Test Update 8/01/2014 - Pet Changes

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Aristo, Aug 1, 2014.

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  1. Aristo Developer

    We are currently updating Test with the pet changes as listed here, including the increase in stun cap for Magician air pets. We would like you to try out the changes and provide feedback based on what you experience in this thread. Parses are welcome and encouraged.

    Please let us know if we're hitting our mark for survivability, if we have not gone far enough, or if we have gone too far.
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  2. sojero One hit wonder

    Think you mean 8/01/2014

    Also what is your mark for survivablity, and a guestimation is welcome too, since you cannot truly pin it down, but say 100 mage em 15 should be able to tank XYZ reliably etc. give the playerbase a ball field to play in and some guidance.
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  3. Rainbowdash Augur

    I too would like to have an idea of this.
  4. Ranndom_TheUndead Augur

    Water pets max hit has dropped about 100 damage while it appears accuracy has increased properly.
    Also, login servers jacked up again
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  5. just_some_bard Lorekeeper

  6. Rhymez Thebard Elder

    Also getting the EverQuest subscription error.
  7. WhtRabbit Lorekeeper

    Yeah, no dice here either.
  8. Aristo Developer

    There's some platform maintenance that is going on right now that may prevent you from logging in. We're being told it should be resolved shortly. You may need to restart the patcher.
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  9. feiddan Augur

    Loyalty tokens have been reset to 0. This happens regularly and is restored with the next patch 99% of the time, but I wanted to be sure to document it here.
  10. onyuyan Augur

    Crossing my fingers I'll be back before this goes live. How long do we have to test this?
  11. badpoet New Member

    100 Necro. EM 20. All pet survivability AA. Full mage summoned gear from a 96.

    Into the Hills HA. Dark blue mobs. Healer was on Balanced. Where I normally keep it.

    The damage is much spikier than previously, which judging from the Sense Heading is one of things you wanted (fewer low-end hits). Against two dark blues without using Aegis it was tough for the healer to keep up. Didn't get a chance to try even cons yet (had to FD after pet died against 2). I don't parse, I'll leave that to others. Anecdotally, it seems as if there are a lot more hits dropping @20% health. Usually, two mobs isn't a huge dilemma, but now there's a decent chance of some strong hits and a splat.

    If the plan is to have pets be viable tanks only against single, even conned mobs without significant help from the owner healing, you've accomplished it. A group geared, meh AC auged tank that doesn't know how to play is considerably better than of my EM 20 pet right now. Of course, it was before too...
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  12. badpoet New Member

    I'll also point out I generally play tank classes. The necro was a lark that ended up being level 100 with good equipment. As a tank, I did feel that Mage Earth pets (from my experience on my 96 mage) were pretty darn good. But, I never felt as if it was a better tank than me playing my SK or Paladin.
  13. Ranndom_TheUndead Augur

    EM20 earth pet is now worthless, with air taking superiority
    Ill throw up a comparison parse in a bit
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  14. Rainbowdash Augur


    >there have been 12 failed loggin attempts since you last logged in

    silly login server. Gonna go test this out now and report back.
  15. IWP-test New Member

    i have no problems with that i have always prefered air pet over earth. but lately was forced to use earth for tanking duties..whenever i get in i will look into it as well.
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  16. Siddar Augur

    EM 20 necro pet with max pet AA and cleric merc. Cleric was barely able to out heal inc damage versus a yellow con trash mob in T1 CotF.

    Pet simply explodes versus a named T1 mob. No real difference to what happened to pets on beta during the few hours the pet changes proposed there were live.
  17. Ranndom_TheUndead Augur

