Test Update 12/06/2013

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by KevinMcP, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. strongbus Augur

    I really can't see what everyone issue is. Sorry I can see where the dervs are coming form. If they nerfed the mages beams so they can't do what they do, then those that do may start complaining bout other classes and then as piestro stated the dervs will go after those classes. This way hits everyone more fair. Although I think that instead of just adding summon mobs to some zones they should have been in all zones, have some zones where the summoning and nonsummoning mobs are mixed and have some where they are not, this lets those who want to mass kill still do but they can't take a whole zone doing it. As a necro I have always had to deal with going into zones and dealing with area that have both mobs that i can kite/root rot and mobs that I have to pet tank.
  2. Feochadan the Savior Lorekeeper

    I think we got a scoop : beam spells and swarming abilities are not going to be given new ranks on next expansion.
  3. Jordis Augur

    As I understand it the changes to these mobs were made because of the problems of magicians beaming and lagging zones and massive swarming and some exploits. This fix is extremely unfair to other classes which do not have the massive damage spells and abilities but now have to deal with even more mobs that summon under difficult circumstances, particularly in these areas. It puts an unfair burden on the classes that are not at fault. The spells and method of exploit should be addressed rather than making the other classes pay for trying to solve the problems of a few.
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  4. Marshall Maathers Augur

    What problem do you figure they actually fixed?
  5. Tarrin Augur

    More fair?
    I did not contribute to the zone disrupting.
    I am being penalized.

    How is this fair for me?
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  6. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    I'd like to know when /testcopy will be fixed. It's been down going on 8 days now with no word of what happened or when it's expected to be back up etc. Thanks for any info you can share with us regarding this Piestro.
  7. Tuluvian Elder

    Some of those abilities have built in restrictions already, mob type and level caps (never higher then light blue con, unless you look back to when assassinate first came out and was actually just blue)...

    You're making this a worst case scenario, but yet for some of those abilities if there's any future level increases you've already taken this route to them, and charged them 100's-1000 aa's so they could kill that completely trivial grey con content.

    Why stop now?...
  8. dpsdpsdps Elder

    already seeing people pet tank/beaming doomscale mission over and over for plvls now, you fail on nerfing anything devs. leave beam alone, don't add summon, and hire some gm's to do their job and yell at people for monopolizing zones..which unless i'm mistaken is already against the rules. the only problem with mage beaming was people lagging the zones..so let them do it in an instance instead of just ruining it for everyone.
  9. strongbus Augur

    By adding in summoning mobs to these zones it works to stop those who round up enough mobs to lag out a zone. By doing this they can stop people form doing this with out going after each classes stuff. Its one fix instead of 5 or 6 fixes.

    I kite/root rot all the time in those zones. It effects me as well. Just I can understand the dervs going in and doing one thing that deals with all the issues with mass killing instead of dealing with each class by itself.
  10. Tarrin Augur

    Their 1 fix destroys kiting in those zones for me.

    Why should the fix render these zones near useless for me?
    Root rotting is worthless for a druid.
  11. Marshall Maathers Augur

    "In these zones" is the key.

    They move into another zone and they will need another fix. How long will they have to chase the beamers?

    Nothing is fixed, it's merely swept under one rug.
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  12. Dalamyre Journeyman

    This is just Aaarhg! Thanks to all those who Swarmed, Beamed, Headshotted, Assassinated, and Decapped in open zones.

    Everyone seems to blame the Dev's how about blaming those doing these things outside instanced zones. You knew it was going to happen when normal experiencing was being disrupted. 1 person selling powerleveling and making the WHOLE zone unplayable for the majority.

    I am not calling for nerfs I am not blaming bad programming I am blaming irresponsible gamers.
  13. Zaraki_Kenpachi New Member

    It's funny... Summoning was actually the first and actually worst way to add challengre in EQ. Fighting a guard and running, oh wait, he can magically summon you back. Oh wait, every mob now can summon you. Where is the imaginative and creative way to add difficuty? Seriously.

    Some mob can't be mezed, charmed, snared, rooted, that's actually challenging.

    How about mob going into sprinting spree for a short time to catch up? Instead of summing ********.

    How about fixing the code or getting better server up to withstand mass killing lag?

    How about making Beam Limited to a # of mob. Such as 20-30-40-50.

    How about making those spell only mission/raid only?

    How about making these spell impossible to sue in these zone ( such as levitation, coth ect)

    Seriously, I've seen every kitin class complain, but one, mine, the bard.
    It completly ruin my chance at charm kiting in those area, i can't melee and withstand the damage, i can't root so i got either to run in circle for hour due to our useless dot, or just risk my life to charm kite. But now, the latter is becoming useless. What to do?

    Since EQ add merc, grouped has become a joke, specially that now there's free account, people just box with merc.

