Test Update 12/10/2019 - Patch Notes and Discussions

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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    December 10, 2019

    *** Torment of Velious ***

    - The lands and denizens of the continent of Velious are suffering. The icy landscape has seemingly come to life and is flowing oddly upward toward the sky. This restless ice is infecting and animating the inhabitants it touches, turning them into zombie-like beings with a strange icy infection that appears alive in its own way – moving and shifting over their bodies. What has caused this strange turn? And what could it mean? All adventurers are called upon to unravel the chilling mysteries that are the Torment of Velious.
    - Increased the maximum level cap to 115.
    - Added a new key ring for Hero's Forge armor pieces.

    *** Items ***
    - New items for level 111 to 115 characters.

    *** Tradeskills ***
    - New crafting recipes for all crafting skills.

    *** Quests And Events ***

    - New Raids, Quests, and Missions for Torment of Velious!
    - End of Empire (Raid) - Fixed a bug that prevented the shield from creating the protective aura.
    - Counting Shadows - Improved operation of the task. It should be nearly impossible to be blocked by doing it out of order.
    - Velishan's Revenge - Corrected a bug that would make it impossible to force the dragon to change forms.
    - Braxi Roundup - You can now select a Snowstorm Ornamentation as a reward even if you've already received a Snowstorm Ornamentation in the past.

    *** Spells ***
    - New spells and combat abilities for level 111 to 115 characters.

    *** AA ***

    - New AAs for level 111 to 115 characters.
    - All - Adjusted the AA ability window descriptions and spell descriptions for all ranks of every AA line that was upgraded with new ranks for Torment of Velious to include spell description links and more accurate information regarding how each ability functions.
    - - Cleric - Adjusted buff stacking on Divine Avatar to reduce conflicts with other buffs.
    - - Shaman - Adjusted buff stacking on Rabid Bear to reduce conflicts with other buffs.
    - - Warrior - Removed the self damaging component of Warlord's Tenacity.

    *** NPCs ***

    - Rare spawn bonuses will no longer prevent Telgrith, Black Legion Captain from spawning in Direwind.
    - Capped strikethrough values on non-raid NPCs from Underfoot to Torment of Velious. You should see fewer strikethroughs, especially from higher level NPCs.
    - The ghostly student in the Tower of Frozen Shadow who appears in odd places on the 6th floor has found his way back to the 2nd floor library.
    - Spells cast by NPCs in Heroic Adventures will scale more appropriately at higher levels.
    - Level 106-110 NPCs in Heroic Adventures now base their stats on tier 1 Ring of Scale instead of tier 1 Empires of Kunark.

    *** Mercenaries ***
    - Increased the abilities of level 111 to 115 mercenaries.

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Accelerated the unlock schedule of Rain of Fear and Call of the Forsaken.
    - - Decreased turn-ins required to unlock the druid rings in Shards Landing.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Customers browsing a Buyer or Trader in the Bazaar will be prompted to re-open the Merchant/Barter Window if there is a price change before they are allowed to complete a transaction.
    - Added the ability to place Hero's Forge Suits in the Hero's Forge Key Ring.
    - Increased the maximum level cap to 115.
    - Added a new key ring for Hero's Forge armor pieces.
    - Vex Thal - Fixed a bug that would send players to the zone in if they got too close to some walls in the rooms where the various Khaas Thox Aten Ha Ra hang out.
    - Fixed a crash that can occur at the server select screen.

    *** UI ***

    - Corrected an issue where right-clicking an AA hotbutton would not always go to the correct AA description.
    - Corrected an issue where avoiding a hit by a lucky riposte would not display that it was lucky.
    - Corrected an issue where a twinproc would cause additional procs from the same cast to report incorrectly as twincasts.
    - Corrected an issue where the Marketplace did not always display a membership discount correctly at the character select screen.
    - Moved spell emotes from heal messages to their own line of text instead of at the beginning of a heal line.
    - - Removed the spell emote that made it look like the caster of a lifetap was hit by the spell.
    - Added the <ShowHeader> property for the ListBox control to allow for hiding the header via XML.

    - Added -

    - Changed -

    - The EverQuest Team
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  2. Jhenna_BB Augur

    - Customers browsing a Buyer or Trader in the Bazaar will be prompted to re-open the Merchant/Barter Window if there is a price change before they are allowed to complete a transaction.

    Very nice! That novel that is the QoL thread really does get looked at (at least I'm fairly certain I recall reading this suggestion there). :)
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  3. That0neguy Augur

    - Accelerated the unlock schedule of Rain of Fear and Call of the Forsaken.

    Can we get more details on what the unlock schedule is for Selo and regular TLP's now?
  4. Yinla Augur

    Why are we once again making old content harder?

    I thought it was decided that Heroic Adventures wouldn't scale after the max level they were introduced at.

    Is EoK gear/AAs/spells going to be increased to compensate for the increased difficulty?
  5. Themisto New Member

    I agree with Yinla didnt we already determine that change is a bad idea?
  6. Soulbanshee Augur

    Did mage AA Elemental Form get fixed in this update to correct the abilities not procing?
  7. Karthos Augur

    It's dumb and has always been dumb. If you are going to up the difficulty then up the rewards. Of course that won't ever happen. It just makes you throw up your hands and wonder why.
  8. Marton Augur

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it....
  9. Themisto New Member

    I would be down for it is they upped the reward and let you buy up to ROS gear with the currency, I also think it would be nice to just merge all those group currencies (ROS and before) to one currency
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  10. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Any more info about this? I imagine if you were going to change it, it would be dropped down to something very small as the populations on servers at this point in the game is significantly lower than it was back then..
  11. Skuz Augur

  12. Gherig Augur

    I can not access this tab in game on Test. I see you added the UI piece though. Is this intentionally disabled until release or is this not going to make it into the game on release?
  13. klanderso Developer

    It's not in a state where we're ready to make it available to players.
  14. Gherig Augur

    I did the Degmar HA today and got less then 2% exp TOTAL at lvl 110 on Test, is the nerfed previous expansion EXP in effect now? Test is x2 EXP so either the x2 of broken or the exp gain is nerfed since it was giving more then that last time I ran the same mission. Mind you that is the total exp from the mission itself and the HA daily bonus. On lives that is less the 1% total minus the x2 Test bump
  15. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Selo is on unlock, no wait. "Normal" progressions (3 month unlocks) is for RoS 4 days then 8 days, and for CotF 4 days then 8 for the rest. "Slow" (6 month) progression is 14/28 days.

    I moved the requirement to 4800 for 6 month, 2400 for the 3 month servers and 800 for 1 month servers.
    And Phinigel was doing good on progress to the normal 9600 at only about 2 weeks... so... I don't foresee an issue, even with low population servers.
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  16. Krazzi Lorekeeper

    Shadowknight AA : Gift of the Quick Spear doesn't work with the new Spear of Cadcane
  17. Gherig Augur

    There is no Summoning Stone in Guild Lobby to summon a corpse 111-115. It is either a missing item or wont show up till the 18th, but I figured I should post it.
  18. Koggar.Bertoxxulous Elder

  19. Koggar.Bertoxxulous Elder

    Unsure why the entire thing looks like it was typed by Ngreth. The last 2 lines are mine but I'm not sure how to fix
  20. Cragzop Augur

    Velium Soulstone for 111-115 is on Beta so should not be an issue.

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