    Air pet DPS/Tanking (completely buffless, but with mask/weps)
    ---DPS---/tell Lenartik Lenartik -vs- A palace filthcaster: -- DMG: 514239 -- DPS: 2610 -- Scaled: 2610 -- Slash: 471342 -- DirDmg: 26232 -- Bash: 10176 -- Kick: 6489 -- Non-crit rate: 65.3% -- crit rate: 34.7% -- Attempts: 428 -- Hits: 320 -- Missed: 72 -- Defended: 36 -- Accuracy: 81.6% -- Avg Hit: 1606 -- Max hit: 2611 -- DMG to PC: 1039260
    ---Tanking---/G Tanking summary for: Lenartik --- Total damage: 1039260 --- Avg hit: 5302 --- Swings: 279 --- Defended: 62 (22.2%) --- Hit: 196 (70.3%) --- Missed: 21 (7.5%) --- Accuracy: 90.3% --- Dodged: 10 (4.2%) --- Parried: 10 (4%) --- Blocked: 26 (9.3%) --- Riposted: 7 (2.9%) --- Absorbed: 9 (3.2%)
    Earth pet DPS/Tanking (completely buffless, but with mask/weps)
    ---DPS--- /tell Vebeker Vebeker -vs- A Chateau bloodcaster: -- DMG: 254932 -- DPS: 1424 -- Scaled: 1294 -- Slash: 232911 -- DirDmg: 12382 -- Bash: 5769 -- Kick: 3870 -- Non-crit rate: 65.7% -- crit rate: 34.3% -- Attempts: 376 -- Hits: 239 -- Missed: 104 -- Defended: 33 -- Accuracy: 69.7% -- Avg Hit: 1066 -- Max hit: 2232 -- DMG to PC: 564129
    ---Tanking--- /G Tanking summary for: Vebeker --- Total damage: 564129 --- Avg hit: 3890 --- Swings: 188 --- Defended: 31 (16.5%) --- Hit: 145 (77.1%) --- Missed: 12 (6.4%) --- Accuracy: 92.4% --- Dodged: 3 (1.9%) --- Parried: 6 (3.4%) --- Blocked: 14 (7.4%) --- Riposted: 8 (4.8%) --- Absorbed: 0 (0%)
    Both of these were after 197 seconds.
    Been hearing both air and earth pets getting massacred in WK with shamans, mercs, and the mage healing against named aswell
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  18. Ranndom_TheUndead Augur

    On a third note, Heres the same type of parse for water
    Buffles, only mask/weps, 197 seconds.
    ---DPS--- /tell Libekn Libekn -vs- A Chateau bloodcaster: -- DMG: 482002 -- DPS: 2708 -- Scaled: 2434 -- Slash: 382484 -- Backstab: 66589 -- DirDmg: 32929 -- Non-crit rate: 69.3% -- crit rate: 30.7% -- Attempts: 320 -- Hits: 238 -- Missed: 60 -- Defended: 22 -- Accuracy: 79.9% -- Avg Hit: 2025 -- Max hit: 7742 -- DMG to PC: 1102471
    ---Tanking--- /G Tanking summary for: Libekn --- Total damage: 1102471 --- Avg hit: 5200 --- Swings: 284 --- Defended: 51 (18%) --- Hit: 212 (74.6%) --- Missed: 21 (7.4%) --- Accuracy: 91% --- Dodged: 14 (5.7%) --- Parried: 12 (4.5%) --- Blocked: 17 (6%) --- Riposted: 8 (3.1%) --- Absorbed: 0 (0%)
    So yea, Parsing woohoo
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  19. Rainbowdash Augur

    air pet never should have been primary tank. it's a utility. can do some dps, and offtank/tank in a pinch. but if you were doing real hard stuff earth should be the way to go. we have four pets for a reason and part of the purpose of this patch is, not only to tune other pets or help player tanks compete (Which i never thought they needed too, any tank worth it's weight in gnoll hide lariats could out do a pet any day. The ONLY viable argument is time/effort to get one into tanking condition over the other, and since the mage pet is only a part of our class and critical to our solo class nature, and a tank is THE whole class, the point is slightly moot anyway) but it was also meant to bring all 4 pets finally back into a sense of usefullness. Inspiring the need to swap between them like they were meant for.

    Unfortunately it seems the earth pet nerf may have gone a tad too far...
  20. Ranndom_TheUndead Augur

    Unfortunately it seems the earth pet nerf may have gone a tad too far...[/quote]
    Just a tad......hahahaha
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