Test Update 5/19/16 - New Bugs Only

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  1. Parts Journeyman

    Ok thanks for addressing it, it does relieve a pinch of salt, hehe. :cool:

    Some of the things you are unsure of, they might be answerable when looking at what you guys did to change binding in the zone "Timorous Deep", which had binding re-enabled in era like it should be, but you also put in that feature for when the binding ability is removed from a zone, that all binds in the zone will be erased along with it, so one would think Plane of Mischief can have those rules cut and pasted into it possibly? Thats all im going for because i've seen it done with Timorous Deep.

    Others are suggesting for it to be treated even differently, and follow city binding rules, to allow casters to bind melees there too because of other good points made about not being able to leave empty corpses to get rez'd back whenever, and no lockets of escape like there used to be, all things to consider about it.

  2. Iila Augur

    Can you change the bindable status of all the TBM zones while we're taking about bindable statuses?
    And I might as well ask about flipping Plane of Shadows, two years after it was relevant.
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  3. Rainbowdash Augur

    Thanks Jchan :). For the record the transfer off thing isn't related to the downtimes or the work of the devs. It's a sentiment i have held for about a year know when Year's community started undergoing a change of sorts. But that is a personal opinion and not a universal desire across Test. I just slip it into posts periodically like I do with the following illusion lol. But if the option presents itself it does, if not oh well. Just wanted to say I appreciate your diligence and work on this matter and anyone else involved as well :)

    In fact the only thing I am truly upset about at the moment is the crystal spider pet illusion is still super tiny! It saddens me deeply every time I look at it :( *hint* lol
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  4. Jenarie Elder

    Thanks for looking into it!!!

    Was super excited to hear the old zone is back but not very many people will be able to appreciate it if people can't get there. It was always exclusive but the people who really wanted to could find a way to get there once and then get back there any time.

    Hoping this turns out to be something you can find a way to fix easily.
    Can we just trick it into thinking it is a city? I mean Bristlebane lives there so anything is possible, right? Logic doesn't have to apply there! ;)