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  1. blood & gufts Augur

    bazaar/find should have filter: expansion, so you could search for ts from a certain expansion and collections for same
  2. Quatreh Elder

    I m sorry but it isn t: Disconcerting discipline AND Mangling discipline are still on same timer
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  3. Gheed Augur

    Some very silly questions and some very silly answers.

    Thanks for the laughs.
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  4. Flexin Not an amateur

    I suppose a 'thank you' for answering the questions is in order. So...thanks. Some of the answers are hard to swallow though. Obviously the game lacks funding, lacks an appropriate amount of Devs, and although ideas are abundant the likelihood we see them implemented before the death of the game is slim.

    I feel icky reading some of these answers.
  5. Peter_The_great Elder

    So basically ''No'' on every wish to improve the game from the ones who plays the game.. haha. GG no RE.
  6. Tsuaruanni Elder

    You think the team that did the AMA are responsible for hiring new staff?
  7. Kosx New Member

    thx alot for all u answer, and keep up the good work.
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  8. YellowBelly Augur

    Q: Can we increase grind XP?
    Ngreth: We have no plans to encourage grind.

    Ugh. Disappointing :(...Bring back Grind EXP!!! I honestly dont know why the devs are so set against the way we've played for years and years. If I want to sit in a spot and pull/kill my way to level I should have the right.
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  9. DeadRagarr Augur

    This one strikes me as weird.

    On one hand we are basically told they have a fix that can be possible, but won't do it because player feedback. But the odd thing is its player feedback asking it to be done in the first place.

    As for bland itemization, I don't think that's what we mean. Having the evolve items be all/all or archetype doesn't make it more or less bland. It's essentially the same item. If it had very specific focus effects that were VERY specific to those archetypes I would agree, but the difference is stats only and at that point nobody can actually recall the differences.

    I think when we argue about bland itemization it essentially boils down to this:

    Kunark/Velious - Fungi Tunic - Item with massive regen. There are MANY types of chest pieces to equip in Classic Kunark, but this is solely built for regen. You could in theory go for one of the class types/Velious faction or planar chests, as other options.

    Modern EQ - T3 Tradeskill chest with the same clicky as T1/T2 but essentially just the same thing with more stats. Name? Nobody really cares. You could item name everything T1 Chest -> T2 Chest -> T3 Chest and it would probably be closer to what the players call them. There really isn't other options. This is it.

    I get that classic itemization is a bit daunting and doubt it would ever come back, but items like EoK Wurmslayer is closer to what we mean. Wurmslayer is very unique in what it did/does. Lost/Found CoTH rings are another great example, and an itemset that whoever made should be honestly quite proud of. Its VERY unique to EQ giving a class ability without completely killing a class uniqueness, and making questing to get it a different system <Each player taking the opposite quest>.

    Slight stat differences that nobody can even recall doesn't really make an item unique.
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  10. Zish Elder

    There is an extreme lack of care and professionalism put into these answers.
  11. Metanis Bad Company

    I live in Amish country. They won't put down a horse while it can still pull the wagon. The front office team must have the same philosophy about the team here.
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  12. Cuzon Augur

    Am I missing something? I cant seem to find where this question / answer is.

    It seems the devs really like the idea of the persona system and would like to work on / expand this system. A lot of players are staying away from personas because of the requirement of having to be in a fast camp zone. Even as someone who paid to have every persona slot unlocked to be able to play all classes, this is really annoying. Sadly I end up firing an alt account instead of leaving where I am, going back to PoK to swap, then go back to camp. I would rather just stay at camp and run a new toon there.
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  13. kizant Augur

    Yeah I can't say I'm a fan of this either. I used to enjoy solo kiting for hours at a time since it was something brain dead to do and at least you could level relatively quick. Now I can't imagine doing it.
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  14. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I didn't see it either, though the rising disgust I was feeling reading through everything may have caused me to miss it.

    I would bet that they did answer a question like that, but whoever was making the decision on what questions/answer to include chose not to post it...probably because the answer would make players angry.
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  15. Mirthe Journeyman

    I was also really disappointed by this answer. I wish I understood their rationale, but I wish even more they would reconsider. It's such a staple of EQ for so many people to find a cozy corner of a zone with a few good nameds and grind to level up alts or get some AAs.
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  16. Jedipokey The Devs have become better at Apathy! (380)

    If I recall, I think they kind of answered that question back in Nov/Dec time frame in a completely irrelevant post but it would cost to much money to go back and find the answer for you or spend the 2 minutes to retype it.
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  17. Svann2 The Magnificent

    You have that on macro dont you
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  18. fransisco Augur

    Wow, thank you everyone for taking so much time to answer all those questions!
    Lets make this an annual tradition! Looking forward to another AMA next year!
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  19. Zeelot Augur

    The answers here don't give much hope for positive future improvements/direction for the game. It seems very apparent that the company just wants to maintain the status quo and keep expenses and effort as low as possible. Very disappointing to see.
  20. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Thank you for pointing this out. It might have been overlooked, I'll figure it out and post it as soon as I figure out where it went.
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