The clinging to life as a berserker - desperate measures thread

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mortium, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Mortium Elder

    The community of berserkers seems to be barren and devoid of berserkers. The reason nobody is complaining about all things berserker related is because there are virtually none playing them! Whether it is real life dramas or discontent with the current state of the berserker class I have no idea.

    We die quicker than the half-life of hydrogen-7 and have so many quirks to maximising dps it's not funny.

    We don't want or ask for utility features, just dps to compensate our glass cannon status.

    We are melee, we constantly have to be close to life threatening situations to actually do dps, unlike pet casters.

    Maybe I'm just a @SadPanda and because of the loss of clear gap between us and monks (who get everything but the kitchen sink).

    PS: If you're a berserker who wants to join a great guild with the best loot system in EQ, feel free to follow the link below!
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  2. DaciksBB Augur

    I wish I could fulminate alliance...
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  3. Ibudin Augur

    I dont get why people dont like playing a zerk. A well played zerk is still top of the parses (not always number 1, but a respectible top 10 placement often on raids), melee groups want you in their group, and in many cases very desired in group content cause they have great burst dps. Its a great class, granted I play one in the alt position but have since 2009. We can't manage to keep 2 soild zerkers on our roster for over a year now. I think we would prefer 4 constantly.
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  4. kizant Augur

    Agreed. It's rough being a melee class with self damaging abilities. So few know our pain. :(
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  5. Bigfan Augur

    um, no.

    There is plenty of abilities you can use to lessen your deaths..biggest being DON'T ATTACK BEFORE AGGRO IS ESTABLISHED!

    Pretty much it. Be calm, wait till 96%, then unleash =p
  6. Mortium Elder

    Shhh. Not my fault the devs gave us AE abilities we need to use to maintain DPS. Most of deaths lately seem to be war of braxi, rampage and arc slice related when mobs pop randomly in fights!

    Okay okay, maybe the mezbreaking hammEr has a lot to do with it too, but regardless....
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  7. Tolzol Augur

    Lol no one is going to do this this isn’t 1999. But anyway to the point of the thread while yes we have some issues (can’t think of a single class that doesn’t have issues in some way shape or form). We are still in a pretty good spot and we certainly have abilities that help keep us alive. We are not always #1 on the parse this year but i personally don’t see an issue with that makes the game fun to me to have competition. No you can’t play stupid and expect to stay alive on raids all the time (i do this often myself but for the most part can keep myself alive and it’s a small price to pay to try to stay on top of parse lol).

    We saw a influx of zerkers in EOK because they made zerkers stupid easy to play and you could put up ungodly numbers with little to no effort since you used one disc all the time. Once the nerf hit you saw a lot of people disappear as with every flavor of the month class. I really could not tell you why so few play berserkers it’s not exactly an overly complicated class never has been and we are not the glass cannons we were years ago unless you are comparing us to a tank of course. Although people complaining about small issues we have I’m sure helps push people from trying them or coming back to the game. IMO they have fixed all of our major major issues over the years. Anything else is minor at best.
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  8. Derresh Augur

    Zerkers topping out on dex gains in RoS might put other melee classes in a better position for future expansions.

    Hopefully with the new increase in total hp a mob can have we will see large boosts to dps across all classes in the coming expansions.
  9. Funk Augur

    What does that even mean? What on earth causes you to put an @ in front of that word? That's silly just like this "the sky is falling" post. And "clinging to life as a berserker" does qualify as a sky is falling post.

    Shall I post parses of zerkers doing well over a million on various timed raids? Destroying many other classes who actually do deserve some help? Of course like others have said zerkers do have a few issues like all classes.

