Test Update 7/10/18 - Patch Notes and Discussions

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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    July 10, 2018

    *** Items ***

    - Fixed several bugs with the focus effects from Sebilis Hardcore Heritage breastplates.
    - Changed a number of fishing pole items to be unbreakable. Fishing poles that have a chance to break when used now display the Expendable flag when inspected.
    - Augments can now be removed with distillers of greater rank than the one specified. For example, an augment requiring a Class V Augmentation Distiller to be removed can also be removed with a Class XI Augmentation Distiller. The system will start with the lowest possible rank distiller and move upwards until it finds an applicable distiller. Augments requiring a unique distiller (like the Small Gem Glue Solvent) will still need that specific distiller or the Perfected Augment Distiller to be removed.
    - Horn of Unity - Adjusted spell stacking for Blessing of Unity to reduce the number of other buffs it conflicts with.
    - If one of new augment based ornaments made from the old container based ornaments is attunable, it is now also tradable on Free Trade servers.
    - Fixed the mixed up descriptive text for the various Rallosian Ornamentations.
    - Bottle of Clarity Pack will give out the appropriate level potions from level 30 to 60.
    - Removed the no longer required spells from Bottle of Healing Pack, Bottle of Clarity Pack, Bottle of Alacrity Pack, Bottle of Spirits Pack, and Bottle of Replenishment Pack. These items now allow you to preview the potion you will get from them.
    - Darkened Coif of Wrath is now a head item.
    - Darkened Sleeves of Wrath is now an arms item.
    - Removed the endurance cost from Rousing Zeal, Soothing Zeal, Rousing Consumption, and Consuming Zeal, the click effect on some Paladin and Shadowknight Breastplates.
    - Hero's Forge ornaments can now be placed in Donal's Vambraces of Mourning.

    *** Quests And Events ***

    - Fixed an issue that caused some characters not to have credit for tasks that they had previously completed but cannot repeat.
    - Under the Robe - Arsin the Blaze should be spawning properly in this errand. Note that he will not spawn 100% of the time.
    - The Handmaiden - Render should be spawning properly in this errand. Note that he will not spawn 100% of the time.
    - Sathir's Tomb (Raids) - Pets will no longer attempt to open or close the hallway doors in the tomb.
    - The Silent Schism - Spells that do not have a mana cost will no longer cause the achievement 'Burn the Heretics' to fail.
    - Defenders of the Faith - The two valkyries needed to complete this quest should spawn properly.
    - Drusella's Vault - Implemented some mechanics changes and bug fixes:
    - - Fixed a bug that caused the oozes to change targets every 5 seconds. They will now switch targets if their previous target is dead or otherwise gone or when 30s have passed since they started chasing that person.
    - - Oozes now show the name of the person they are chasing as their alt name.
    - - Oozes will prefer not to chase tanks or healers unless there are few other choices.
    - - NPCs lose the ability to summon while they are inside Drusella's aura.
    - - Fixed the bug where Tomb Rot would be applied after Drusella's Vault was successfully completed and The Sathir Line had not yet been started.
    - - Increased the number of characters required in the room to trigger the raid.
    - - The Whirlwind Slash cast by the animated bladestorms should now sync up better with the warning aura disappearing.
    - Drusella's Vault - Implemented some tuning changes:
    - - Decreased the max speed of deathslime goos slightly.
    - - Increased the spawn interval of deathslime goos by 50%.
    - - Increased the damage that the globs of goo take from ice spells by 15%.
    - - Decreased the health of the globs of goo by 15%.
    - - Decreased damage inflicted by Caustic Ooze by 25%.
    - Melalafen is no longer a required target for the achievement Conquerer of The Western Wastes.
    - Made several changes to Frostcrypt Raids:
    - - Beltron will no longer leave his room.
    - - Harfang will no longer leave his room.
    - - Hearol the Tactician will now clear detrimental spells when he teleports away.
    - - Shades of Calm - the meditating shades will engage more often now.
    - - Construction of Shadows should work properly now.
    - - Death, Death, Death - Increased the time limit from 40 to 60 minutes.
    - - Death, Death, Death - Slain bosses leave behind chests near Tudasali with items that may help you progress.
    - Veeshan's Peak Key - The Piece of Medallion in the Swamp of No Hope now spawns in multiple locations. Also, the item's appearance has been changed to something a bit more visible.

