Test Update 8/01/2014 - Pet Changes

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Aristo, Aug 1, 2014.

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  1. guado Augur

    Thank you very much for the info and clarification. Will happily test out the changes.
  2. Unsunghero Elder

    Which a cleric merc would not be able to do, on harder T1 names and all T2 names, when the pet is taking 10k-15k average hits

    I love of analogies but this is a bit off. "Missing isnt the way to word it, the mob will miss player tanks about 10% more, but figuring actives, Mage pets have prism. But regardless, the question should really be, if we are considering the average hit differences demonstrated in the parses:

    - would u rather take 150k total damage but maybe with 2 triple-spikes of 30k rounds (warrior)
    - or would u rather take 300k total damage, but maybe with one double spike of 60k rounds (pet)

    Risk is a factor of how frequently the spikes come but also how high in dmg/second they go, and the total damage taken matters more and more in non-ideal group comps (meaning too few players, not enough gear) where the dps to the named is not matching the dps taken and the cleric merc(s) is going to oom
  3. Aristo Developer

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