Test Update 8/11/2014

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by KevinMcP, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Piemastaj Augur

    Fire pet remains the same max hit also.

    Why did the DPS increases change for some pets? In the sense heading thread it highlighted some boosts for pets that are clearly not being done. Now in these notes some of those increases are not even brought up... And yet those increases that were brought up do not add up to what is being posted...
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  2. feiddan Augur

    Oops. I saw the warrior icon and my mind trailed from there. Apologies.
  3. Repthor Augur

    this is why i dont like the word slightly, this is not slightly.

    Blast of Anger:
    - Slot 1 changed from 'Increase Hate by 40000' to 'Increase Hate by 28000'
    - Description changed from 'Instantly increases hate by 40000, and then by 0 per tick for up to 0s (0 Ticks).' to 'Instantly increases hate by 28000, and then by 0 per tick for up to 0s (0 Ticks).'

    just be honest and say it for what it is slightly is a dmg control term , we are gonna find out anyway

    thanks for the parser link <3
  4. Axxius Augur

    Are you going to call the reduction from 16375 to 12065 "slight" with a straight face?
    That's a 26% nerf, not a "slight reduction".
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  5. Riou Augur

    Well they did also call a 30% reduction in aggro on the Warrior stuff "slightly" too :p
  6. Yinla Augur

    How does the Relentless Servant with this change compare to the one we currently have on live? Will it be able to off tank again like it used to? In its current state on live it is 50/50 if I survive an add with 2 cleric mercs, this is with EM18.

    What changes have you made to the options window?
  7. Sbbd New Member

    - Wizard - Force of Will ranks 14 and 15 were slightly reduced in power, as they were more powerful than intended.
    - Wizard - Force of Flame/Ice ranks 2 and 3 have been reduced in power slightly, as they were more powerful than intended.

    Over a 25% decrease is not slight so don't say it is.
  8. Makavien Augur

    I understand the need to change rage of the forsaken's % modifier but if it was a typo why decrease it from 3000% to 165 when the obvious typo was the extra 0 ?

    And then decrease the reuse timer from 1 minute to twice as long ?

    And why even mess with blast of anger after so long there was nothing wrong with that ability ?
  9. Bidaum_TR Lorekeeper

    ^^^^ what Makavien said.
    Why make more buttons to push; then nerf them? Some of the warrior community is already bent from stance issues, and now these three new babies just left on our doorstep without reason. Kudos to whomever thought to slide this one in -- the pet classes are going to dominate the discussion so much that the warriors could set off a atomic bomb and no one would notice.
    Thanks for NOTHING.
  10. feiddan Augur

    Re: Paladin changes.
    Disruptive Persecution nerf is a bit of a downer, but nothing to get worried about. The class still generates plenty of aggro - seems fine.
    Change to Beacon of the Righteous, however, seems over the top. Removing the hate override altogether means the spell cannot be used for initial hate and generates 0 aggro on resists.

    Boosting shadowknights by nerfing the competition isn't the way to go. SKs can be the preferred AE tank/kiter in other ways - Paladins don't need such a drastic nerf. If you are trying to remove Paladins from the AE kiting role entirely, please give Beacon a -1,000 resist modifier; however it's my opinion that the hate override should be put back in.

    I do like the boosts to Shadowknights - as I said, it's a great first step. It seems the aggro issues are fixed and quality of life has improved for tanking, which also might allow an extra spell gem or two that previously needed to be aggro for other functions (this is in line with Paladin spell sets, I believe). Shadowknights still need some love, but aggro generation should no longer be an issue.
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  11. Tobynn Augur

    That's one helluva typo. Meaning 165 and typo'ing 3000 by mistake warrants some sort of award.
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  12. sojero Augur

    Please put the hate over ride back onto paladin Beacon. There is no reason for them not to have this. The entire reason for ae hate is to get that first initial big hate so that others don't die. I understand that Beacon is also a pulse, so that they will still get the hate after 6 seconds, but after 6 seconds that's a lot of dead dps.
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  13. Retro Elder

    The stun thing is out of the blue so uh thanks? Stuff not wanted to be stunned is already flagged stun immune so those couple random group yellows that weren't already flagged immune I guess i can stun now.

    Beacon of the righteous was alright as is, it had piss poor range and out of all the times I used it I wasn't even aware that it actually stunned mobs. The putting us with other tanks aggro is a lie. Cuz apparently you haven't seen a warrior aggro. Aggro should be going up. Radius should be going up Resistablity should be going down. Timer should be going down.If you are think we are so overpowered just double the other tanks who can't play their class. Cuz I don't care, I would rather see the tanks going forward not backward.

