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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. adetia Augur

    Are the 30 purity augments supposed to be dropping? (I've seen a good number of the 35s, but none of the 30s that were on beta).
  2. Minato Augur

    I was actually talking about the newest rank of warriors 2 handed stance turning them into a dps class id rather not see a class get nerfed but if they leave things as is i see a few classes that need boost
  3. catcattank Elder

    Why wouldn't you just say it outright?
  4. Minato Augur

    Never been one to try and get another class nerfed if they give a class something over powered id rather see them boost other classes but i know how daybreak and previous owners work
  5. Koryu Augur

    Actually, it has nothing to do with the new rank of the stance. 2H bonuses went from 110% to 120%, very small increase, the biggest benefit was actually reducing the penalties (but not negating, they are still there). Most of the new damage output from Warriors is coming from the same AAs that other melee classes got, along with a Warrior specific +10% Crippling Blow chance and the long-awaited upgrade to Shield Topple, our only spammable activated DPS combat ability. While it's possible that they may have overshot the mark, it's pretty clear the devs intended to give Warriors damage increases this expansion.
    You should try grouping with a Berserker and see what magic Crippling Blows does for you.
  6. Rayzen Elder

    I know this is off the subject, but why do the tier 1, and tier 2 group pet ears in EoK have the same enhanced minion XVIII focus? I hope that's not intentional. If it wasn't, maybe we could get the tier 2 ear the next focus up. That would be really cool.
  7. Sancus Augur

    Unfortunately, it is intentional. For each level of pet foci, individual pet templates have to be made. For whatever reason, those templates just don't exist past EM 23. Because of that, both group and raid pet foci have been kept at EM 23 and EM 18, respectively, since TDS.

    On beta there was originally an EM 20 group ear and an EM 24? raid earring, but group was changed back to EM 18 and raid back to EM 23 because the templates literally don't exist to continue to grow enhanced minion ranks.
  8. Angahran Augur

    Why not just copy&paste the templates and give minor increase like what has been done with gear, abilities, spells, etc for the last few expansions?
  9. blahblah Journeyman

  10. Gialana Augur

  11. Dardo Journeyman

    Having some issues with the T2 EoK armor -vs- T1 EoK. I have a full set of the T2 and some pieces of T1 and have noticed the following:
    1. The difference between the two sets is minimal - As an SK im noticing around a 30 ac increase.
    2. Some of the stats are actually worse - Why are the Herioc stats on my T2 LOWER than my T1?
    For the amount of time/effort spent camping the "better" versions it does not seem to match the risk -v- reward formula. Aside from that please explain how having lower herioc stats is a postive?
    FYI - I am loving the new expansion and think the new armor is great (aside from what I mentioned above)! Please keep up the great work!
  12. Kotys New Member

    There appears to be a new issue with Mechalossus. A group of us did this mission yesterday and here is what we found. Having read that killing too quickly could cause an issue, in our first attempt we DPSed slowly and Mechalossus went active at about 20%. At 8% his health locked and after 5 minutes or so had not unlocked so we abandoned the mission. In our second attempt we took him down to 39% and held him there until he went active. Again, at 8% his health locked and did not unlock. In our third attempt we DPSed him down until his health locked at 8%. After a few seconds he went active, his health unlocked, and we were able to kill and update the mission. So, it appears that his health locks at 8% and going active unlocks it. But, if he is already active when his health locks the unlock trigger never happens.
  13. Firefox New Member

    The task Drogan Toes has been broken since 2 patches ago. The npc, Vasyryx Teken'Tlar will not accept them. Please fix asap as the end game for the exp cannot be completed without it.
    Thank you

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