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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by KevinMcP, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Ineptocracy Leader Elder

    Then that seems to be an odd change. Are they trying to make Paladin single target and SK AE aggro masters? If so will that not return the SKs to being the kiters on raids that you try to get away from?
  2. sojero Augur

    yes thats the way I see it as well, which is not where many SK's want to be. As for tanking both kiting and single tanking we want to be relatively == to pal, we just want some flavor to give us something to bring to the table comparable to paladin splash/step in healing.

    I am really distressed with the idea that the development crew would use nerfs to try and bring sk up to pal level. this is a setback not only for pal but for sk too because now we are pigeonholed into kiting even more.
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  3. Uxtalzon Augur

    Beacon of the Righteous - The hate generation over several ticks made it overpowered, but that's what the previously new AA upgrade gave us. What's the point of giving the AA upgrades if they'll be reversed anyway (minus the reuse time)? Changing it so we're in line with other tanks... wat. Warriors are Warriors, Shadowknights are Shadowknights, and Paladins are Paladins. I'd need to see more elaborate reasoning before I can understand that.

    Divine Persecution - Lots of hate + best nuke we get = too much. That's fine. The $64,000 question is "reduced by how much?"

    As it is now I have to spam-cast Demand spells on some mobs because they can resist it 4-5 times in a row. Similar issue with stuns in Argin-Hiz, if I don't apply a debuff (Audacity), I can see three stun resists in a row.

    Suggestions: If you're going to increase stun susceptibility level, do the same for the Bash skill. A level 50 mob can get a lucky bash on me and stun, but no amount of bashes on a level 101 mob will stun it (if I'm wrong, someone correct me). Beacon of the Righteous is our *only* AE aggro spell, we don't need stun gimmicks applied to it.

    Also: Whenever I see the term "slightly" or "slight" in this game, I know what it really means: "we don't want to admit the change in value". Merc AAs all say "slightly" because they only give a change of 1%. Wizard changes "slightly" changed, by 26%? Yikes! INCOMING ANGRY WIZARDS (now 26% less powerful).
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  4. Warpeace Augur

    - Paladin - Stuns that were previously capped at the level cap for the expansion in which they were introduced can now stun targets up to 3 levels higher. Stuns that were capped at level cap plus 3 can now stun targets up to level cap plus 5.

    Sounds great but if they will just be resisted.....don't bother. At the rate rebalancing is going this sounds like once we receive these increased stuns they will be taken away as they will be suddenly considered over powered!!!

    - Paladin - Raised the level cap on all ranks of Divine Stun by 2.

    Not a fan of the knockback with this, maybe time to untie Disruptive Persecution from the shared timer with this ability?

    - Paladin - Disruptive Persecution - Changed the "Hate Override" values on the entire line, as it was generating more hate than intended.

    Completely horrible, this was intended to be a snap AE agro ability. It already has issues such as range and resists.

    - Paladin - Beacon of the Righteous - Reduced the hate generated by this ability to be in line with other tanks. Can someone put actual values to this? Sure it was never 3000% hate like Warriors accidentally had on their Rage of the Forsaken.

    Wow... really. Again its an AE agro to snap multiple mobs to the Paladin it didn't have super ago and other tanks could easily pull them off us when they needed.

    - Paladin - Beacon of the Righteous - Fixed a bug in the stun duration of this ability. All ranks should have a 3 second stun.

    To be honest I never noticed the stun before, if it works ok. But chances are most the mobs will be stun immune so umm...........
  5. feiddan Augur

    SK are now a fair bit ahead on single target and AE aggro. Paladins are still fine in terms of aggro, but snapping up initial AE hate looks to be taken away from that class.

    At this point, no tank should have any aggro-related issues.

    This goes a long way to balancing knights on the tanking level. I think Paladins received too big of nerfs (sorry, I'm not sold on the stuns thing). Both knights should be able to stand in the MT rotation on a much more equitable basis now, and the gains translate nicely into the group game via quality-of-life.

    If SKs can get another tweak or two, I think they'll be in a good spot for raid desirability. I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll see more towards this direction in the coming months; especially if next expansion raids feature mechanics that allow SKs to shine, I think most guilds will be happy to have them.
  6. Ravengloome Augur

    overide loss on beacon is utter BS.

    stun cap change is also silly and uneeded.

