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  1. Fanra

    I'm not sure how much it is "Part 2" besides the lore. See below.

    Yes. In fact, no where have I seen the Developers state flat out that you will die pretty much off the bat doing normal zone group stuff if you don't have Essence of the Dragon I. I've seen a few posts by players, but no official word.

    Since RoS is still in beta, we really need a straight out statement by the Developers so we can know for sure. Anything can still be changed at this point (well, in an online game, anything can always be changed at anytime) and we don't know if this will go live.

    I now have to waste 38 minutes of my life watching the Livestream to see if they mention anything there. Sigh. Right after I thank them for posting that statement so I don't have to, now I have to...

    Here we go with my snarky and negative comments typed as I watch it:

    So far, they have spent 5 minutes on a sales pitch for RoS. Nothing useful other than going to level 110 said yet. Boy, I so love livestreams for conveying information...NOT!

    Ok, now they are showing off the ugly helmet as sooooo awesome. Yes, something that should take one screenshot image and three lines of text is taking up minutes of time.

    More time talking about the web page, which we could just actually visit the webpage instead.

    Now images of the housing item for pre-order. I've now spent 10 minutes and learned stuff which would take 30 seconds if it was not a video but instead was a few images and 20 lines of text.

    12 minutes in, they are looking for the teleport items that cost more money. Again, this would take 3 lines of text and two images.

    Now talking about lore, which is actually interesting. The video isn't bad here. The colors are very dull, though. I guess the city is just foggy. All that lava smoke. Also, it is very popular for video games to be "muddy" as far as colors go, so I guess it is expected.

    Now they are showing off the Hero's Forge armor. Now 16 minutes into the livestream and that's all the information. They are showing off one example of the Hero's Forge and saying that things aren't set yet.

    17 minutes and finally saying there are 9 raids. Also showing off a second set of Hero's Forge. 18 minutes and we now know the raids take place in 5 zones. 19 minutes and explaining how to get into beta, something covered elsewhere and could be sent in an email once you purchase RoS.

    20 minutes: There are new AAs! I know, totally unexpected. Also telling the clueless that anything done on beta does not affect your live character.

    More lore now, which is interesting. Too bad I have no idea about EQ lore but I can't complain about this because it is an important part of the game. It's my problem I can't relate.

    Now saying that mercs level up with you, which really doesn't need to be said, since that is how mercs have worked since being introduced. Also repeating that levels go to 110. Because if you missed it before, we need to tell you again, because unlike text, you can't go back and re-read something you somehow missed because, I don't know, you were drunk?

    24 minutes in and besides the lore explaining the story in EoK continues, there is zero mention that anything in RoS requires you to do anything in EoK.

    26 minutes in, we see the familiars you can buy with the expensive editions. Yes, more sales pitches, which I understand and don't object to...if I could avoid having to watch them just to see if there is some actual information somewhere here.

    More video and lore. Interesting but really should be separate from actual gameplay information. 28 minutes and they are explaining that progression servers don't get RoS, just in case someone doesn't understand what PROGRESSION means. Next up, I figure they will start explaining that EQ requires a Windows computer and can't be played on your smartphone or MacIntosh.

    Now more sales pitch for Collector's edition mount. 30 minutes in.

    Again, I understand and don't object to sales pitches, the staff at Daybreak needs to get paid. I get it. But why do I have to watch this just to get game information.

    31 minutes and back to the webpage They are making sure that those who can't read or understand how to use a web browser get the information.

    32 minutes and they are explaining the premium familiars don't give stats. Mercs don't get new AAs. VP zone is keyed. New tradeskills. Chase loot will continue...they think. They are not sure on that 100%.

    They've tell us they've been working on this for 9 months. Not mentioned is why after all this work they still can't give us needed information in a web page but only in a livestream.

    [Future Fanra: After watching the whole livestream, they still don't mention anything needed to be done in EoK].

    35 minutes and reminding us we can pre-order, in case we have a huge short-term memory problem and forgot the other 5 times they told us in the past 35 minutes.

    Now finally discussing flagging, saying how you have to do content in 1st set of zones to do them in 2nd, and so on. Zero statement about anything EoK required.

    More talking about the lore and storyline, how pleased they are about it. I'm sure it is great.

    Finally done. 38 minutes of my life gone and can never be recovered. I am completely vindicated with my beliefs that livestreams are a waste of time unless you want to watch pretty pictures and hear a small amount about the lore.

    Zero comments from Daybreak about anything needed from EoK to do RoS. The only thing I've discovered is here:

    Which does not mention group stuff at all.

    So, I don't know if it is true or not. Players on the forums here are saying it is. Daybreak has not commented on the "rumor".

    And yes, I realize I've caused you to lose a few minutes of your life reading this. Be thankful I didn't make it a 38 minute long video.
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  2. Warpeace Augur

    They did reply to that already. Basically you can play in RoS you just have to be extra careful in about 1/2 the zones if you don't have Essence I. There are a few stinky green mobs here and there in the other zones.

    Someone else can go dig up the exact post.

    People keep making up more and more garbage to make barriers to play in RoS that don't exist.

    There is nothing stopping anyone from playing in RoS from the minute it launches. Now if they don't bother getting Essence I complete before that or ever that's their choice and have chose HARD CORE mode.

