Test Update 12/2/2014

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. rune00 Augur

    The person who is buying was buying 180 of them.
    I had to sell 2 at a time until all 15 where sold.
    When you have 300 of something and u have to sell 2 at a time it gets old real quick.

    But to answer your question. Yes I did consider that, but it wasn't the case.
  2. RPoo Augur

    I've seen that a lot on live. Having to sell one or two at a time when trying to sell much more... occasionally it would let me sell more the more I kept selling while holding shift by one. So it'd start out (shift sell) you've sold 7, (shift cell again) you've sold 8 this time, (shift sell again) you've sold 9 this time, (shift sell again) you've sold 10 this time and so on. So random.
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  3. rune00 Augur

    thank you for confirming its not just me, ive seen this bug for awhile and its really irritating to the point where I just vendor stuff instead.
  4. Aledark Journeyman

    I have taken a look at the new arx mentis armor and it does look great however the prices are astronomical! Do you intend to make them drop on raids also as extra loot?

    250 arx crystal (raid currency) for 1 piece.
    1750 arx crystal for a full set

    Let's pretend i dont wanna use my currency for loot which goes against any raider that wanna improve his gear if you ask me unless you've got all your pieces...

    Theorically speaking :
    2x achievment of 250 each will net 500 arx crystal so 2 pieces.

    5 pieces remain for 1250 arx crystal
    that's 125 raids.
    With 7 raids max per lockout

    You're looking at at least 4 months and half of raiding. if you take your achievments rewards for number of keys.

    if not 7 pieces at 1750 arx crystal for 175 raids for 6 months of raiding 100% all 7 targets.

    Seriously just for ornementations, it's a very very very steep price.

    I was hoping these would of been bought with piece of eight instead not raid currency..

    If your intent is to make them special, keep it raid currency but cut the price heavily
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  5. Aledark Journeyman

    Also, as a bard on test when i have checked what i can use(raid merchant check box). It stills shows me the leather, cloth ornementations as options even tough they have restrictions i wont be able to wear it.
  6. Ploww Lorekeeper

    If it's like insidious and drops on Tds raids it won't be so bad. Hint hint.
  7. guado Augur

    I agree with this 100%.

    -The currency reward on the raids needs to be increased.
    -They need to implement double currency week, and/or zero lockout week
    -The Raid Ornaments should not cost 250. That is actually quite upsetting. Something that looks pretty cool, is not even attainable. No one in their right mind would trade a piece of gear (costing 319 Arx Energy Crysals) for an Ornament (250 Arx Energy Crystals.)

    Every time I see good signs of the Developers and Decision Makers, stuff like this happens :-(

    I used to get mad. Now this is just sad.

    Your designers spent x hours making it, and now the only way people are going to look "cool" is to get a robe, or spend "all" their currency on ornaments.

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  8. Lisandra Augur

    Yet another head scratcher decision by the devs. Why do you insist on putting ornaments out of the reach of non raiders & casual players? Why do you make something that's purely for looks have such a high cost & a difficult means by which to obtain the currency?

    Why not rename it "Realm Of Insanity" ornaments because they're the only guild likely to be able to farm enough fast enough to get any full sets. That's not a knock on them by the way, that's just pointing out the foolishness of this decision. I collect Hero's Forge sets & robes aside from the common stuff that doesn't look as good. So this set is out of my reach maybe forever. I'm not happy about that as I've been waiting for it for weeks/months now.
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  9. Edrick Augur

    I'd call them "No Guild" ornaments because we don't raid on lockout, and I don't think any guild would raid for the sake of ornaments. That's absurd.

    I'm going to assume they drop in raid chests, and that they are sold on the vendor so someone can get their last piece that stubbornly won't drop for them. They're still too expensive even in that scenario.
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  10. Lisandra Augur

    It's ridiculous. Sorry if that seemed like a shot at RoI as that was not my intent. I just figured you guys are the only ones that could even manage to get a set in any sort of timely manner the way it is implemented now. I wanted 4 sets of each (plate, chain, cloth & leather) but it looks like I'm SOL on the Arx sets for the foreseeable future.
  11. Orbital101 Augur

    Can we have a option to get this set at login ? rather type /hidecorpse none when i need to see chest or corpses then seting this up every time i zone.

    It also seem to bug your own corpse when rezed you can still see your corpse after rez.

    Would also be nice to not effect players corpses.
  12. Orbital101 Augur

    Giant R Tooth doesnt have tradeskil message added to it.

    im having a hard time finding the leaves.

    all the other combines worked fine.

    Unable to combine what i think is the final combine in a normal forge... im guessing I need to use a Thaell forge in Thul but none of those forge are clickable to use them.
  13. Orbital101 Augur

    tried what i believe all the conventional ways of making studs was only one of the list that I kept geting can not combine in this container type... possibly need to have a Thaell hammer?

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