/28/14 for all access and 11/11/14 for free to play? Release or pre-order dates?

    Edit: Nevermind. Says right in the video those dates are for launch.
  9. Ashten-Prexus Journeyman

    Awesome a mount keyring!! Gonna save me 4 slots in my bag!! Should have done illusions or hero's armor :/
  10. Mardy Augur

    Well that's disappointing, I guess no EQ for me until October.
  11. Crystilla Augur

    I believe it's always been that way unfortunately Mardy, so nothing new or surprising.

    To Ashten, illusions are something they want to do (for a keyring), it worked best for mounts initially (was initially designed for familiars so that may also be coming sometime in the future).
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  12. Fendy Augur

    Does this imply staggered content after launch day?
  13. Roshen Brand Manager

    No. It means you know exactly what you're getting on launch day, and if you get anything else (such as Plane of War) it'll be a bonus for players and not part of what they paid for with The Darkened Sea.
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  14. Hayzeus Augur

    I predict the following:

    Standard edition:
    36 slot generic rucksack of some sort (wayfarer?)

    Special Edition
    40 slot "treasure chest" container
    Pirate boat player housing
  15. Hayzeus Augur

    Although 8 zones for a level increase expansion sounds underwhelming (yet I do reserve my final opinion for when I actually see the size of the zones), I think it's a much better thing that you've learned from the CoTF content failures.

    Now, at the very least, the entire playerbase understands in advance the amount of content that they are (or are not) going to get for $40. I for one, will be thankfull we will be saved from the multitude of people wanting their $40 back, or asking for the $40 worth of remaining content.
  16. Iila Augur

    The release model for RoF was almost really good. If T3 and T4 had been smooshed together as one tier and released about a month after T3 was released, I bet it would have been received better.

    It would have given us a larger chunk of content to work with, while keeping a larger amount of the content relevant by consolidating the tiers, and the cool looking T3 zones would help distract from the Quake 2 looking T4 zone.

    There certainly are benefits from having some content come out around the time that everyone is getting bored with the stuff in the fall expansion. But the cotf model was not correct for EQ.
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  17. Dragon Jockey Lorekeeper

    Don't they usually throw in a special ride, or special mercenary? I'm gonna say there is a pirate mercenary in there somewhere. Not sure what ride would be included. Maybe a giant parrot that squawks "Arrr, Matey!"
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  18. Kugoruk New Member

    How about an answer on the expansion price being reduced or including it some how in the pre-order cause some of us haven't bought and are stalling out of content till October.
  19. Yimin Augur

    I will for sure buy one copy of this new expansion , maybe 3 in total depending on how weak you make my pets , yes I love play pet class have mag nec bst ..

  20. Ravengloome Augur

    I think Underfoot was the best Staggered release Expansion yet.