    And Disruptive override is either too low or it needs to be unlinked from Force.

    Also the negative hate mod is still on disruptive resulting in 30% less hate then the override is set to, I hope that is a huge oversight.
  7. Benzarden Augur

    Certainly sad in the pants about yet another Wizard nerf. Over the past year and a half, we have seen nerf after nerf. Furthermore, I don't keep a single CotF spell loaded on my spell bar because they are worthless, quite frankly. At least we received a few semi useful AA's recently. And what do you know, they are now getting nerfed! One step forward, two steps back.
  8. wingz-83 Augur

    Still no alteration of ToR2 progression mission huh? :(

    Maybe when I'm 105
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  9. sojero Augur

    This was to make it more challenging since some people had actually beaten it :)
  10. Eggborn Lorekeeper

    Voice is now worth using? I have always figured the touch spells were better, so I haven't used voice since pop or before. Cool.
  11. Smokezz Augur

    - Added expanded invitation options to the Guild Window to allow you to invite individuals or all online guild members to DZs, tasks, and raids.

    This is only useful for inviting to raid if the group leader tag is removed for single person invites... otherwise only the first 11 people to click Yes will get invited. Everyone else will hit the Max Group Leader limit.
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  12. Roundup New Member

    The new definition of class balance is If your class is not posting against some change to it on the Test server, we will change something to make it so that your class will be posting against a change.

    And then we will break the login server so that you cant play the game...
  13. Edrick Augur

    Thanks for nothing? Your agro is just fine, even before Rage of the Forsaken existed. That ability trivializes agro even further and makes it a non factor since any class can go nuts and burn without having to even bother to look at their threat meter. And about stances, you have an always up 20% damage mitigation stance when you're using a shield. I think you're going to be okay.

    People complain about the game being too easy already. There are a handful of golems, they do not wander, and they are always in the same spot. Argni Hiz is the last zone for Call of the Forsaken, I don't know why our hands need to be held to an even greater degree than they already are.
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  14. Sheamous New Member

    - Added expanded invitation options to the Guild Window to allow you to invite individuals or all online guild members to DZs, tasks, and raids.
    - Added /tribute and /trophy command support. Personal and guild tribute, as well as trophy tribute, can be toggled using these commands.
    - Added "/tribute personal favor" and "/tribute guild favor" command options to display current favor.

    These will be handy especially for raid leaders & officers.
  15. Naugrin Augur

    Wizards get left out of the stun improvements and get a NOT slight nerf to our "force of" aa nukes...

    Gosh I can't wait to pay for the next expansion to see what you will nerf.
  16. Koryu Augur

    Warrior's Dual Wield Proficiency buff is still causing an extra 10% damage to be taken, rather than the 10% mitigation bonus in the spell & AA description.

    And Rage of the Forsaken probably wouldn't have been so crazy before if it only worked on pure hate abilities, instead of amplifying every type of aggro the Warrior was capable of generating (or in some cases, the mob was generating for the Warrior but treated him as the source).
  17. Via- New Member

    The adjustment of the effective level of stun on mobs has been seen several times over the years. Usually it is mitigated fully as mobs being totally resistant in current progression or flagged that way in the next expansion. Often it is deemed over powered and once again it is reduced to the current Max PC level and below shortly after the change. Then it is partially useful and desirable in group settings due to our lack of DPS. Other than for agro purposes it has rarely served much purpose on raids for the same reasons. After seeing this cycle several times over the years I tend to doubt the end result will be any different than the past. I am hopeful that perhaps a novel introduction has been introduced to prevent the reoccurrence of the recurrent flip cycle, but it has been well practiced in the past.

    Over the last 6 months to a year the Paladin's over all agro has decreased significantly in proportion to previous abilities or use on raid. Snap agro is initially fine, but hate generation has not kept up with the amount of hate/agro being generated by current DPS classes, new skills/discs being provided and or reduction of spell timers of other classes. Skilled Paladins are having a much more difficult time maintaining agro and or pulling agro off AOE'd mobs and or mezzed/chain stunned mobs in a timely manner. Recently I have informally surveyed several Paladins, skilled in their play over several years, to make sure I was not losing it or missing something as things become more obvious to the class.

