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  1. gotwar Augur

    Correction... all toons, regardless of whether or not they entered the DZ, will be wiped clean on their respective accounts. Just lost:


    All in one go. After requesting the DZ, even if you do not enter, upon trying to zone you will bumped to character select with the same "That zone is unavailable" error. In the case of Gotcharms, I used my Stein gate to go back to POK. At character select she was listed as being in Plane of Tranquility. Trying to re-enter gave the "That zone is unavailable" error. Trying to return the character to their home city bounced me to server select, and wiped the character from the select screen.

    Seems like every time I try to test/confirm a bug I screw myself, LOL.
  2. JChan Developer

    We've gotten some cycles to look into the Agent of Change (and other instances that grant Account-Wide Lockouts) and have found the issue. Thanks for the detailed reports all! This will be fixed in the next Test Server update.
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