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  1. Jeanmirac Elder

    Just got back from another 1.5 year sabbatical from eq and decided to give my original 2001 main druid (Getter, halfling druid, Terris Thule - now The Rathe) some loving and bumped him from lvl73/150 aa's to the lvl 85 goodness. Anyway, was tooling around on his rusty old roboboar look and noted the actual mount motion has changed. Used to be like running a choo-choo train, had to plan to slow down and be ready to rev up to get going again. Now it's entirely predictable, like any other mount-type of motion - what happened?
    I also note roboboar upgrading is a mess - three/four different ways, all kinda chingered. Looks like I need to make the tools to make the tools here - send Getter out to fish for alt gnome wizard tinker (I swore gnome had a Fisherman's Companion, but it's not there), to skill him up to a Class IV Roboboar Upgrade Device, to do the deed. Then there's the whole mess of ginning up a raid instance for 'Essence of Speed'... Read a blurb somewhere that said all mounts go the same speed as your fastest mount too. IDK.
    Can anyone shed any light here? I'm an old school kind of paid casual (wife is back too), known to go for swarma in game (it exists), and curious if I'm barking up the wrong tree here.
  2. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    Mounts were changed to be much more responsive when outside of combat; you will still have to handle your mount's slower reaction time and wider turns while in combat. Mounts were also changed so that any mount your character owns will run at the speed of the fastest mount that you own, as long as you have used that fastest mount once. So, the Essence of Speed is not necessary to upgrade your Roboboar any longer, unless you're looking to complete old content, if you have a desire to see Class V in the item name, or the Roboboar happens to be the fastest mount you own and you are still in the process of upgrading it.
  3. Jeanmirac Elder

    Thank you!
    That's a shame but yes, we complete old content just for that distinction. Part of the frustrating, unbridled, pain-in-the-butt eq was in the past that we love so much lol.
    We're actually normal people IRL.
  4. Nniki Augur

    A few of the raid mobs that drop Essence of Speed are actually soloable / moloable at the higher levels these days. Feel free to send me a tell sometime. I'm on The Rathe. We can go check if anything is up (usually are) and try to get one for you if you'd like.
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  5. gcubed Augur

    Probably, the easiest Essence of Speed to get is the one Oblivion drops. It is an open world event without any requirements to engage. It can be molo'd by a level 100 with single group equipment. He doesn't always drop the Essence of Speed though.

    (Now that I have said how easy Oblivion is, you will probably never find him up. So maybe he won't be the easiest source. :p )
  6. Jeanmirac Elder

    Noted and thank you! I'll send a tell your way some time soon - depends on work schedule.
  7. Lighteningrod Augur

    Severan the Direwind Caller is now able to be solo'd/molo'd for essence of speed, but it's a longer fight.

    Avalanche in Icefall Glacier is an easy open world event also; however, it does take 7 players in raid format, in the zone, to trigger it. Same difference as getting a DZ really, but it is an option.
  8. Jeanmirac Elder

    Trivial is lower on Class V Roboboar Upgrade Device, oddly enough at 200 vs. 240 for the Class IV - so not as far to go with gnome tinkering. Still need to take the time to develop Mr Gnome properly, there are some other toys I want to build for my other toons.
    Funny, looking around I see folks complaining about content, especially crying about the new expansion, so same old, same old. End-game is fun, but there's so much in between - so much content, so little time.
    Admission: My sabbatical concerned Clash of Clans, got sucked into it for a year. Fit my schedule & time limitations, but I soon found it was a money pit and to advance at a reasonable rate, it cost you. Nope. Everquest has more bang for the buck than anything out there imo and $14.99 is a pittance compared. I did like the heroic lvl 85 thing at Station - felt guilty about my original main being neglected and grinding aa's at lvl 73 is no place to be - I remember Bat Hill from 2001 in Misty Thicket, thus making him useful & fun to play again was pretty good. Whoever had that idea, pat yourself on the back, Not Bad.
    Wife and I have a few very low lvl toons we're doing the Hero's Journey with - another good idea. Kudos.
  9. Bigstomp Augur

    Alternatively you could probably find a friendly tinker who would build the part for you if you brought him the pieces for the combine if you aren't in the mood to do the TS on your gnome at this point in time.
  10. Jeanmirac Elder

    I tried that several times over general on the weekend, tells, yada - nobody available on The Rathe lol. With today's population, it's harder to find tradeskilling toons - I happen to like the Trophies and get them out of the way first so I don't mind skilling up... which brings up something else... STILL NOT A FISHING TROPHY! There was talk at one time and I had planned on creating a 'Fishing Guide to Norrath' (project still exists in my screenshot folder)... but alas, no fishing trophy... sigh.
  11. sojero One hit wonder

    If you would like help with making the parts on on The Rathe send Sojero an in game email with what you need and I will give you a hand. I can also help with getting the essence of speed if you need one of those. I have recently done it on my Gnome wiz.
  12. Jeanmirac Elder

    Thank you!
    I'll send an email this evening.
  13. Fanra

    If you would like a place to put your guide and do not have one, Fanra's EverQuest Wiki Fishing page would welcome it.
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  14. Jeanmirac Elder

    I wish to thank you, in public, for your help and your time on my Class V roboboar upgrade on The Rathe - I'll continue to work from my end and hope to see you tomorrow night!
  15. Jeanmirac Elder

    Ok, then I have some more travelling to do, I have about 75% of the zones screenshotted & noted by fish type.
    When completed, I'll shoot you an email.
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