    Where we use to be able to nab agro near instantly or quickly in various settings, depending on the length of mez or AoE'ing agro, sometimes we are now lucky to get agro spin before 60% to 85%of mob health. Sometimes mob health is as low as 40% to 60% before agro spins. If taunt fails multiple times and the longer the duration of these settings it can be the lower % that is the end result with the DPS dying when the current Tank dies. Does this happen all the time no, but it is happening beyond a tolerable comfort level for reliable class duties. I personally had not had to use taunt as an agro tool for years until recently. Taunt is dismal in its failure rate and not dependable trying to quickly build up agro when one is supposed to snap agro or TM a mob. This is the main reason I learned not to depend on it and secondly the improper use of Taunt sends DPS classes to an early grave. Some nights you can have a chain of multiple failures in a row repeatedly. Paladins of 10 to 15 years’ experience have been complaining of notable agro drop off as it is has gone from a gradual decline in overall ability to quite noticeable with the tuning being done with the Knight classes.

    Paladins are becoming more back up cleric and raid cure spammers rather than Tank Mezzers, Back up Tanks, Main Tanks, and Kiters. Paladins have served in these duties effectively for so many years. In the last few months Paladins have been leaving the game due to the continuing loss of these abilities and what appears to be a changing focus of the Paladin class. Currently every Paladin in our raiding guild is considering moving to a different class or leaving game solely due the changes. I am not in this spot currently, but after all this time playing a paladin is more pain than enjoyment with the tanking and agro issues that are starting to widen and develop in a negative aspect. I and other Paladins are being recruited cross server due to lack of Paladins on other servers. Ironically a very skilled Paladin from a different guild left his class to play a magician as he felt the class did great damage and mage pets could out tank any warrior or knight on raid or group.

    Many of the old timers have survived the changes of the Paladin class and along with other classes have done the grin and bear it thing, but now a very fundamental ability (agro) we have served with and existed on is fading. Whether this is by intent or accident I am not sure. Normally change is part of the game but I am alarmed how quickly the Paladin class is fading and is no longer a desired class to be played on raid, but is very much desired to have on raid for healing and cures. The majority of customers do not complain they just leave or move on. We are seeing this happen now. Several are quietly leaving the class. This more worrisome than the few loud voices you normally hear when changes occur. This is not normal attrition of the class and I don't think anyone is really noticing the end result other than why I can’t find a Paladin or two to fill out those raid roster slots?
  18. Repthor Augur

    rage was broken from the start we all knew it. it needed the big ole nerf sledge hammer. but whats more intresting all the warriors adjustments in the patch notes as funny as it might sound only nerfed the group warriors but made raid warriros aggro stronger weird huh. let me expline.

    massive nerf to rage of the forsaken (needed). warriors couldent use this on raids when it was broken cuz it made u instantly dead if adds where around. now it will be awsome so ty aristo for makeing raid warriors aggro even stronger , good job *thumbs up*. group warriors on the other hands ooh well u had fun for a wile back in closet with your 2 minute cooldown =(

    Blast of Anger (slightly nerfed ?? lol right 30% is slightly? i hope u get a slightly decrease in your pay check). one minute cooldown used to be 40k instant hate snap down to 28k. For the raid tank dosent matter one bit we are alreaddy getting a 165% hate increaser disc in form of Rage of the Forsaken *cheers mate*. group warriors to bad man u got nerfed again enjoy them caster nukes ooh yeah but its still on a 1 minute cooldown so dont pull more then one per minute =)

    i love how nerfing things takes one aspect of the spectrum and buffs the balls out of it and nerfs the balls out of the other one lol. cuz the grouping warriors needs nerfed !!! you heard it here first
  19. Brogett Augur

    Lol wizards are not 26% less powerful. Nice try! ;-)

    I don't understand the reasoning behind the change, so won't comment on its specifics. However the effect is 26% less damage on that one mana-free AA nuke, which by all accounts was itself only a low percentage of your dps output. (That makes it confusing why it's pushed out now; it's a very small dps drop overall, so generates a lot of PC-hate for little difference. Better to save it up and push it through at the same time as a boost is given elsewhere. That's the sneaky thing to do! ;-)).
  20. Songsa Augur

    Deceit effect went from 324% agro multiplier to 129%, thx for nerfing the only little utility rogue had beside dps in raid.
    This was really not needed.

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