    *** Spells ***

    - Fixed a bug that caused Sanctuary buffs to drop when consuming some types of potions.
    - Items, Familiars, and Glyphs that previously conflicted with the Wild Growth line of spells will no longer have stacking conflicts.
    - Druid - Adjusted Pack Regeneration, Pack Chloroplast, Regrowth of the Grove, Oaken Vigor, and Blessing of Oak so that they match other regeneration spells and gain power as the caster gains levels.
    - Added a message and chat filter when you or others take damage from auras.

    *** AA ***

    - Numerous abilities that can only be obtained by completing quests or as achievement rewards will now display in the AA window prior to obtaining rank 1. The descriptions for these abilities have been updated to include information on how to obtain them.
    - All - Banestrike has been changed to a passive ability that triggers off of melee attacks, ranged attacks, and direct-spell damage.
    - All - Consolidated ranks 1-3 of Hastened Banestrike to be ranks 2-4 of Banestrike.
    - Melee Classes - Adjusted the bonuses granted by Innate Darkblade, Duelist, Fellstrike, Fury, Holyblade, Innerflame, Natureblade, Rage, and Songblade. Reduced the bonuses granted by these lines for levels 40-80 and increased the bonuses for levels 85-110.
    - Bard - Fixed a bug where A Tune Stuck In Your Head was extending the duration of Vainglorious Shout.
    - Berserker - Removed the hit limit from Blood Sustenance.
    - Enchanter - Fixed a bug that prevented Rank 8 of Color Shock from functioning.
    - Monk - Doubled the duration for all ranks of Swift Tails' Chant.
    - Monk - Significantly increased the effectiveness and endurance cost for all ranks of Ton Po's Stance.
    - Ranger - Reduced the base damage of all ranks of Headshot and increased the maximum melee damage cap from 750k to 6m. This should result in critical Headshot attacks dealing significantly more damage than before.
    - Shadowknight - Removed the hit limits from melee leech effects and removed the 8% chance for Mortal Coil to trigger Mortal Residue.

    *** NPCs ***

    - Many Chest NPCs that were body type Humanoid, Magical, or Undead are now body type Construct.
    - All raid bosses should be able to mitigate heroic effects more equally. Previously some bosses were much weaker than their counterparts.
    - Sul Vius Life - Party goers will no longer be so aggressive toward visitors.
    - Assistant T'os has returned to dry land.
    - Marcia Attamilgad has located a few new items for her stash. We're not asking questions.

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Bottle of Health Pack, Bottle of the Ursine Pack, Bottle of the Avian Pack, and Bottle of the Cetacean Pack will now create potions with actual effects on progression servers.
    - Progression Server instances given by Agents of Change will no longer send characters into the instance if too low level.
    - The "Voice of *" NPCs in Veeshan's Peak are no longer charmable.
    - The books to make Exalted Cultural Symbols are available when The Serpent's Spine expansion unlocks.
    - Slayer achievements and the Banestrike AA ability are no longer restricted to Rain of Fear.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Trial heroic characters can once again be deleted.
    - Added an on/off argument to autofire. This does not change current functionality, it just allows you to specify on or off.
    - Bard - The /melody command will no longer be interrupted when attempting to sing a targeted song without a target, a song with no cast-time (Alliance of Sticks and Stones), or a song that costs more mana than the bard has available.
    - This forage button no longer gets into a "stuck", unusable state when zoning. If it would have been stuck, it may not be in a receptive state, but will follow up with a warning message and re-computation of the timer.
    - Improved the classic Giant's ability to hold weapons in its left hand.
    - Hero's Forge, Heritage Crate, Pet Crate, and similar achievements have been moved to the new General -> Vanity category.
    - The Autumn Appreciation events have been moved to the Events -> Seasonal category.
    - Improved water pathing in Combine Dredge.

