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  1. Sancus Augur

    While I sympathize in that the task is certainly among the more challenging, it's definitely a lack of DPS. You basically have a tank, a support class, and a hybrid in your group, which means your DPS really is not very high. Mercs put out very poor DPS, and you only have one other DPS merc anyhow.
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  2. segap Augur

    If that were the case, a lot more people would be jumping in. I 4 boxed this using a mage earth pet as the tank. Got all four boxes through the step before leaving. No other groups to help out.

    Try a different tactic or perhaps find a better location. War should be able to handle multiples if played correctly. Bard can mez all the adds. If you're having problems with keeping adds from the room or next room down, keep them mezed. They can't respawn if they don't die. Your group is low on dps. Bard is not dps, war is not dps (unless highly skilled, in which case tanking multiples would not be a problem), rogue merc should be wiz merc, but dps mercs have stagnated since TDS regardless of which you use. A decent warrior should only need one healer merc. Especially with the beast to spot heal.
  3. Xoner Augur

  4. Imak Augur

    Guildmate and myself, each 3-boxing, did the repellant portion of this task a few times today for alts. Ended up splitting into two groups and using a couple mercs -- it was just too hairy for boxing our less than optimal group without a mezzer. The respawn rate made it a fairly deep time sink to do it repeatedly as we had to clear the area between each repellant click. I expect this task is likely a huge challenge for a typical group-geared group and is probably out of place in the entry-level zone of the expansion.

    Once we inexplicably wound up with a full extended target window of mobs. Assume something warped through a wall and brought the entire cave system on our heads. All other attempts we typically dealt with pulls of 3-4 mobs at a time.
  5. Ducreux Augur

    None of the named currently spawn in the Vex Thal Agent of Change instance. Not sure if this happened today as a result of the patch or if it has been like this for multiple weeks on Test but hopefully whatever is causing this won't affect Phinigel if it gets pushed live.

    Blood of Ssraeshza needed to spawn Emperor Ssraeshza is also no longer spawning inside the Ssra Agent of Change instance.

    Gonna assume this is affecting other stuff as well but not checking every instance.
  6. Ducreux Augur

    Not sure if this is related at all to the issues with Emp Ssra in his instance, but the 8 Guards that normally spawn in his room were in a really...odd location in OPEN WORLD.


    Highsunning these as well as killing them caused them to pop back to their normal locations so I have to assume that they were somehow trained through the geometry to the basement for some reason (on Test server), or something really weird happened to cause them to go to these locations.
  7. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    For those with the patch error a possible work around would be to delete the files it is getting stuck on and let the patcher download them again.

    Another thing to check is if you are on Windows 10 make sure your EQ folder didn't get set to read only by the OS itself for some random reason.
  8. mackal Augur

    Can't delete files that don't exist. Also double checked read only and no go.
  9. Imak Augur

    I have witnessed this in static zone (bristlebane server) on several occasions recently. I have left a character camped right on Blood's spawn point (center of the circle of these 8 guardians). When I enter world, Blood is found beating on my head but the 8 guards are no where in the room although all 8 are on extended target, I have their agro. Eventually they path back through the walls to their proper spawn points. Why they scatter throughout the zone when I enter world, I dunno. Its very strange.
  10. Pikallo Augur

    Deleted files, checked read only, still a problem. Happening on both Win 10 and 7 for me
  11. mackal Augur

    It's an issue with the East Coast (or maybe just North East) US and the download servers. This is also affecting patching live. (deleted a file and patcher is failing to download)

    It's not read only issue or corrupt file. It's a routing issue I think. VPNs should work :p

    If someone wants to give me a list of addresses to trace route I can. I'm sure I could figure out which I would need to, but I'm lazy and this issue will probably resolve itself by tomorrow.
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  12. Zunar Augur

    Needless nerf to beastlord and chanter DoT spells imo.
    The initial nuke damage, while nice when it crit (bst have lowish crit rate) is still only used once per minute (hello it's a dot spell).
    Chaining dots even on burns still didn't really beat chain nuking, but will make you lose dps per cast and tons of mana.
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  13. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Was hoping to see a fix to Standard Guild halls spawning and despawning correctly in this patch. Is there an unlisted fix?
  14. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I missed the "invested" part of your statement and tested the basic version. I comfirmed teh bug with the invested version made a fix that should make it into the live patch.

    That is not a bug. That is Difficult. Many groups *have* succeed at this.
  15. Wizdons Augur

    This not really the best place to talk this, but i must say for clarity sake and hopefully make you come back to earth.

    That is no way any form of DPS group.

    If played well a BL is barely a DPS. If that BL was TBM raid level and very skilled this should still be easy. but more than likely its just avg BL maybe doing 30k dps.

    Rog merc is worse than even a caster merc and a caster merc is < bard dps.

    Bard dps is the worst in the game.

    Warrior if played in a tanking mode is about the same as bard.

    I assume your group probably puts out barely 100k dps.. if even close to that.

    my group of Wiz/War/Brd/Zerk/2x healer merc puts out 200k+ dps all day long. if we burn its easily 3x that.

    With that group we had no problem.

    That group is also not even close to best DPS either. A raid level group could probably just pull all the junk and AE it dead in 30 seconds.
  16. Azra New Member

    It seems you guys finally created the fix to not illusion through doors. With that being a thing, are previous keys past a certain point going to be null because....yeah bringing a rogue to vt at 105 sounds fun and all.
  17. Holyfires Elder

    LOL bsty lord pet alone does 75k dps thanks for trolling but hey where not all into tbm crap . Full eok tiert2 geared . wizdon auto attack with a zerker doesn't = dps btw you have play the zerker not box it ..
  18. Braikkarrii Journeyman

    Hello. Since the release of EOK, I have noticed that the guild hall has been extremely unstable. There are two main problems I have noticed with them:

    1. Characters can't enter the hall sporadically
    If you click the guild hall door from the lobby, it looks like your character is actually trying to zone-in (although there is no loading progress bar) but the character is booted back to the guild lobby with a message stating that the guild hall is "not ready to receive visitors."

    2. Characters that have camped in the GH are spawned in the lobby
    If you log on as a character that camped-out in the guild hall on the previous day, the character will actually spawn in the guild hall in front of Magus Alaria.
  19. Lillola Lorekeeper

    When hailing M.C. Tinkerton in PoK for the New Year's: Frostbeard I do not get a choice of tasks. I am given "Frostbeard's Lesser Minions" repeatedly. My group is all lvl 105 so I should be getting "Frostbeard's Elite Minions." Also, upon completing the Lesser Minion task I do not get "Old Frostbeard". This has happened several times. I have killed the scattered storms and spawned Old Frostbeard, looted the Clockwork Party Starter (There was no primary party motivator to loot) however M.C Tinkerton will not accept it, no doubt because I have been unable to get the task "Old Frostbeard".
  20. Nickalispicalis Journeyman

    Goblin Caster mercenary takes no action. Tried everything. Wasting plat hiring it. Fix or remove them from the game.

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