<Thats EQ Baby> zerg VP with 31 people

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by HicksAradune, Aug 22, 2020.

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  1. A Wonderer Journeyman

    Not really. Just enjoy highlighting how much of a novelty you are and watching you dodge all questions from your RMTing to your ability to actually raid lead and know the encounters.

    Velious is going to be interesting but then again your guildleader will have to hold your hand and show you how to do Yelinak etc.
  2. HicksAradune Augur

    i mean you can keep telling yourself that in the hopes that it makes you feel better, and i wish you god speed in whatever it takes to help you out with that.

    But also, the fact that you're constantly in the threads just shows that you care <3 and thats cute
  3. A Wonderer Journeyman

    This caring thing you're obsessed about is weird, it's like you just want someone to love you or even acknowledge your 'achievements' because you've been mediocre at this game for 20 years.

    It's like you're that salty people don't actually care about your achievements on here. lol

    I don't need to tell myself anything, your own guild members say it. They all like you I mean you're a novelty to them with your accent and your ability to lead raids but they don't mind.

    Notice the low flaming in the TL Rizlona guild VP completion thread? but plenty in yours?

    23 people now that's impressive.

    Keep dodging those RMT jibes... that'll make em go away!
  4. HicksAradune Augur

    But... you're here.. posting on a thread about us... on an anonymous name to hide behind.

    Judging by some of your posts i can assume you're most likely a rampage member, Which is amazing because up until the day of the server launches i have messages from the leadership of the guild constantly asking me not to join TEQB and to join them instead. Lot of effort for a "mediocre" player, right!
  5. Loze Elder

    You're just feeding the troll. He's not even a particularly good troll. He thinks he is, so your replies are making him feel good, but it's not really that entertaining for the rest of us.

    We should find someone funny to wind up. Or at least someone wittier.
  6. Thalliius Augur

    Anyone who keeps starting over from TLP to TLP, like a treadmill, repeating the same content over and over have lost both in game and IRL
  7. CokaSZ Elder

    Sorry.... but LOL

    You wasn't asked to join Rampage over TEQB for anything other than most of your friends play in Rampage and we wanted you to play with us. Your reason for joining TEQB was mostly it fits your work schedule but everyone was cool with it.

    You were never ever asked to join us because any of your friends rate you as a player LOL are you being serious?

    I don't know why you consider yourself some uber player now and are trying to prove to everyone you're some big shot in EQ.

    Funnily enough someone in Rampage said, I remember Hicks (after seeing you talking smack in game as per usual) he raid lead us in Darkwind on Phini, He didn't have a clue with any of the strats.

    You should stop trying so hard and maybe these trolls will leave you alone lol
  8. TheGoblin Lorekeeper

    Aren't you supposed to not call out people by name according to forum rules? Looks like a lot of that up there...
  9. HicksAradune Augur

    Entire thread of personal attacks to me - thats okay.

    I post delusional peoples posts - HOW DARE YOU!.
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  10. TheGoblin Lorekeeper

    But you deserve it.
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  11. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    If that guy uses the word "novelty" again....
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  12. CokaSZ Elder

    it was good to trigger him :)

    Shouldn't use profanity in forum posts though.

    Tut tut
  13. HicksAradune Augur

  14. Loze Elder

    C'mon, you're enjoying it.

    All you have to do is think up something meaningless to brag about, and BOOM! instant forum star!
  15. Thalliius Augur

    I don't like you, but i agree with you on this particular point.

    Get bent, tho :)
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  16. Auesheet Lorekeeper

    Weak poop reading material this morning bois - Step it up
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  17. Siah Lorekeeper

    Glad I'm not the only one who does this!
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  18. HicksAradune Augur

  19. A Wonderer Journeyman

    The real MVP's chief organisers and raid leaders aka the ones who know what they're actually doing!

  20. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    This thread is getting weird. Who cares if this Hicks guy does anything besides shoot some arrows and make some posts. If he is that bad at doing whatever mangement role he has in this guild, I am sure they would have replaced him by now.
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