The bots are bad and only going to get worse

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ruination, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Ruination New Member

    On Mangler at any time you can load into Sol Ro tower and the main pick will have anywhere from 1-20+ people in it, but there will be 2-3 picks loaded with 25-30+ people running bot programs inside for ornate armor.

    You log into the bazaar, try to sell an item you get from any of the pop zones and go ahead and try to place an item for a lower price than something named aabaz or aaaba has set and within 5minutes you have had your price matched or undercut, do it again and the same thing will happen over and over, its even worse when you realize that these guys have no less than 10 mules in the bazaar all doing the exact same thing.

    It's terrible and nothing is done about it, but it can get worse. It can get much, much worse and you know what? It will get worse during the next tlp and the one following because these guys know they can get away with what they have done, so they will push it that much further next time just like they did before Mangler.

    I doubt anything will change, I doubt many care.
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  2. Silver-Crow Augur

    Well yes and no.....

    Yes the issue will be worse on the new TLP's.


    The issue will actually be much better on mangler when the TLP's land as the bot crew's will have jumped ship, and Mangler will actually be quite a nice place to be.

    Really BOT a$$hats are a known quantity, and DPG would have to be living in a cardboard box in a dark attic in an abandoned house in the middle of the desert not to know about them. Will they do anything, probably not, as they're paying for accounts (with krono or $$) that wouldn't be there otherwise.

    So there's no point worrying about them.

    Personally i look at them as a service. They do all the boring camping, while you go off and do fun stuff. If you reall must have something then go buy it, but most of what they're camping is group level stuff anyway that is easily superceded by raid gear On the TLP's especially every bit of gear has a shelf life of a few months, so, other than stuff which no-longer drops such as pre-nerf Circlet of shadows, there's absolutely nothing worth spending krono on, or is ultimately must have.

    The only way to deal with botters, is to ignore them and go do something else. That camp they're monopolising really doesn't count for much in the grand scheme of things, so why worry about it.
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  3. Shadorunner New Member

    This BOT army has also taken over the Bazaar controlling prices / manipulating prices on all Ornate pieces, spells and anything of value. This has gone to far. Obviously DB does not care.
  4. KnightofTruth New Member

    Yep, already quit because of that automatic undercut garbage. These people are malicious, and theres actually only 2-3 of them doing it at such a level, for monetary gain. So they are either in bed with DBG or they don't care, and I think it's the latter. What I find very sad is how much money they are actually making, literally thousands of dollars every month, I won't tell you guys the exact numbers but they make at least $100 or $200 a day.
  5. Eldrian Augur

    Seems you are more mad over not being able to overcharge for items than you are about the botters farming them. Think it over, there are some interesting ways to mess with auto pricing scripts that could be profitable for an individual.
  6. Febb Augur

    Keep lowering the prices on your goods, the bots will keep lowering theirs down until it's almost free. Then buy up all of theirs and then set the price back up to where it should be. You can easily take advantage of the bot bazaar mules.
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  7. Volas New Member

    See the problem is.. undercutting them doesnt really help.

    The second you cut too deep into their profit margins.. they run over and buy you out, then re-list your item at the insanely jacked up prices.

    I was selling an ornate plate boot pattern. I put it up for 20k. Suddenly all the other listings went to 19,999. Like within 1 minute.

    So I thought.. this could be fun. SO I lowered mine to 15k. Poof, 14,999. So I lowered mine to 12k. Suddenly, 1 of the sellers vanished from /baz. Then appeared in front of me, bought mine for 12.. then re-appeared selling 2 for 26k, and all the others were back up to 26k.

    Its price gouging to the extreme. Honest people cant even sell their . in RL there are laws against this kind of crap.
  8. Silver-Crow Augur

    In days past if you got extra armor you helped out your guild and offered it to any mains that can and will use the item. It helps bind the guild together and makes you stronger as a guild. If people started thinking about guildies and not krono, then everyone will be geared faster and have more spells than you ever would trying to outsell/buy the bots.

    This is only a symptom of the krono culture where everyone needs everything to try and sell it.
    Simple answer is to stop trying to buy everything. Support your friends/guildmates and cut the Script kiddies out of the loop.
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  9. Kujoe Journeyman

    I did notice that, during 1 of the many server drops on Mangler, a group of traders were instantly back online in trader mode.

    Maybe daybreak should ask these individuals for their code, so that every off-line trader automatically gets re-logged in and set to trader status when a server drops.
  10. Zansobar Augur

    Sounds like you just sold one for 12k and in record time.
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  11. jiri_ Augur

    Full Jerry Maguire. I love it.
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  12. sumnayin Elder

    Are my guildies gonna pay my monthly fee, because I personally get krono to play for free. I also use it to buy items I can't farm by myself.
  13. PirateLordCarroll Journeyman

    Sounds like the next tlp needs no /follow and remove the bazaars completely. Shame their families dont shame them, if I found out some one in my family made a living scamming and cheating on a video game I would make them the laughing stock of the community, and report them to the IRS, doing everything in my power to ruin their lives. If it were my kids I would ban them from the internet indefinitely.

    Though all these stories kinda already killed everquest for me lol, I have zero interest or excitement for the new tlp. I'll play everquest 2 till my time runs out first but army I see that doesn't get banned I'm not coming back.

    Ulitma online has the same problem but they release reports about banning the absolute scum trash loser garbage botters, and they change the game completely to make it hard for the cheating botter scum to operate. I haven't seen anything official about these scum bags being dealt with.

    Well looks like eq 2 is filled up with the bot scum to and they dont do Jack. Nvm in out you fools enjoy your cheat fest.
  14. Shanyin New Member

    Damn you just went full 'get off my lawn' lmao
  15. HoodenShuklak Augur

    On selo you could do that and eventually they put floors on their script. One specifically at least I knew about.

    But otherwise it's a good play.
  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Unfortunately you are right. I have no interest in other games, but many of my eq friends did walk away because of unmitigated hacking. An afk mage is nothing but warping, automated raid size crews this is not punished in any meaningful way.

    Either daybreak is complicit or they utterly lack knowledgeable gms. Could be both.
  17. Silver-Crow Augur

    Well in the past, guildies would help you camp the items you couldn't camp yourself. That's what made EQ great, co-operation to achieve stuff that wasn't possible on your own. As to monthly fee... seriously... 2 cups of coffee a month would cover that.

    The pursuit of the krono is really what has been killing this. Fighting over scraps and me me me, while the script kiddies toss you a bone every now and again... is this really better?

    Really this is just another version of communism vs capitalism.

    Communism - everyone helps each other, but obviously falls down if everyone doesn't contribute.
    Capitalism - everyone helps themselves. Those that can, who have the riches, exploit those that don't.

    it's an interesting study :)
  18. Tsuaruanni Lorekeeper


    Keep this trash in the trash PVP thread.
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  19. Fraggly Elder

    Ahh the good old days. It is a shame this doesn't really happen as often as it used to. IMO it creates incentives for boxes and RMT, i see them selling epic fights and things like that sometimes. If you don't do your epic when they are hot it is like pulling teeth with tweezers to get people and by the time you start getting a crew the first person leaves.
  20. Skuz Augur

    That's why building rapport & friendships in this game have real value, the old I scratch your back so you scratch mine.
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