Thank you to the volunteer guides for Festival of Might.

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  1. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    I wanted to give a shout out and some appreciation to the volunteer guides who ran the Festival of Might event this year.

    A special thanks to Matille and Bimpie who visited Luclin Server.

    I finally won a Dain Shield ornament!
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  2. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Very much so! All the hard work over the month of July is much appreciated. Also the guides did a wonderful job by covering some servers that currently do not have a guide assigned (like Xegony). We missed out on FoM last year so it was a nice surprise to have it this one.

    I know the guide events are a little old and perhaps simple, but I encourage anyone who loves EQ, especially EQ lore, to try to make it to any event that pops up on your server. If anything, it can be a chance to slow down a little, meet some new but likeminded folks who love EQ, and just appreciate the history of EQ as well.

    To all the guides who've been part of the system over the years - much thanks!
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  3. Sissruukk Rogue One

    I wasn't able to participate in this year's Festival of Might events, but a good friend of mine finally got her tag "the Mighty."
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  4. Folkken New Member

    Big thanks for those events!
  5. The real Sandaormo Augur

    I did one of the events, tbh didn't know how to shroud down. Had no idea you could set up spells to cast etc and lost horribly. I assume there was more than one event you gained coins from but I still got a cool weapon ornament!

    Was a pretty fun event.
  6. Paladin Augur

    Here, here! I feel the same way!

    I managed to win FoM this year and even gave the Guides a shout out in my acceptance speech ("Hello, all. I would like to dedicate this honor to my fellow Paladins, my Guild (Keepers of the Glade), my raiding alliance (Council of Bertoxxulous)... and I would also like to especially thank Matille, Riviere & Bimpy, for organizing the events! The truth is out there! The Truth hurts! But, the Truth will set you free! All hail the Freeport Knights of Truth, servants of Mithaniel Marr the Truthbringer! Ni!'").

    It would be nice if DP would toss a little extra love towards the Guides.

    What do I mean? As a player I noticed a few things...

    They are Level 90 -- boost them to max Level!

    They use items (at least I think they do) they get from Sunrise Home Vendors, that they click on Players to give them rewards (stat food, stat drink, ornaments...). They seem to have to target and click each and every player to do this.

    Since they are Guides, why not give them an Alternate Advancement tab (Guide AA's) that is only visible and accessible to Guides when they are playing (logged in) as Guides? All the Guide-allowed rewards can be right there as AA's, rather than a click item. And give them an AoE version (so they hit all nearby players at the same time) as well as a single target version (to award a specific Player).

    I also noticed that there is one award they can grant that pops up in your Quest Reward Window (the one that allows players to pick a 14-slot bag, from an assortment of colors).

    Why not apply this to other categorized-rewards the same way? Such as Weapon Ornaments, Shield Ornaments, Bow Ornaments & 5-Dose Potions? This way, Players can pick one they prefer / need (I have a number of the same 5-Dose and Weapon ornaments and keep hoping to get one that will go towards completing my set / collection).

    Lastly, part of the "big" award for finishing in the Top 3 of FoM -- is they turn you in to one of three Dragons for fun (the illusion goers away if you camp or zone). Maybe Players can be awarded an actual click item for the illusion they get? I can't tell you how much fun was had on my server when the top three ran about PoK as Dragons for quite a while.

    Lastly, they also bestow a Title on the winner. It would be nice if the Title could be converted to a Scroll (like the ones in the Marketplace) that a Player can click and permanently add it to their Title Window options (as of now, you change your special title / suffix and it is gone, you can't change it back).