<Thats EQ Baby> zerg VP with 31 people

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by HicksAradune, Aug 22, 2020.

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  1. HicksAradune Augur

    Thanks buddy
  2. Maze Elder

    The amount of salt in this thread is too darn high.
  3. Cicelee Augur

    Salt? Or the fact that no one cares anymore about a server first on the ninth or twelfth iteration of this?

    I am sure the 31 that were part of it care, and a few otbers in the guild. Just don't think anyone else cares. It was cool and neat the first couple TLP servers, now it is just meh.
  4. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    If no one cared, no one would be so angry and bitter about it. Not evaluating if its fair or not, not a part of this, but its obvious people care, just not enough to put in effort to do anything to stop it.
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  5. RibbitDivot New Member

    They care in the sense they find the bravado irritating and in game behavior disruptive. They don't actually care about the mob kills or speed taken to do so, though.
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  6. Goburs Augur

    A lot of us do care. We also know the rules so it’s not really in our hands to do anything. I know some TEQB members that are as nice as can be. I also know the majority are “yes men” so if a smaller guild like mine attempts to move in on a static camp there’s a good chance we’re gonna get stomped.

    I do find the couple mascots here would be embarrassing if they were members of mine. I know for sure that wouldn’t continue, because I don’t allow that nonsense here.

    Either way you guys do love the “records” for whatever reason so congrats
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  7. Kharth New Member

    You have to admit it was pretty funny watching them pat each other on the back in discord when nobody else would.
  8. HicksAradune Augur

    So you were watching? bet you're one of the people who "dont care" too
  9. FalcoJimenez New Member

    Executing an organized, coordinated, and leadership driven effort to camp keys was required for this. Hats off to TEQB.

    For all the guilds who have leadership who have basically told their members to go 'camp on their own' with no plan in place are just plain lazy. Having a plan doesn't mean hardcore. Its just a best practice. It will save your members time and frustration.

    The same could be said for epics.

    If your guild does not have a developed and communicated plan for anything progression related, you should probably go find another guild. They likely wont have a plan for ST keys, VT Keys, or PoP flagging. It is okay to value your time and expect something from guild leadership.

    Full Disclaimer - Not a member of TEQB. I am out of the progression treadmill game.
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  10. RizLoaner Elder

    It's almost like people on a server with a casual rule-set, that specifically targeted casuals, has a bunch of casual players. Maybe those guilds had a concerted plan of not engaging in toxic behavior to get spawns because they want to be respected on their server. A majority of people returning to the game come from the era of being nice to people and respecting camps and people who were there before them. Why should they all change the way they play and enjoy EQ because there is one huge guild that steamrolls trivial content in an acceptable by DBG rules yet toxic way? There's no guilds to compete with so maybe throwing a zerg force at exp groups doing vp key pieces is the new competition.
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  11. CyryllisFenninRo Lorekeeper

    Grats guys! Every guild has bad apples, so i don't judge you based on some of the more toxic players that I've seen.

    I think it's great that you were able to key and full clear VP in such a short time.

    So many salty players.
  12. Goburs Augur

    FYI this is hardly true, as for the case of keys. Most guilds took a week or two off from anything to let people level and explore the new content. That is 100% not being lazy. I'm sure (much like my guild) most will probably grab some key camps and funnel people through when the madness dies down soon. Same goes for epics.

    That said, we already have quite a few epics done, and some members that are almost ready to just turn in stuff + trak tooth for their key.

    Not zerging stuff does not mean other guilds are lazy, it just means most of us are avoiding the shitshow that it would be if we all went for it right away.
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  13. Kharth New Member

    I think you're just trolling to be honest. I don't think you got enough validation for your accomplishment so not only did you feel the need to post up a screenshot of the kill message in discord, you also had to come here and tell the world about it. Nobody really cares dude, do what you want and have fun.
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  14. yerm Augur

    Every thread here you guys all refer to hicks, call out hicks, mention hicks, make a joke about hicks, then refer to him again...

    ...then act like shocked victims when he rolls into this one and just drops some 1-2 sentence posts?
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  15. Rizlowned Lorekeeper

    i care about phara dar. why u do her like that?
  16. Crackers Elder

    What website are these records held on? I recall EoE beating Phara Dar faster than this on Vulak with 18 people, so I'm curious how this is another one of those famed world records and who is the official keeper of these records.
  17. Kiaro Augur

    I'm assuming for Kunark most guilds "Plan" was "Lets not rush into Veeshan's Peak, cause that place is boring as hell after the 1st clearing and most of the items rot." Kunark is like walking from the dry sandy content hills of classic, to the death valley of content.

    TEQB does what it does cause thats what they choose todo, but many of us who have run through kunark 8 times now, know that, there really isn't much to do, why rush to do nothing? You're going to be getting epics on 2nd and 3rd alts by the time Velious hits.
  18. Ronluwen Lorekeeper

    To be fair, it takes a zerg to get that many keys done quickly.

    While I'm sure there are a number of really good players in TEQB, it is my personal opinion that huge poopsock guilds on TLP's are not a strong measuring stick of the skill of the average player in that guild.

    HOWEVER, it does take a fair amount of organizational skills from the leadership to accomplish these things. It also takes some kind of skill to convince someone to camp a piece for 8+ hours just to hand it over to someone else first.

    So honestly, nice job.
  19. RizLoaner Elder

    Did I miss the Gore kill? Skipping content to do the easiest raid zone in EQ doesn't seem like a "victory"
  20. Barder-mangler Elder

    TEB did OW gore 2 or 3 days ago.
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