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  1. Tiqou Elder

    You need to "get" the knowledge of alaran aa from special tab to open those.
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  2. Tiqou Elder

    It doesn't work for some AA. I think when the hot button's caption is different from the AA name. For exemple : hot button 'Bite of chaos' for the AA 'Vicious Bite of chaos'.
  3. Aghinem Augur

    Well, I hope you aren't referring to me directly because I recall running many of my guild mates through several missions which I have spent COUNTLESS HOURS unlocking from HoT to RoF with no "fee". I use to run a task add business before they nerfed TAs to not give free experience to those not part of the mission. The people I charged were non-guild members. I just returned to EverQuest from an over 10 year hiatus and had to find a way to earn plat, so there was nothing wrong with charging non-guild members for TAs. Moreover, a player named Laeyani who seemingly vanished from the game was someone I would split the proceeds with - in fact, anyone who helped on a TA that I sold profiteered very nicely.

    So AGAIN, I really hope you are not referring to me because I as the leader of the guilds you wanted to throw under the bus so eloquently created a forums, ran content and mission groups, gave away plat, gave away gear, tried to keep the bank in order, etc etc. I was wearing many hats with very little help from so called officers and members who seemingly was there for the taking. Frankly, the only person who has any right to complain is me. If there was a problem with a guild member charging for grouping, PLs, or whatever, that should have been brought to my attention.

    PS. Next time, if you have a problem with a guild or a person, rather than insinuate or imply what their short comings are or who they are for that matter, another venue of communication would be appropriate.
  4. Vaft_Gnome Lorekeeper

    when the test patcher is ran, it deletes the testeqgame.exe file.
    is this supposed to happen?
  5. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    You're about oh.... 3 years too late to be whining about this.
    Since then when an expansion is around 3 1/2 years old they unlock it. They did it for SoF, SoD, UF, and now HoT. Get over it.
  6. Aghinem Augur

    Like anyone else, I have the right to voice my opinion and I am not going to be stifled by sarcastic or hateful remarks that are unwarranted. If you don't like my opinion(s), too bad! Maybe you should get over it, and yourself for that matter.
  7. Ravengloome Augur

    He does have a point though, They've been unlocking content on a yearly basis.
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  8. Aghinem Augur

    I understand the point being made. It was just presented in a very rude way. The general issue I had is it seems rather than having to quest to access content, people can opt to sit on their thumbs for the next expansion - and that seems to take the spirit of the game away in my opinion.
  9. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    The expansion is over 3 years old, getting groups to do progressions is non existent. This will be the last zone to have its progression flags removed as there has been none since House of Thule. There is better gear available else where and the quests are still there to run though if you wish, at least this way those yet to see it still stand a chance.

    Personally I miss having locked zones each expansion which need progression to unlock, sadly the devs have moved away from this concept.
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  10. Pirouette Augur

    Anybody who thinks the best way to play EverQuest is to wait a year for content to unlock is...likely not playing EverQuest. I'm a graphic designer/3d modeller myself. I pay close attention to the content they release and the majority of any given expansion utilizes old models (for example the gingerbread men in SL were made by HoT artists). They get plenty of use, and there has been a considerable amount of effort put forth to get players to utilize old content again. The journeyman's compass for example just came out and has us explore all the old stuff. Paragon armor from SoD achievements. Expansion Conquests (UF awards an ant mount, HoT awards a bunny illusion and big bags along the way, VoA awards a mount, big bags, and a mercenary slot along the way, etc etc) keep a lot of players such as myself in old content. The bunny illusion in particular requires you to not only do all the progression missions but also every single quest in that expansion.

    And in regards to VoA specifically there's considerable more reason to stick around in that expansion than most (Stone Tear). And don't forget that VoA is the last expansion players can venture in before they buy the expansions. I know plenty of people who stick around, even doing the old language quests for that reason.
  11. Stickietoes Augur

    [Sat Feb 15 20:34:42 2014] Commander Galenth hits YOU for 30598 points of damage
    [Sat Feb 15 20:34:43 2014] Commander Galenth hits YOU for 30598 points of damage.
    [Sat Feb 15 20:34:43 2014] Commander Galenth hits YOU for 17504 points of damage.
    [Sat Feb 15 20:34:44 2014] Commander Galenth hits YOU for 30598 points of damage.
    [Sat Feb 15 20:34:44 2014] Commander Galenth hits YOU for 27539 points of damage.
    [Sat Feb 15 20:34:44 2014] You have been slain by Commander Galenth

    even slowed, ridiculous, maybe?

    this should be looked into...

    Edit, This was the Defense of Lady Lendinira TWK #2 group mission
  12. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    The content is unlocked not (primarily) for those who have been playing, but for those who are returning or new, are at those levels but are incapable of finding groups who want to do the progression content.

    Similar to Yinla, I was not exactly thrilled with the direction the Dev's chose with regard to unlocking SoF and later expansions. I personally would have rather that they had continued to do a level unlock theme instead of the total unlock they chose to go with instead.

    That said, no one is going to be going to T3/4 of HoT looking for gear or the like. Leaving it locked will simply make it harder for new/returning players to get groups in the level range for which HoT is designed.
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  13. Aghinem Augur

    I do see your points and understand the validity of them. Thank you for the responses. I guess its one of those situations where you have to swallow some pride and roll with the punches. I think I was more irked about the Alaran language situation than anything else. Well, life goes on! :)
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  14. Ravengloome Augur

    Seems fine to me.

    You realize you can have Lenny the Dragon tank him if needed and just range burn him down too right?

    Or just bring an actual or even boxed healer along with you and pop a disc/cooldowns. If he was hitting you for 30k I am guessing you forgot to click Mantle or Guardian before pulling him... Since the highest hit i have in my log from the last time i fought him was in the low 20's which is more then manageable.
  15. Naugrin Augur

    You should see what the raid version can dish out hehehe.
  16. Ayoheee Augur

    Tried to do Fabled Cursed Cycle today. Killed all 7 fabled TMs, 2 fabled Roths, and fabled Warden all within about a minute, a glyph covered serpent didnt spawn thereafter though.
  17. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    The need for language was always planned to be reduced from around the 8th month mark, I could find the thread but it was so long ago, I wouldn't know where to start. There were a lot of complaints about the way the language worked and how linear the quests were. Putting the language quest in as the 2nd quest in Rain of Fear was a good idea, it meant those who hadn't done early questlines could join anyone in any of the VoA zones doing quests.

    I have no objection to not being able to doing quests because I cannot travel there, I dislike being able to zone in and not get the quests because I haven't done zone X.
  18. EQTrixy Elder


    I have seen a number of people grouping in T3 and T4. Good to see people in them. Those zones were dead the last year (when I started grouping there).

    Even though these zones are now open, I still plan on running the quests and missions. I just really like the story.
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  19. blood & gufts Augur

    thats a bit like cotf, where you need to do progression in a certain order, even when 1 tier.
  20. EQTrixy Elder

    Same thing with Frog Monks.

    I thought I was doing something wrong when creating a new character.

    There is also some issues with instances on test. My guild could not request Uqua or Ikky 4 raid.

    But we did find CBQ up! We actually just wrote her off as a raid mob we would never see up during raid. So it was a good guild first for us even without the instance raids.
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