Test Update 12/07/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Imariel New Member

    Not trying to be negative here, but basically that could mean in two hours or two months.

    I understand that by playing on test we're there to help test out new game code, but this true box stuff really doesn't have anything to do with the game itself.This is actively preventing people from playing; both F2P and paying customers alike. As someone who's spent ~ $100 in the past month alone with DBG on my various accounts, it pisses me off to no end that for the past few days I've been unable to play more than one at a time. It's gone on for too long as it is. The test population usually has 150-200+ toons online, a number which has dipped to 50-60 or so since true box has been active. It's killing the server.
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  2. Quality Lorekeeper

    Well that will be a while, since how far are we into TBM and you guys still haven't got it working properly
  3. Eniner Augur

    To be fair them testing it is no issue as the raid team on test is still downing raids. Yes it does kill people boxing but to be fair they could have closed for their personal use its a luxury even be allowed to play there. So honestly if your computer savvy and you want true box gone then try to log in by any means you can and report how you got in so the doors can be closed and it will be removed. More players who complain about it instead of (testing) it to try and get it like they want us to.
  4. Saeadyan Elder

    So are you saying the only way true box is going to leave is if we find ways to bypass it? That would mean it could never come back. We have the bonus on test of not paying subs but the other side of that is frequent down times, testing things that crash the game, not being able to log in for long periods of time etc. So while it is a bonus it is also a deterrent. Not sure why the ability to raid is what determines if there is an issue or not either tbh.
  5. Eniner Augur

    It has nothing to do with it but if it physically can not stop us from raiding then it should not stop players from finding groups. It is on test for us to try find ways in and report how we got in ive gotten in multiple ways and reported them and they have been fixed but there could be other ways in only thing there is to do is try log in via vpn changing ip etc type ways if it works you report hey i got in using this and that and it will be fixed. Once they think every door has been closed it will be removed. But complaining about it being there will not get it removed any time soon. Taking action will.
  6. Eniner Augur

    I have been on test since it was open to players back in 02 i see players in general all the time saying this is test we test things claim to play on test cause they wish to test things when it comes to actually test things they want to complain. Mind boggling.
  7. Imariel New Member

    Sure, but don't forget that just because someone plays on test means they are a freeloader. I would understand your point if everyone on test was a F2P player, but lots of us spend money via monthly subs or game cards or account transfers or whatever. The fact that paying customers are currently being blocked on test is just wrong - I don't mind being locked out from time to time for server updates or emergency maintenance or whatever, but this is a feature that no one on test asked for. I didn't mind testing it out for a day or two - but now my patience is wearing thin. If this goes on past today I don't think it unreasonable that DBG credits those with paying test accounts with a free week.
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  8. Eniner Augur

    I assure you prolly not a soul in eq who has dropped more money into everquest than i have i actually have bank stubs showing ive paid verdant sony and daybreak over all my years well over 15 grand for all my boxs to have subs xpacs and more. I prolly should be mad but being from test I am not due to i understand what they are doing and trying to accomplish.
  9. Saeadyan Elder

    It is a mute point really, when they feel they are able to open test back up again they will. I was just wondering if it was a case of being able to look at code on a server where it (true boxing) works is all. I wasn't complaining about testing stuff I don't mind doing that, that's why I love being involved in beta. I just get upset when people say I am a spoiled brat getting everything for free when I am in fact not is all. What you were saying about finding different ways in makes sense, I hadn't thought of it really. The only thing I do is to use different computers and they can't really say only 1 computer per address as there are others in my family who also play EQ. :)
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  10. Eniner Augur

    You could always play on live where you dont test things instead deal with massive rollbacks once they see flaws and upset you even more. Just wait it out we play on a server thats used to test things when they need it tested and we can not complain about it.
  11. Eniner Augur

    Testing takes time it can not be done in a single day or two you think the rockets that went to the moon made it on the first attempt? These type things do take time to make sure it is flawless they want this to be a legit no box server from a single machine in order to do that every door will need to be closed.
  12. Imariel New Member

    If they want to make sure it's flawless and a legit no box server they would have done it weeks ago, and not still be working the kinks out the day of and day before launch.
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  13. Eniner Augur

    Same could be said about TBM but when you got dead lines you meet you have to meet them. They publicly announced the release of the server and date there for it had to be released and be worked on as it is released. Stuff happens staff is smaller things take time they are doing everything they can. Considering its a new release server and new xpac all in same run there hands are full.
  14. Saeadyan Elder

    This may be just a case of semantics, however. They really should have called it a no box server not a true box server. Sounds like they will go out of their way to allow you to box. Just sayin ;)
  15. chantz New Member

    How is Phinny going? Any word on when Truebox will be turned off on test?
  16. pallyboy New Member

    I just logged into this forum to check on that. Really anxious to play on Test again!!!
  17. mackal Augur

    I wouldn't mind being able to play on test sometime soon.
  18. gato3 New Member

    Please, please - take the no box off for Test no later than tomorrow. Really want to play this weekend now that school is done. Last final was today!

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