Test Update 7/13/2018 - Patch Notes and Discussion

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  1. Clonkers Lorekeeper

    I think the ground spawn changes did (still on first page post)
  2. doah Augur

    So since you all are fixing offhand weapon issues, maybe you should look into Vah Shir always holding offhand weapons backwards.
  3. kizant Augur

    Cats are stupid so it does make sense.
  4. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    So DBG received feedback about the Banestrike mistakes and yet the changes still went through. Why is there a test server? God forbid you grant our requests and make more money.
  5. segap Augur

    I failed to see any real consensus to not make the change in the feedback thread. They addressed Rangers' concerns about breaking root. That is a direct result of putting it on Test ahead of time.
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  6. catcattank Elder

    Loving the banestrike change, never used it before as it seemed underwhelming.
  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    These three different points are exactly why it "went in."
    We saw the points, considered one of them very valid and made a quick change. The other points we heard, and either disagreed with the opinion (that's what feedback is... an opinion, not a fact... could be a fact backed opinion... but it's still opinion...) or were not ready to make a snap decision about like we did with the "break root" point.
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  8. drEvil Lorekeeper

    When a "mini named" in SolroTower is killed, "death touch" warders pop and are supposed to kill anyone who gets in range of them, yet they are not death touching anymore. I don't see a patch that disabled this mechanic?
  9. dannyb0y1977 New Member

    Not sure where to post this but I'm wondering if it was a mistake that the Conflagrant Saber goes from cold to venom when turned to it's Phlogiston upgrade. No other weapon I've found does this where the proc changes when it's upgraded.

  10. xxGriff Augur

    Instances, Again.
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  11. xxGriff Augur

    Cannot enter any Instanced zone. It seems the same every 7 -10 days to happen, and usually includes a week end of no instances. GB's are useless if we cannot access them, not to mention ports etc.
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  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    NAB. Things change!
  13. Lorewood Lorekeeper

    I agree with you here ....other then another example of why they wasted time changing it? ..As a Pally I multi-bind banestrike with bash disarm and taunt when I'm the aggro tank (I pull with non damage generally-summons suck). And now I have no control over it. An lets face it it is a nerf, instead of everyone having a fast little nuke they can us, now no one does unless they work on slaughter ach's

    And anyone know what the heck the message is when it actually proceeds? I have yet to see anything in logs that says anything like ......is struck with bane damage...you hit so and so with banestrike.
  14. Nniki Augur

    Related messages:

    You begin casting Banestrike.
    ____ begins to cast a spell. <Banestrike>

    You begin singing Banestrike.
    ____ begins to sing a song. <Banestrike>

    ____ hit ____ for 16500 points of non-melee damage.
    ____ is struck by vengeful spirits.