the botting in HHK

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Lungvin, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Xnao Augur

    I soloed him once.
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  2. oldkracow Augur

    Botting and EQ go hand an hand pretty much.
  3. ScottKelly Journeyman

    Omg lol you can bot in eq!!?
  4. Ilshade Elder

    So now we all see the real reason for your post and you have lost all credibility
    You are farming guards for plat and you want them all for yourself so you want to ban everyone else in the zone ROFL...
    New to the game is not an excuse to go about point fingers at people and saying their cheating - try google - /pet attack guard or /pet attack a are your friend if you took a moment to learn your class.
    I did log in and checked you out - you actually pull all the nobles and bards and captains through this person pulls and do TRAIN them - that is a banable offence - and yes I reported you with a video
    I messaged the guy you were talking about and guess what he replied and was very nice - so no basis of any cheating
    Other people in the zone asked you to stop training your reply - was in very bad language and for them to go F - themselves
    You seem to be a troubled individual - please log out and uninstall the game and find something more your level
  5. Blackburrow23 Elder

    Post the video on YouTube and become a millionaire or atleast let us share in the laughs.
  6. Vypervenom New Member

    Just figure out how to report more efficiently, also figure out how to work with the rules of the server to get you kills instead of him. A DPS race is why he can kill his mobs, but also making the zone unplayable or un-enjoyable is against the server rules. When you post on here, expect 99.9% of the posters to be the boxers themselves trying to poke holes in your argument. Best thing to do is ignore people on here, and keep exposing people and not letting the bottling nerds with high amounts of forum posts stop you from reporting them the right way. I've gotten dozens and dozens of people suspended and it always, always starts with: "You don't know the rules, they don't care." They are dead wrong.

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