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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by KevinMcP, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Gladare Augur

    How was vinelash changed? I know they were put on the same timer, but that didn't have anything to do rangers. I still don't understand why that happened tbh.
  2. smash Augur

    I disagree that all of those zones should have had summoning from beginning.
    Some mobs yes, but they are the "wide open ranges" or first zone in expansion where you come to.

    Basically those have never had summoning, because they are besially beginning zone in an expansion.

    Then you could say that all mobs in grounds, BD, ocean green, field of blood and more should have had summoning too.

    It would hurt a people a lot less if the ability had been changed to max number of 8 instead.
  3. porky Augur

    It had a limit applied to how many mobs it could hit to mess up rangers ability to headshot swarms of mobs with their arc of arrows line.
  4. Aeolous New Member

    So nerfing abilities as beams are worse then making me quit because in all new content there will be zero spots to kite .
    O and please UNNERF wizard beam spells and the Self-Destruction line from an 8 hitlimit and 5 hitlimit to unlimited please then if the teams do not like to NERF a CERTAIN class.

    Having double standards for classes with the same ability is a bad way of doing business.
  5. Gladare Augur

    When? Last time I used it it didn't. And rangers lost the ability to ae headshot years ago.
  6. porky Augur

    was while my guild was still doing convorteum, i remember it screwed up our ability to do the second event... I guess i haven't had a reason to use it since then. Its very situational for us, even when i would kite i would grab my 10 plus mobs and just run til i had them all snared, never rooting them. I guess they "unfixed" it, alla doesn't have anything on it having a hit limit now. Maybe it will have a use as a CC tool again!
  7. Piestro Augur

    Some mobs summoning does not equal zero spots to kite.
  8. Crystilla Augur

    (Think you mean the 3rd event? 2nd was Mistresses).
  9. Gladare Augur

    It worked just fine in convort while we were raiding it. If vinelash was ever changed, it must've been very short lived.
  10. Augmentation New Member

    The decision to simply turn snareable trash mobs to summoning mobs for other classes because of one classes exploit/issue is outrageous..

    They did not even touch that classes overpowered spell = so in time they will go somewhere else and do the same,resulting in the developers looking to nerf other snareable mobs in the same 85-100 level range instead of dealing with the issue. An overpowered spell of one class..

    Around lvl 90 and up the choices of zones, areas to kite become more limited or linear unlike the 70s, so it is not so easy for all to find other kiting areas in that range. Especially as most of the population is concentrated in the top10 levels of the game..

    Why did they not adjust that spell instead of killing the game for others is what really bothers me.
  11. Marshall Maathers Augur


    Thank you for your response, first of all.

    But in that text you quoted most recently there was a fair request, which you glossed over: the return of the wizard beam. I mean, you would really hate to nerf one swarming class over others, right?

    That being said, I'm sure wizards would much rather the mobs remain kite-able than get their beam back, but not returning it after Sony has now essentially said "zone disruption by beaming is fine as long as its not these couple zones" would certainly be unfair.
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  12. smash Augur

    Would not surprise me if there sometime in future comes a patch where they give more mobs summoning ability, because they look at it, and think: We forgot these mobs

    Thats a concern that I have..
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  13. Aeolous New Member

    When i typed in all new content i mean content yet to be released . I have done all i had to do in the old new content . I do not like that change either but it does not impact me.
    And like Marshall Maathers typed you did not touch the unnerfing of wizard beams with a ten foot pole.
  14. Piestro Augur

    That's a dev team decision. It's completely up to them. And no, we have not endorsed zone disruptions. Zone disruptions are still not allowed.

    Future content will have mobs that summon and mobs that do not. There will be kiting spots, there will be spots that can't be kited.
  15. Smokezz Augur

    Ummm, excuse me but that's EXACTLY what the devs are doing with Assassinate, Headshot and Decap!!! It's being stagnated until it's completely useless. And the excuse given was "It was never supposed to give experience, only to work on non-xp mobs" which was a load of garbage for anyone that actually played the game when assassinate was introduced. So if you're fixing the content like this, are we going to see new AA's for Assassinate, Headshot, Decap!? Sure hope so.
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  16. Piestro Augur

    We've chosen not to give further ranks, which is quite a bit different from significantly altering the abilities further.
  17. Smokezz Augur

    You've chosen to kill the ability going forward. While others that can kill current content with ease continue to do so. Your class bias screams as bright as a super nova.
  18. Marshall Maathers Augur


    That is fine, I know you don't make the dev decisions, and that you are doing your best to try and defend a nerf that:

    1) goes against previous dev actions when faced with similar situations (fairly hypocritical really)
    2) doesn't fix the underlying problem (what other zones will have summoned mobs added once the same problems arise there... )
    3) nerfs a significant number of classes that aren't a part of the problem that is intended to be solved

    I know you have tried to address #3, but telling innocent people that the nerf they are getting isn't a big deal just isn't going to sit well, when there are options that mitigate the collateral damage readily available.

    All we can do is hope that you bring this feedback back to the dev team and hope that they reconsider before this goes live.
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  19. Coruth Augur

    Heh, if you say so. I'd say you did significantly alter the abilities myself

    If there are no future ranks once the mobs go Grey. Then many will think you did significantly alter them to the point of uselessness.

    ((Don't give me the very bad excuse its for TS farming not when Loams/Spinners/Silks are Level Dependant so only TS Stuff I want to farm is from blue mobs))
  20. Eviara New Member

    First of all: false equivalency. Just because one ability that is being abused in an exploitative way does not mean all means of mass killing need to be altered. That is not to say that mass killing methods don't need to be looked at, but these are all not the same, cannot be treated the same and certainly shouldn't be handled in a way that will affect otherwise uninvolved classes.

    Secondly, this is seriously the most upsettingly confusing change I have ever heard of you guys implementing. It isn't draconian to fix a clearly broken thing, it is logical. It was obviously thought to be broken when wizards' beams were nerfed, why shouldn't it be considered just as broken for mage beams? And I don't believe for a moment that the content wasn't considered difficult enough, otherwise it could've been changed in the respective expansions' betas or soon after release, not 1-2 years later after the fact in some ridiculous sweep. I always figured the nameds that spawn everywhere were difficult enough to have to avoid.
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