    Anyway...I'm getting used to the nerf bat... guess it's gonna be time to unsub once and for all now. I'm kind of tired for Sony to take the easy way out to fix something.
  14. strongbus Augur

    don't know bout assassinate but my wifes a zereker. she goes into grounds all the time and the most she gets at once is 7 or 8. never has she grab a whole zone and done it to much getting beat on for that. l
  15. Tobynn Augur

    Lulz. I enjoy the suggestion that all these zones have been broken since the content was released and the devs just now got around to fixing all of it.
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  16. Caudyr Augur

    Sounds like trying to save face to me. Something like that would've been fixed a long time ago if it was actually broken then, I bet. :p *shrugs*
  17. Sonavaa_Bertox Elder

    Sad state of affairs. A better beam killing strategy would have been to simply make these mobs unaffected by snare and root abilities (Yes, I am and always will be a wizard). Instead, those of us who used to snare and root while soloing or full speed kite are screwed by something tried and true instead of innovative.

    An alternate method of resolving these issues is to set up Permanent (Self-Only) Auras for hostile mobs where the Aura can be debuffed for 30 seconds using the dispel magic lines. Some mobs may have up to 3 auras that could all be debuffed at once using the latest Debuff AA or the highest level dispel lines. BASH should be adjusted to also have a percentage chance to temporarily remove these aura effects.

    Type 1: Immune to Plant Based Snares/Roots
    Type 2: Immune to Ice Based Snares/Roots
    Type 3: Summoning Ability
    Type 4: Immune to Stun
    Type 5: Immune to AOE spell lines.

    Change Leadership AA's to be in effect even when not grouped so people who have invested in these skills can inspect the buffs and determine the method of attack and debuff.

    Debuffing a mob with any of these aura's on disables the aura for a max of 30 seconds and then the aura is once again active.

    New 90th Level AA - Refresh 1 hours with additional Hastens - Suppress Aura - Single Target Debuff that wipes the mob's Permanent Auras and suppresses the automatic recast for 2 minutes.

    New 100th Level AA - Summon Immunity - Refresh 15 minutes - Prevents summoning for 3 minutes.
    Hastens reduce re-use time by 10 seconds to minimum of 13 minutes.
    Advanced Summon Immunity - Increases Immunity by 5 seconds per rank to max of 3.5 mins.
  18. Rainbowdash Augur

    This would not effect mages as mages do not utilize these abilities, which they do not possess, to beam kite.

    To be honest the BEST way to have fixed this problem would likely have been a smaller "forget me gap" (where mobs decide to run off and do other things and eventually drop aggro if you get too far away) OR up the run speed of mobs (since most people that single-kite in these zones and are negatively effected by the summoning ability, do so with a snare or root ability anyway) making mages unable to outrun the mobs AND turn and cast beams and start running again, even with Selo's or a mount (the only two ways a mage can, could, do this currently)

    I totally understand what Piestro is saying. Though, to be honest mages beam kiting earn experience at a like....10 to 1 rate over things like headshotting, now that headshotting etc is not being upgraded and the mobs in their prime zones are greening out where as mages do it in dark blue territory....for potentially much larger pulls depending on the mage's gonads. It was much more unfair than ranger headshotting etc. However, that being said, I hate headshotting too. I hate all solo mass kill xp methods. i'm totally ok with cooporative mass xp methods (think along the lines of the really really old AoE groups in Chardok or Sebilis etc). Those require the use of more than one player, and preferably person, to be present and actually active almost 100% of the time. It's a group effort. Things like beam kiting, headshotting, decapping, swarming etc is done solo with one person and in my opinion negates the community which is ultimately one of the primary forces keeping EQ alive. Not to mention it's boring and lonely.

    In the end I'm totally ok with all these mass xp methods going down the toilet. But if we were to talk in terms of fairness, mage beam kiting had to go before any of the other ones did as it was the worst by a very very large margin. That being said, I'm still 100% in favor of this patch going Live anyway JUST because I want that guy from earlier in the thread to quit. I really wanna see that. Then once we know he's gone for good we can redact it.
  19. Naugrin Augur

    Lol rbd.....dont worry, it WILL go live simply because soe doesn't care. That guy probably won't quit.....yet. Maybe he stops spending as much money though. Maybe he becomes more and more jaded. Maybe he decides that once this game is over, he will never buy sony products again.

    I can tell you that due to decisions soe has made over the years, I have purposefully refrained from buying a sony product. It blows my mind that they (and other companies) don't seem to understand that people hold grudges.

    Hell hath no fury like a gamer scorned.
  20. Sonavaa_Bertox Elder

    I agree that the no snare policy would not affect mage swarming. It's hard to be sarcastic in text form.

    What I am presenting however is a solution that would not single out any classes and offer a wide variety of options for penalizing mass zone killing, while also providing a new method of upping the ante with all mobs and giving some rather ignored spell lines an option for becoming useful. In the process, some mobs with extremely difficult attack vectors, might still be killable by the casual soloist if the right strategy is employed and no one loses whole sections of zones to the possibility that you might be able to solo there.

    Tagging 10-15 mobs all of whom have 1-3 of the possible auras opens a whole new risk factor, they will all need to be debuffed again, which ones will resist, which will summon, which will run like lightning, which will no longer be stunnable or susceptible to AoE attacks?

    A soloist or group with one or two might survive this change, a soloist with 10-15 is going to be punished.

    on a side note...I LOVE the forget me gap you mention. If you're not careful, you'll have the whole zone on you.

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