    But your post is absurd, and the recruitment line added at end is funny, why would someone want to come join a drama queen zerker who is clinging to life? You may decide to main change tomorrow.
  10. Tiggold Augur

    We are in a fine state right now. Please stop speaking for all of us. The problems you stated were the problems I first encountered when learning how to play/raid my class. It's not a class issue it's a player issue. You don't do DPS when you're dead - learned that with SR/NCM. I am also glad some have stopped playing this flavor and moved onto something else. I don't want anyone playing my class that doesn't love it for what it is anyways. I've went around to the named in this expansion and I can molo about 70% in my current gear - upgraded 3 pieces last night so it's not up to date. It's not easy but still doable and this is more than I could do in EoK when I was still heavy into character development at that point. We rock! We Berserk! They swing the nerf hammer and we swing our axe harder. Don't mix us in with the other classes who complain daily about their nerfs. Adapt. Overcome.
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  11. Lianeb Augur

    Reverse Psychology is strong on these Forums.
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  12. Cleaver Augur

    Did the OP really say he cant keep up with monks ? :rolleyes:

    The real issue is shaman epic just nerf that and double the duration on Savage Spirit and be done with it. We rely on other classes way too much for our dps. All classes rely on ADPS too much really.
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  13. Daedly Augur

    One of the first things I was taught while learning to play my berserker on raids was a dead berserker does 0 dps, so don't die. That was back at level 85. Aggro seems even less of an issue in today's EQ. So I imagine if you are dying a lot, you either aren't paying attention, your tank isn't paying attention, or both. Just a guess though.

    That said, I still love my berserker and he will remain much main until EQ dies.
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  14. Yimin Augur

    As a Bst and pet class , I will remind you we are also right next to mobs and if we take agro we die ...

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  15. Mortium Elder

    I just wanna know where all the zerkers went. Clearly by the responses on this thread, a massive 7 or so berserkers and the rest are non zerkers critiquing the points I brought up which is about par for the course for any thread about a specific class.

    No, I didn't say that I struggle to keep up with monks, I said that we lost the clear gap ahead of monks.

    I don't class beastlords as casters, they are pet melee.

    It's a Discord thing, the guy with that username would understand :) Unfortunately I must have forgotten the command to do this in these forums!
  16. Tanols Augur

    Switched from paladin to zerker in '08 and haven't looked back since.
    3 zerkers in guild maintaining almost 100% RA, 1 occasional (EU player) in a EST guild

    Have had several come and go in the past year for various personal reasons. So based on my experience there are still many out there. Finding the ones that are above average players seems to be the main issue. Knowing what to hit when and in what order plus keeping stuff greyed out all the time makes a huge difference in dps. Putting in the time to min max stats and having opportunity to get past ach's for some rewards can make a difference as well.

    Usually see 2 to 10 in serverwide berserker channel. So yes community has shrunk but it isn't dead or dying. Class issues are not the only reason for the decline. Several classes are far more "rare" than berserkers. Lack of complaints on forums is probably due more to those of us that are still around don't see what all the whining is about. OR we know that unless devs are provided with hard data they won't pay attention, and sometimes even then they don't make changes the community says needs to be done for their own reasons.

    Up until the last patch class balance for dps was best it has been for years. An exceptionally played berserker can still top parse most of the time. IF not consistently in top 10 they need to really look at what they are or are not doing.
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  17. Tanols Augur

    Oh and any berserker still complaining about having to blind, root, cap hps @ 90% to hit abilities needs to learn how to play their class.
    I admit the 90% thing should really go away its just a nuisance at this point and really should just go away. There are other things however that are far higher on my priority list for tweaks and fixes. Bottom line is class is NOT in as bad of shape as some make it sound.
  18. Bigfan Augur

    Actually, beastlord dps is nearly 60+% cast dps, they cast more than pure casters.

    Zerkers die less with deaggro disc and aa, and smart see that aggro number increasing above 70%, tanks are slacking. Attack off or something.
  19. Derresh Augur

    or pop defensives and tank it yourself :p
  20. Bigfan Augur

    Yeah, if I have Def up I'll just not bother to let aggro flicker anymore.