    *** UI ***

    - The group window should no longer show group information to players if the group is disbanded or they are removed and/or leave.

    - The EverQuest Team
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  2. Baldur Augur

    Just to be sure on this, the vendor a cultural discoveries historian [Tradeskill Books] that sells them is also available in TSS right? Because if the books got flagged for TSS and the vendor didn't, it doesn't matter, we still won't be able to make them.

    We can't test any of the expansion flagged stuff on the test server can we?
  3. Skeetari Lorekeeper

    How much of a nerf did the melee innate damage aa get hit with at lower levels? What’s it at at 65? (At work, can’t check)
  4. Choya New Member

    So Paladin DPS is low already and your talking about lowering it more by reducing the bonus granted with Inate Holyblade? Yes it says for lvls 40-80 but this will include the paladins on the progression servers that are all under 80.
  5. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Many neat changes this patch!
    Oh Ngerth save us plz.

    Assuming this includes his "waiting room"?

    The way this reads it looks like this includes other leech effects? E.g., SK epic?
    Zipe likes this.
  6. Ingus New Member

    Paladin DPS on live or even undead mobs is TERRIBLE, with Holyforge being an hour + reuse, we are essentially useless on raids besides Brells.

    There should be NO change to the Innate Holyblade unless its an additional increase

    Paladin stuns / cast agro components vs SKs instant jolts / Warrior scowls are also extremely unbalanced

    Back to dps, Paladins are suppose to be a tank class completely understandable, go ahead a parse warrior and sk to paladin on any kind of mob ( live or undead ) a warrior will probably put up 3 times the dps and SKs I'd bet at least double

    This will just unbalance Paladins more for TLP and probably making us one of the most useless classes, if we aren't already it currently with how broken our Agro and Dps is
    Choya likes this.
  7. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    SK Epic leech getting unnerfed is pretty neat.

    For anyone curious at level 75 the melee dmg AAs dropped by around 18-19%. Unknown how the scaling is for lower levels.

    Thank you for putting out a fix for Melalafen, although I'm not sure how to feel about the mountain of Slayer achievements I have in front of me next week. Free content though!
  8. Skeetari Lorekeeper

    Interesting, if all the melee innate AA dropped by about 20% (assuming scaling matches), that’s a 20% hit on melee raid dps for progression servers. Yikes. Shouldn’t be a breaker unless it’s a fight you were within a few % of winning, but that sucks.
  9. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    New Marcia stuff?!?!
  10. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Yeah I'm curious what it could be, but todays item is an old one.

    My scooby sense is saying Mask of Monstrosity
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  11. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    - Marcia Attamilgad has located a few new items for her stash. We're not asking questions.

    Oh boy. I want to know what these are.
  12. Paladin Augur


    - Items, Familiars, and Glyphs that previously conflicted with the Wild Growth line of spells will no longer have stacking conflicts.

    >> What about similar spells by other classes? Such as Defiant Stance (Paladin)?
  13. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Does this same upper cap for crits apply to Rogue assassinate and Zerker Decap?
  14. josh Augur

    its the glyphs and familiars that are being changed, so yes it applies to knight growth as well. glyphs are being changed to slot 16 and familiars are being changed to slot 15 it looks like, so glyph, growth and familiar will all stack presumably.
  15. Lubianx Augur

    Just a question, can this be toggled off?

    Unless this can be turned off, much like auto bash/kick etc, this will pretty much cause issues with no damage offtanking for knights
  16. DaciksBB Augur

    says direct-spell damage so it should correct?
  17. Muji Augur

    Will this also effect the Ooze that spawn in the event before it in Crypt Robbers raid?
  18. Cleaver Augur

    Probably not.
  19. Gnomeland Augur

    That's not what matters here...

    That's a lot.

    But I wonder what the increase was, from 85 and above.
  20. Stephsanity Augur

    No fix for Defenders of Faith I don't think you can get time trial achievement atm due to killing the winged defenders and it gets stuck at 1/2. I'm waiting on this for my toon to get time trial known bug for a while.