Text typo in quest

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    Category: Quest [Can Repro]
    Date/Time: Thu Aug 17 23:25:47 2023

    Character: Level 120 Paladin (Main)
    Zone: North Qeynos
    Location: 49.16, 46.90, 1.88, 113.73

    Target NPC: Ziska Ironforge
    Target Location: 52.00, 60.00, 3.75, 366.00

    Description: Typo in the text, "take the bead's"
    (this is part of the Paladin Epic 2.0, give Ziska 500p to trigger this phrase)
    [Thu Aug 17 23:24:36 2023] You say, 'Hail, Ziska Ironforge'
    [Thu Aug 17 23:24:37 2023] Ziska Ironforge says, 'Welcome to the home of the finest jewelers in all of Norrath.'
    [Thu Aug 17 23:24:37 2023] You offered 500 Platinum to Ziska Ironforge.
    [Thu Aug 17 23:24:41 2023] Ziska Ironforge says, 'Camlend gave me an old set of beads ages ago. He always said that they would be needed at some point. Over the years I crafted sockets in them thinking that one day I would add a few gems to them. Take the bead's, I'm glad to hear that could be of use to help someone. Thank you for the donation. It should be enough to cover the costs of creating the sockets.'
    [Thu Aug 17 23:24:41 2023] You complete the trade with Ziska Ironforge.