    I really hope our aggro is being nerfed into the ground so you have something to give us next expansion as per the usual. If not the DP aggro reduction is going to suck we already do abysmally low dps and now we will be doing low dps and low aggro. OR unlink DP and FoD and that problem will be solved. I actually prefer that solution. Unlink Disruptive Persecution, Force of Disruption, and divine stun timers.
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  14. guado Augur

    I just checked out the "New Sol'Dal Armor" on test.

    Immediately an eyeroll occurs since the Embersmith wants me to go into the..... mines :mad:

    The geometry bugs in the mines might actually be fixed. Good job. I tried to get stuck in one specific area and was not able to.

    Would also appreciate it if the golems didn't see invis.

    I hoped you developers learned about risk/reward from Plane of War.

    All for 1 piece of armor... I thought the annoying time sink quests like PoWar weren't going to be replicated?
    1) Clearing the whole room in a tiny area that is not puller or CC friendly
    2) Barely 1 mining rock (which is a perfect sphere......) per room
    3) Not soloable or moloable

    Risk / Reward? Not worth it. "Hey guys lets spend the next 4 hours farming materials for ornaments. Oh we each want more than 1 piece? Say goodbye to your weekend!"

    But of course the biggest gimmick of them all...

    All of this would have been done already if it had been released on schedule. Now that Argin Hiz is empty, coincidentally there is an excuse to go there again.

    TLDR= Sol'Dal ornaments are unnecessarily tedious to acquire, thus not worth the time.
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  15. Sostenes Augur

    - Magician - Higher ranks of Call of the Heroes now use less mana.
    - Magician - Air pets that previously stunned targets up to the current level cap will now stun targets up to 3 levels above the current level cap.
    - Magician - Earth Elementals will now use Earth Elemental Strike when summoned at or above level 89.
    - Magician - Earth Elemental Strike will now add more hate for its caster when it lands.
    - Magician - Earth Elemental Strikes IX and higher will now correctly recourse Earth Elemental Strength back on the caster. This buff will absorb incoming damage above a threshold.
    - Numerous changes have been made to the way pets deal and receive damage:
    -- Magician - Ruthless Servant and Facets of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth will now summon pets with higher HP and AC, but each focus level will add less HP and AC than previously. Low focus levels will be stronger, but high focus levels will be weaker.
    -- Magician - Relentless Servant and Shards of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth will now summon pets with lower HP and AC than before.
    -- Magician - Steelbound Bodyguard will now summon pets with more HP and AC. Groundswell Bodyguard will now summon pets with more HP but less AC.
    -- Magician - Ruthless Servant and Relentless Servant now have a wider range of melee damage they can deal, but should deal roughly the same damage over time as they did before.
    -- Magician - Facet of Air and Shard of Air have lower maximum hits but should deal similar overall damage within a smaller range.
    -- Magician - Facet of Water and Shard of Water have higher maximum and minimum melee damage and should deal more damage overall.
    -- Magician - Facet of Earth and Shard of Earth have lower minimum and maximum hits. They will deal less damage than before but should hit more often and more consistently.
    -- Magician - a "Cancel Membership" button will be added as an Active AA for your convenience :)

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  16. Ravengloome Augur

    god have mercy on an sk that forgets to click off Voice before using gift of the quick spear... 40k hate every 8 seconds... going to be funny
  17. Bethelmanaa Journeyman

    So my mage and now my paly. Slap in the face! :mad: Should I brace for my shaman and bard too?
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  18. Maedhros Augur

    Terrible. It was already so underpowered that you gave us a second rank of it with the last round of AA's to give it some tiny functionality. Now its going to be worse than it ever was to begin with. Paladins are back to ZERO ae snap agro.
    The paladin class doesnt need nerfing simply because the SK class was so far behind. Could have just thrown these boosts to the SKs and left paladins alone and I think all the knights would have been happy.

    And throwing a few more levels on our stuns is laughable when you folks make any of the content that you want to simply be immune to stun.
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  19. Ineptocracy Leader Elder

    What would your Beacon aggro values be if you have Voice of Thule from an SK on you? I understand that the resists could use a tweak if no aggro is generated if it doesnt land though.
  20. sojero Augur

    everything but the hate override doesn't matter as it is still enough to keep agro because it pulses for 18 seconds. Without the initial hate override it is next to useless for its intended purpose.

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