Test Update 12/2/2014

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. jeskola Augur

    Combine Dredge HA, Kedge Counterblow:

    Upon named/collection spawn, named spawned, but the "A Power Enemy Approaches" text did not come up. Named or ph did not appear at top of "Normal" sorted track list. Water elemental continued to spawn and was at top of track list. I ran over to named spawn area and the named was up, looked at track and he was at the bottom of "Normal" sorted track list. Killed named, another mob instantly popped at his spawn upon death (ph?).
  2. jeskola Augur

    Brother Island and Combine Dredge docks:

    a Shark will sometimes warp up to the docks and become a landshark at the zone in on both sides of this zone line and aggro at zone in spot.
  3. SaderakhBertox Augur

    I noticed in the HA that a water elemental would flash on/off in the Extended Target Window repeatedly. It seemed to occur when in the water and nearish Aqusos Ulto.

    'Disrupting the Ritual' in Dead Hills had a similar bug where you could get back to back named kills. I didn't personally experience this in 'Kedge Counterblow'. I should have tried to kill the 'PH'! ;)
  4. Lenra New Member

    When zoning into kata from guild hall i crash, tried to patch validate files when it goes to download it crashes. Any suggestions?
  5. Dropfast Augur

    I'm not seeing the fixes for Monks Dragon's balance and Five point Palm listed? Are they getting added into this patch?
  6. Horrone Journeyman

    yea thats not good i just got a hold of soe and they said that there still working on the issue at this time so they dont know when it is spose to be fixed i hope a gm would come on here and read what is going on and keep us updated of what is going on and estimated time when its gonna be fixed to get back on it
  7. SaderakhBertox Augur

    Doubtful tbh. They are much more involved than adjusting some physical resist rates. It wasn't clear from Elidroth if he had even made his mind up on what direction to take with Dragon's Balance. Five Point Palm's last 3 ranks actually doing something seems like the easier of the two, but if there's some bug preventing it from working, then who knows.

    I'd like to hear any news, myself. I'm still waiting to purchase the last 3 ranks =/
  8. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    There are no plans at all for this, and actually "plans" to NOT do this. We do *not* want them dye-able.
  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Hrm. First I have heard of this. I will research it, but I am not sure what is up.
    I am starting to think I just need to get rid of sharks... period.
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  10. fransisco Augur

    Don't want another round of pink paladins?
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  11. Uxtalzon Augur

    The named spawns at the beginning/creation of the instance, not after collectibles spawn like it should.
  12. Bigstomp Augur

    Seems to be the same flying shark problem that's existed since TBS. Happens at the docs, also seen it along the paths in combine.

    They don't seem to actually hit you but will aggro you until you move out of range and fade.
  13. Zantor Augur

    /cries that new combine plate armor looks awesome, just a bit bright:eek: , a darker color would be better IMO.;)
  14. Cerris Augur

    Flying sharks are an Everquest tradition! I have screenshots of them roaming the docks in Erudin all the way back to '99, taking the boats, sunning on the beaches in Erud's Crossing...
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  15. iniari-TR Augur

    I used to love the floating fish in nektulos forest.
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  16. Draco Journeyman

    why when i try to patch to get on test server i get the following message and then it tries a few times and then stops?

    Warning: Patch application failed for buriedsea.eqg due to Bad Algorithm ID: 20379. Starting over.

    Can get on live server just not Test..
  17. Edrick Augur

    That is just what they want you to do try.
  18. Horrone Journeyman

    having problems with test file Warning: Patch Application Failed for buriedsea.eqg due to bad Algorithm: ID 20379 been like this since yesterday is this getting fixed???? Also getting an error message the downloaded file does not match what was expected an update maybe in progress please try again in 20-30 minutes also had this since yesterday and alot of other people has this issue besides me :(
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  19. Smellyogres New Member

    I am having the same problems others are having, I am getting a bad Buried Sea file and am unable to launch into Test server. Any Idea on when there will be a fix?
  20. Bigstomp Augur

    Absor did test the first 1 off raid, but I don't think he created it. Alot of work/time went into making sure the npc's behaved as expected. Tuning wasn't really on the table though I don't think at the time (and bugs meant tuning was impossible anyway)

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