`Thats E Q Baby` finishes Velious in 12 hours 53 minutes.

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    20 still the lowest for server first. /Pops Champagne

    Makes sense almost 13 hours is a really long time if you're trying to clear the expansion ASAP. Feel like a 72 man instance only guild could probably do it sub 8 if they really wanted to.
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    Nah sleeper wakes when all 4 warders are dead at the same time in open world. DZ you can just clear all 4. Source i was part of the first full DZ clear of ST on Phinny. Warders also give serverwides so it can be confirmed.
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    Yeah you can do it with 20. OGC only keyed 17 or 18 i believe on their first clear on phinny. Faceless keyed 22. Going in with a much smaller number definitely increases the speed at which you can do the full overall clear cause it means you have to do less splits, and yeah if we decided to go strictly for speed we would have done that.

    I don't think a 72 man guild could do it sub 8 or even faster than 13, unless most of your 72 are boxing a bunch of toons, but even then it would require them to have the kind of organization that a guild like TEB has. In my opinion the threshold for completing velious as fast as we did or faster, is about 100-120. Anything over that amount becomes redundant and probably slows you down more than it speeds you up. I'd say 120 is like the perfect number for doing Velious faster than anyone.
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    Nah you can definitely do WW, Yelinak, KT, Statue with 36 and 6 split Zlandicar with day 1 gear. That's 16 keys, LTK for 17. Then either some luck on Vindi or snag a single OW target 18. Having done it with 20 i'm very confident it could be done with 18 with the perfect comp. A 72 man instance only guild could do it with basically zero alts if you could somehow manage 100% RA from everyone for 7 hours or so.
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    Well the speedrun includes killing all major bosses. For example, if you dont get AoW OW, then you have to do it in instance meaning you cant split down for those keys. You also have to kill Vulak. There's also a bunch of lag issues on these newer servers simply cause the massive populations these days. Our OW clear took an extra 2 hours almost simply because OW ToV was nearly unplayable since 4 different guilds decided to go there. Took like 10 minutes just to kill 1 trash mob and you couldn't cast spells.

    I was thinking 120 being the perfect number as in being able to get the necessary OW that allows you to split down, while also being able to clear all major Velious targets in a timely manor.

    If you are referring to just speedrunning to the 4 warders only...then i mean a guild could do that in just a few hours lol
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    who cares.
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    Posts like this are made for people like you =) You care enough to make a fresh accnt just to make that comment =)
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    Impressive splits!

    Well done crew. Proud of you all!
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    It aint a real speed run unless you kill it all as fast as possible, dz shuffling and dancing around to keep sleeper awoken is like saving the animals in super metroid. Its a speed run but its never gonna be the number 1.
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    So who killed Tjudawos first anyway on the server?
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    Aradune has been unlocked since May. Seems to me like it took you about 7 months until you beat NTOV. Selo did it much faster. Maybe come back when you have a real record to brag about.
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    So why don't you post the proof of the things you claimed he said?
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    Looks to me like you were clueless on what to so and that Zaide guy has been holding your hand through for all of Aradune. So i guess you repay him by completely owning and embarrassing yourself?

    Grats, I guess
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    Rofl you need to look at dates :p I asked zaide questions about Kunark launch on another TLP, this was back when i actually respected him. We ended up not using any of their strats more so because the race was different due to changes. He was banned on our discord the day aradune launched for intentionally trying to sabotage launch groups.
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    You literally told him you couldn't have done Kunark without him doing a complete write up for you.

    You're embarrassing yourself.
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    its gonna get spicy
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    Lol ever heard of being nice?

    Those messages are from Mangler. I appreciated at the time that he spent the time to do a write up, unfortunately Agnarr and Mangler were two completely different kunark launches. Too much had been changed for any of his write up to be usable on top of me running an FFA launch race instead of a guild sanctioned one.

    Dima(Satoshi) is who I mainly have sit downs with when it comes to any expansion questions I ever have.