Test Update 12/4/2018 - New Bugs Only

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.
    Patch notes and discussions thread
  2. jeskola Augur

    Rumor has it 5th and 6th shared bank slots are bugged. I have no supporting information and have not seen this myself. It was just 1 dude in genchat. That should be enough info to fix?
  3. Sumteengex Journeyman

    horrible lag / game freezes when killing some with faction hits in FM while doing prograssion
  4. Secura New Member

    Items placed in the new shared bank slots are parceled to another toon on the account. I can't say if it is sent to the first toon that logs in with 100% certainity, but it did for me once.
  5. WhiskeyMike New Member

    Citizens of Takish-Hiz is listed twice in the new faction window.
  6. xxGriff Augur

    newly added shared def clear any item/bags on camp. Blightfire Moors is empty, no mobs at all.
  7. Mr. Froo Developer

    Currently looking into the 2 new Bank Slots. Thank you guys for bringing this to our attention!
  8. Nodens1 New Member

    Zone Blightfire missing all npcs.

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