    More than three weeks to go, lets see that progression get done so you all can play Essence I free in all RoS zones!!!
  3. Fanra

    Thanks for this information.

    I will see if I can find where the Dev said that.

    This does kind of "force" you to do EoK progression, since dying in half the zones is not really very acceptable.

    I'll pass the word on to my guild that they need to do EoK progression, something we have been working on for raiders for months now (with no end in sight). Now the non-raiders will have to do it also.
  4. Fanra

    Ok, I found it:

    This means the "green" [Kar'Zok] sarnaks will be in RoS and you will die if you fight them without Essence of the Dragon I.

    Zones without Kar'Zok sarnaks:
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I can confirm that there are Kar'Zok (green sarnak) in Gorowyn.
    There is a single rare NPC in Overthere that is a Kar'Zok.
    There are Sarnak, but no Kar'zok in Skyfire, Howling Stone, and Sathir's Tomb.
    There are no Sarnak in Veeshan's Peak.

    So plenty of the expansion can be experienced without encountering Kar'Zok. 4 of the 6 zones are free of them, and one has a single NPC in a large zone. So one spot in it to avoid, if the rare is up.

    We are looking into auto-granting an equivalent AA to mercenaries that gives them resistance/immunity to the Kar'Zok breath weapon. (It will look for the bit the character gets, so they will only get it if you get it.)

    (I am talking about basepop. It sounds like the Sjyfire mission has Kar'Zok)
  6. Warpeace Augur

  7. Fanra

    Thank you, Ngreth, for clarifying an issue which has been a problem.

    Also, granting mercenaries immunity if the player has it is something I strongly support.

    Once again, you have addressed player issues in ways that might not make everyone happy but clearly shows you care and will help out.
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  8. gotwar Gotcharms

    This would be wonderful.

    There's a ton of people upset about "needing" EoD 1 to play in RoS zones, which isn't true at all. There's a fair spread of them in Gorowyn (which you can easily avoid if desired) and pretty much no where else.

    If you'd like to do progression quests, you'll need to be EoD1 flagged, or group with someone who is (so they can ... quest... for you...), in order to tackle a few of the quests. That being said, players who don't have EoD1 are probably not interested in doing progression anyway, so I'm not sure if that matters.

    Basically an overreaction to something someone heard from a friend's cousin's brother who played in Beta, never saw themselves, and decided was the worst thing ever.

    If you want to argue that it's bad EQ design to require progression from a previous expansion in order to do progression in the next expansion, that's another thing entirely. But saying "we can't play in RoS because we didn't do EOK!" is not an accurate statement.
  9. Axxius Augur

    There is a Kar'Zok rare in Sathir's Tomb too.

    The mission in Skyfire consists of nothing but Kar'Zok until the boss attacks. Anybody without Essence of the Dragon I will be instantly dead.

    Therefore, as it stands right now, if somebody wants to play in RoS without completing the entire EoK progression arc (let's say a returning player):
    • they will want to stay away from Gorowyn, or be super careful not to aggro any Kar'Zok there
    • they will not be able to get any exclusive drops from the Kar'Zok rares in 3 zones
    • they will not be able to complete the Hunter achievements for 3 zones
    • only 1 group mission will be available to them
    • any quests past the Skyfire mission will be unavailable
    • RoS gear for the 8 visible slots will be unavailable
    So, unless you want to add something to bypass going back to EoK, this really needs to be mentioned in the RoS expansion information.
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  10. Blitter Elder

    Has the Aura been upgraded?
  11. Axxius Augur

    They cast Aura of the Kar'Zok and one of the Atrebe spells (Gust of Atrebe iirc) - the same things all Kar'Zok cast. The mission features waves of Kar'Zok (something like 3 + 2 + 3 + 2).
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Will they get it if you already have it?
  13. Tatanka Augur

    So, you're saying every named mob in RoS is a Kar'Zok? Otherwise, couldn't you just get your visible slot drops from the nameds who aren't Kar'Zok?
  14. Warpeace Augur

    Not sure how much clearer you need that post to be?
  15. Axxius Augur

    No, this is another issue that I mentioned earlier. RoS visible armor doesn't drop in the finished form. Instead, the rares/missions drop items that need to be combined with EoK T2 visible armor. In other words, EoK armor is required to make RoS armor.

    The official post with the expansion info fails to mention this rather important point.
  16. Warpeace Augur

    How many times has that been mentioned now for the armor?
  17. TheStugots Augur

  18. Axxius Augur

    In the official information that most of the EQ players read? Zero.

    That is going to be a problem. A nasty surprise for an average group of casuals who kill a named in the first zone and then find out what they are supposed to do with that loot.

    Only a tiny percentage of the player base reads this forum. And the Beta forums - even less.
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  19. Warpeace Augur

    So you already knew the correct answer. Maybe pass along the correct information then?
  20. Axxius Augur

    How? Would you like me to scream about it on Facebook and Twitter? I'd rather not create panic just yet. There is still 1 month before the release. I'm still hoping that the devs change their minds about this.

    It's one thing to extend raiding progression across multiple expansions, but a totally different thing to force the entire casual player base to play through another expansion. I don't like this idea at all.
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